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File 133187491120.png - (831.91KB , 1279x631 , Clipboard01.png )
2703 No. 2703 ID: fd5b9c
Trude & Chris thread
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>> No. 2705 ID: 148887
File 133187705035.jpg - (124.75KB , 850x850 , d3a22a5a7499ad74dcab4df6eea5d8c9.jpg )
>> No. 2706 ID: 148887
File 133187712234.jpg - (68.23KB , 554x1089 , 085faa0852736309ed1844a11bbbaf3f.jpg )
>> No. 2707 ID: 148887
File 133187715858.jpg - (292.71KB , 600x600 , 03fc1eee15c0da197041f3944768b034.jpg )
>> No. 2719 ID: f03502
File 133192102495.jpg - (1.06MB , 1000x1000 , 16497481.jpg )
>> No. 2720 ID: f03502
File 133192104994.jpg - (482.36KB , 681x699 , 1278708163081.jpg )
>> No. 2728 ID: 8d79d2
Be careful with that 'start them early' Barkhorn; lest they surpass you!
>> No. 2858 ID: fd5b9c
File 133231171863.jpg - (706.37KB , 1172x830 , e11bcbc3dc92106cf1a68726bd9ad4a5101b9b0c.jpg )
It´s so cute T_T
>> No. 2862 ID: d20607
File 133237867642.jpg - (144.47KB , 1280x720 , Trude Chris hug.jpg )
>> No. 2863 ID: d20607
File 133237895698.jpg - (0.99MB , 4509x3181 , Trude Chris reading2.jpg )
>> No. 2864 ID: d20607
File 133237913344.jpg - (118.63KB , 600x700 , Chris flowers.jpg )
>> No. 2865 ID: d20607
File 133237922615.jpg - (886.72KB , 560x7631 , Trude Chris Big Sis by Muro.jpg )
>> No. 2867 ID: a1f6fe
File 133239550467.jpg - (46.67KB , 400x600 , 1947 Trude & Sister.jpg )
>> No. 2868 ID: 8d79d2
A glimpse of the future for a Maiden Aunt or a later Mother to be perhaps there.
>> No. 2938 ID: e91597
File 133253901994.png - (25.66KB , 200x189 , Deutschland Strike Witches Trude - Kopie.png )

Why are there so few Barkhorns left in Germany? This makes me very sad.
>> No. 2944 ID: 3efa69

Probably one of those protected names.
>> No. 2963 ID: ec07f3

also, Barkhorn was from Koenigsberg. Last time I checked, that area didn't do too well in terms of still existing after World War II
>> No. 2986 ID: ee8ab0
File 133278084539.jpg - (333.21KB , 1203x1122 , Chris Trude run.jpg )
130.000 civilians in town before the Battle of Königsberg, the remaining 18.000 were expelled '48
...no more irl Trudes, I'm afraid.
>> No. 3089 ID: 953a5d
Now it's called Kaliningrad.

Stalin did good didn't he?
>> No. 3094 ID: 759e08
So, he actually never was german?
>> No. 3095 ID: ec07f3

considering that almost all of the city was leveled during the war and the population is completely different, its more like Kaliningrad is where Koenigsburg was, not that the city itself was renamed.
>> No. 3102 ID: f03502
It was part of East Prussia which was part of Germany and filled with Germans up until the end of World War II. Now it's part of Russia.
>> No. 3201 ID: 326a39
File 133405892643.jpg - (190.09KB , 423x600 , 1333889651532.jpg )
The one neuroi Trude couldnt kill....
>> No. 3208 ID: f03502
Oddly Perrine had never been so accurate during the same incident.
>> No. 3334 ID: 8d31b0
Is Trude a "siscon"?
>> No. 3336 ID: 148887
Well, fan art explicitly portrays her as one. The anime suggests that she loves her dear imouto Chris and, because Yoshika looks a bit like Chris, cares for Yoshika in the same way. So maybe she is.
>> No. 7437 ID: 7345b4
File 142047014158.jpg - (0.99MB , 4509x3181 , 133237895698.jpg )
anybody knows what book this art is from?
>> No. 7438 ID: 7345b4
File 142047021857.jpg - (706.37KB , 1172x830 , 133231171863.jpg )
also is this fan-art or official drawing.

same question.. what's the source?
>> No. 7444 ID: 373c41
Instead of reuploading the image, you can just quote the existing post, like I did above. An easy way would be clicking on the post number.

As far as I can gather, it seems to be an official fanbook. Doesn't look like the paste had it covered.

iqdb gives me kisetsu. I suppose it's fan art.
>> No. 7446 ID: 7345b4
File 14205212923.png - (1.30MB , 1916x877 , 123456.png )

thanks a bunch for the info. another kind bro points me to iqdb image search on another thread...

how do i know which one's the artists name from IQDB search?

here's how my iqdb search result looks...
>> No. 7448 ID: 17ee85
On Gelbooru, the artist's name appears in red. I prefer to use Danbooru, though. You can access it by clicking the image above the word "Danbooru."
>> No. 7452 ID: 7345b4

thank you good sir!
>> No. 7527 ID: db5764
>bumping 3 year old threads
>reposting images instead of just quoting the posts
>unfamiliar with reverse image search
>unfamiliar with boorus
I guess this is your first week on the internet. Welcome, but lurk more. Also get into Danbooru's prohibited tags and Sadpanda.

Generally speaking, Saucenao is the primary method at identifying anime images via RIS, be it searching original sources for general art or even old anime screenshots. It offers convenient online cropping and links to IQDB/Google RIS when saucenao doesn't cut it. Pixiv will provide you artist information. Or if you're afraid of moonrunes, Danbooru's wiki will.

For boorus, Danbooru for general purposes, Yande.re for hi-quality scans. Others are mostly poorly-maintained duplicates of danbooru database. e.g. Danbooru database is duplicated by Gelbooru with some junk additions, which is then duplicated by Sankaku Complex with even more random porn. Danbooru has the best community, which leads to best tagging quality, wiki pages and most soft translations available.

For porn manga RIS, commercial or doujinshi, use Exhentai's file search. Doujinshi.org for general doujinshi information.
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