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File 133176450774.png - (157.03KB , 500x689 , 784e52f0e644f89ca71f270d37987999ef21d79c.png )
2694 No. 2694 ID: acc593
Ago a moments i finishes the two seasons and the manga of Kimi to Tsunagaru Sora and i wonder something...

Why Eila is very selfish with others about to Sanya?

In the manga of Kimi Tsunagaru Sora, she dont like the idea that Sanya and Nikka be friends.

In the second season, episode 6, she dont like that Miyafuji work together with Sanya only for whim.

What´s the matter with her? why that egoistic feeling about the people?

She want be the only one people in the life of Sanya?

I like Eila, dont think bad, but honestly i think that is some sick.
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>> No. 2695 ID: 326a39
File 133179382735.jpg - (371.59KB , 1039x874 , f5e16ef4ffe8d2d71181fa839bd42fcd.jpg )
Because Eila loev Sanya more than salmiakki
>> No. 2696 ID: a2d887
Eila loves Sanya more than anything, that why.
Jealousy, explains everything.
>> No. 2699 ID: f03502
File 133186679935.jpg - (76.65KB , 426x640 , 1133_f525.jpg )
>Why Eila is very selfish with others about to Sanya?

Schoolboy crush, she want's to be Sanya's protector from any threat, real or imagined.

In the Suomus thread, people have talked about how Eila is a more fun character when she's not around Sanya (mainly trolling the other Suomi witches).

Also, outside of the show Ayuru and Mai are often together for appearances.
>> No. 2700 ID: f03502
File 133186688974.png - (404.29KB , 400x760 , 25830217.png )
Also, here's another pic for that theory.
>> No. 2701 ID: a3ef70
I dont get it.

What´s the problem that Sanya got more friends? That is why i question this relation of Eila.
>> No. 2702 ID: bf7ff1
Kinda same when Charlotte is around Gertrude. In Me263 Striker episode, there seems to be more about Shirley than being Francesca's oppai pillow.

I hope to see more witches Mix-and-matches to see more of their character.
>> No. 2715 ID: 18a082
Eila is a jealous bitch.
>> No. 2763 ID: 1ba170
File 133199870786.jpg - (153.70KB , 1280x720 , fuck sanya 1.jpg )
What, Eila's the bad guy in this pairing now?
>> No. 2764 ID: 1ba170
File 133199877188.jpg - (223.08KB , 1280x720 , fuck sanya 2.jpg )
>> No. 2765 ID: 1ba170
File 13319988036.jpg - (151.87KB , 1280x720 , fuck sanya 3.jpg )
>> No. 2777 ID: 148887
Well, Sanya did bring Eila back from space, but of course not before wondering if the two of them could go back to Sanya's homeland.
>> No. 2782 ID: 35ae80

"Not actively murdering a fellow combatant" doesn't sound like a special favor to me.

Besides, the only reason Eila even went in space in the first place was because Sanya implicitly insisted. Eila would have dropped the whole thing after the failed "training" session with Perrinne but Sanya threw a fit.
>> No. 2873 ID: 326a39
File 133242775855.jpg - (251.94KB , 696x1009 , 1332427584503.jpg )
Sanya wants it....
>> No. 2883 ID: 336278

Wellp, she does keep walking into Eila's room, stripping off, then passing out. I'm sure that passes for 'asking for it' in a legal system somewhere...
>> No. 2935 ID: fd5b9c
The most saddly of this is that Eila dont care any shit any problem with the World of the 501.

She only care Eila, the other things can go to the hell.
>> No. 5601 ID: 1c0849
It's a Suomus thing. As a finn, I can say that Eila's character really feels finnish, both in good and in bad.

To put it more bluntly, it's just like >>2715 said.
>> No. 5602 ID: dc714d
Eila wants to eat all of Sanya's Surstromming and she's too chickenshit to ask but she also doesn't want anyone else to get there first.

>I bet Sanya's squshybits smell like Surstromming
>> No. 5627 ID: 1ba170
>Only to be opened outdoors or underwater
>> No. 5631 ID: b8935e
To put it simply, they both like each other, but are too chickenshit to admit it.

Sanya is quiet, confused and probably waiting for Eila to make the first move. Eila, on the other hand, is being dense, dumb and stupid about this.

The both of them don't understand the feelings inside them. And they're not the Amerilesbians or in denial about it (Tomoko is in denial about her latent lesbianism. Then again, with the girls LUSTING for her, I'd rather be in denial about it too.).
>> No. 6174 ID: 6d8120
File 137302134924.jpg - (296.03KB , 900x972 , eilabrain.jpg )
Of course she was mad at Nipa in the 1.5 manga for ruining their time alone, but she really doesn't mind her being Sanya's friend.

Isn't Eila just so cute when she's a bit overprotective of Sanya and/or jealous?

What? There is no problem.

In one of the albums, Hime Uta 2 IIRC, Eila was really happy when she learned that Sanya was interested in radio technology and had made nightwitch friends all over the world.
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