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File 133097044846.jpg - (53.38KB , 356x500 , Book Icon.jpg )
2585 No. 2585 ID: 212a76
Hey guys, I am megumino2 from China, I lead a small translate team that is currently working on fuso sea incident Chinese translation, we are very close to completing the project (1~11 done).
Just curious what's the scandlation progress in English? Do you guys need the PSDs?
>> No. 2587 ID: b52217
Chapters 1-4 and 6 have been translated into english, but the translator who did those won't do the rest, he tired out a long time ago.
But just recently another translator who has been working on the Suomus Misfits novels has said something along the lines that he might translate Fuso Sea.
Sorry for my ignorance but what exactly do these PSDs have in them? We could gladly have them
>> No. 2588 ID: 212a76
well, Ningen tends to use a lot of screentones, and they are a pain in the ass to try to cover up (these things take up most of my time anyway). I cleaned them up the best I can, so you can save some time with that. So basically all you need is a translator (Eng) and a person who will put the text on
>> No. 2589 ID: b52217
Ah so you cleaned the RAW pages?
We have a person ready who will typeset whenever someone translates, so he might have use for those PSDs. Like I said, we could gladly have them
>> No. 2590 ID: 212a76
I'll find a time to upload them then~❤
>> No. 2592 ID: 212a76
here's 5 & 7:

if you guys decide to resume the project, just mail me @ yuda_1337@hotmail.com
I'll follow up with the rest❤
>> No. 2605 ID: b52217
Thank you, much appreciated
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