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File 133196015238.jpg - (1.80MB , 2480x1746 , Scan 4.jpg )
2731 No. 2731 ID: a2d887
Since the last movie thread is more about the trailer and is getting a bit long, I decided to open a new dedicated movie thread.

I'll start by dumping infos taken from 2ch and karlsland.net.
Those who actually went to Japan for the movie are welcome to discuss here too.
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>> No. 2895 ID: 12b559
The ideal "face of the franchise" are the girls armed and wearing striker units because this was Mecha Musume first and foremost, moe anthromorphizations of Warbirds.

but then, it evolved and changed into something most people now about.. pantless girls running around with metal plane fuselages as their legs.
>> No. 2896 ID: 12b559
Yeah, I kinda agree with you there. Let's just make a separate Yoshika Whine thread.
>> No. 2909 ID: 8e7e36
File 133248416048.jpg - (6.44KB , 165x145 , xmas yoshika.jpg )
>Everyone tries to cheer Yoshika up by sending in radio messages

This very much sounds like reference guide material. In 1942 German broadcast mounted a Christmas-special where units from the different theaters called in to basically bolster the 6th Army's resolve to hold Stalingrad.

Why didn't we have the standard christmas-episode in SW yet btw?
>> No. 2912 ID: 89d2bd
Cuz theres no Christmas?
>> No. 2920 ID: a2d887
Monotheism Religions are probably omitted or not discussed to avoid controversy...

Local myths or polytheism is implied in the series though...
>> No. 2921 ID: a2d887
I missed one sentence...

>>Monotheism Religions are probably omitted or not discussed to avoid controversy...
That's why there's no religion-related holidays
>>Local myths or polytheism is implied in the series though...
>> No. 2924 ID: 1ba170
>Guys, can we *not* make this the Bitching About Miyafuji Thread? Please? There are so many other things we could be talking about. Like the things we actually *like* about the movie.

So talk. Nobody's stopping you. But discussing the downsides of the movie is necessary too. And yes, Yoshika hogging the stage *is* a downside.
>> No. 2926 ID: 812ea1
Seems you have already watched the movie I suppose. Please do tell us your criticisms of the movie. Go on, spill it.
>> No. 2927 ID: 8633f5
File 133251917745.jpg - (16.97KB , 300x300 , Striker Unit ja nai.jpg )

> Simple facts.

She was in every official, Kadokawa-licensed piece of SW media.
She was also part of the official SW logo for the majority of the franchises existence.
Deal with it.
>> No. 2940 ID: e91597
File 133253941797.jpg - (354.37KB , 1650x1650 , Erklerica.jpg )
>Cuz theres no Christmas?

There were also no Neuroi in WW2, and somehow, connections and references between the two universes exist in abundance.
>> No. 2942 ID: 3efa69

If you discount negative feedback based on spoilers, you must discount positive feedback too.


Irrelevant. Anyone who recognizes Yoshika WILL recognize all of 501st. She isn't the "face" of anything.
>> No. 2943 ID: 3efa69
File 133254246647.jpg - (1.66MB , 4069x5926 , aac6cf59ce5e2a768a7911d7977b0010.jpg )
>She was in every official, Kadokawa-licensed piece of SW media.

I guess I must have imagined that shitload of official art pieces that had other characters completely.
>> No. 2975 ID: 06790d
People are really complaining about a movie they didn't watch?
>> No. 2976 ID: b52217
File 133268951215.jpg - (16.25KB , 298x220 , org2790474.jpg )
A picture of Nipa and other cameos in CompAce
>> No. 2977 ID: 5e98e9
Nipa, Sasha, Heidemarie. Pretty much what we already know. Maybe they're doing this to attract fans who might want to specifically watch for those cameos.
>> No. 2978 ID: fd5b9c

>> No. 2981 ID: 7ec0a3
I might be one of them. Basically I no longer care about the anime as a whole.... but I might watch the movie just for the cameos of the other witches.
>> No. 2993 ID: 57ca45
File 133288501768.png - (323.21KB , 900x836 , Eilanya reading steamengine manga.png )
>"When it’s all said in done, expecting a Strike Witches movie to break away from its established pattern is a tall order. However, I do think that asking a Strike Witches movie to go all out with the animation and fight choreography for the big screen is a reasonable expectation. The idea of The Anime Movie has been cheapened over this last decade [...], and this Strike Witches movie doesn’t do much in the way of challenging that image. Yeah, seeing the characters again is nice, and the movie starts off rather strong, but it doesn’t have quite enough steam to hold it all together for the end. They really could have at least spent more time on the animation. This is a movie after all…"

This is a quote from a reasonably informed review on the SW movie. While the story itself seems to be fun, although unimaginative (who'd've thunk dat),the reviewer critizises the seemingly lackluster aspects of the animation and lack of scope.

>> No. 2997 ID: 0332c9

No care abut stroy or animatation,
Stop trying to confuse everyone by bringing up opinions of people that actually watched the movie!

>> No. 3008 ID: 2c9200
There's a particular issue with SW and feature film; film versions of anime series are generally more plot-heavy, and nobody watches SW for plot
>> No. 3009 ID: 239478
I was about to disagree with you but then I realized you're right: I watch it for the characters, WWII setting/references, and a side helping of PLOT.
>> No. 3019 ID: ec07f3

they've established the characters well enough that i think putting them into an actual story wouldn't hurt. i'll reserve actual judgement until the movie makes it to my retinas
>> No. 3084 ID: 35ae80

Well of course. The anime barely has any plot to begin with.

But there's no inherent reason why it couldn't be otherwise. My favorite episodes in all seasons have been the ones where things actually move forward instead of the girls playing slapass for twenty minutes, then shooting some random neuroi.
>> No. 3085 ID: 0f2b52
So, is there any word on what the "To Be Continued" is ?
>> No. 3086 ID: e9f5f6
I wish we had a "like" button around here.

No news on that yet. but we can bet, it has to do with the 501st and Yoshika, again.
>> No. 3090 ID: 448f44
File 133312559056.jpg - (86.41KB , 320x228 , 506.jpg )
Some magazine page. Top is de Grunne, commander of the 506th.
>> No. 3091 ID: 676fa6
File 133312571825.jpg - (60.35KB , 320x204 , nipa.jpg )

According to spoilers, she gets struck by lightning mid-flight. Just how unlucky do you have to be for that kind of thing to happen on a regular basis?
>> No. 3093 ID: 759e08
>> No. 3096 ID: ec07f3

I think TBH if we ever do see another wing its going to start out in manga form, since the start-up cost is much lower (1 guy, really, maybe a few assistants). I mean, we already have one-wing witches, though that's more like the 501st's farm team than a wholly separate wing.

I'd definitely like to see Cold Winter 1947 at least....
>> No. 3109 ID: c3924e
I've seen some chapters of the One Winged Witches and I don't like it at all. It's practically the anime turned into a manga, buttshots and bathing pics here, left and right. Even the 1.5 Manga was more subtle in fanservice. I'll be sticking to the Africa Doujins for now.
>> No. 3111 ID: ec07f3

maybe so but you have to admit that a manga is a lot more feasible for introducing a new wing in depth. As for one-wing, I wasn't really that into it when it started but it seemed to pick up later on when Toth got her chapter. I'd just like to know if it got more than that first volume's worth of material, since the translation seemed to go cold after chapter 7.
>> No. 3114 ID: f03502
It got better, but the fanservice in the first few chapters was a touch much even for this franchise. It really picked up after Francie's chapter.
>> No. 3144 ID: 704634
Anybody have any idea when one could realistically expect a method of viewing the movie in North America? I assume we're talking 15+ months, but.. :/
>> No. 3149 ID: a2d887
You can always look for bootleg...I don't know if there's any though...
Wait for the Japanese DVD/BD, it would probably be out in late 2012, then maybe someone would do the fansub

>> No. 3153 ID: ec07f3
File 133342464933.jpg - (409.48KB , 1500x1024 , derp market crash.jpg )

there is the possibility that the BD gets an english sub included. I know at least one version of the japanese BD's had them.
>> No. 3156 ID: 336278

I'm feeling stupid and uneducated again.

What's with the Blu-ray love with anime releases? I mean every time I go trawling looking for news on when the Season 2 dub is getting a release every snipped of comment I'm getting is about 'BD' releases, when I'd be perfectly happy with spending a bit less on a DVD.

Surely of all the mediums who would benefit least from STUPID HIGH DEFINITION AHMAGAD, it's animation?
>> No. 3158 ID: 420f3a

While most anime sure aren't worth the ZOMFG TENEIGHTY PEE, the resolution they are produced in nowadays is still 720p+, that's more than standard DVD resolution. Add to that that DVDs are also worse on the compression quality, almost as expensive as BDs and harder to encode, you'll end up with something way worse for only slightly less money/space.
>> No. 3170 ID: ec07f3

it's not about "BUY THE BDs OR YOU AREN'T A TRUE FAN!" its just that, unlike the DVD releases, the BD Box set for strike witches has, at least for the first season, included English language subtitles and even the funi dub as an added audio option. Also, the japanese DVDs are region locked, while the BDs are not. Image quality aside, the BDs are a much more useful addition to your collection than are the Japanese DVDs.
>> No. 3291 ID: 239478
Finally had a listen to the movie OST and made an observation:
Jinrui VS Neuroi = Trajanus Sakusen from S2
Strike Witches Main Title = Witch no Tatakai from S1
Striker Hasshin = Tobe! Shirley from S1
Yoshika no Ichinichi = Hannin wa Dare da from S1
Gallia = Nakamatachi from S2
Eila to Sanya = Tsukanoma no Yasuragi from S1
Yasuragi no Jikan = Perrine from S1
Barkhorn Shutsugeki = Jet Striker from S2
Kuuchuu Sen = Shutsugeki from S2
Hartmann no Tatakai = Seisouken he Mukatte from S2
Semari Kuru neuroi = Semari Kuru Kiki from S2 (wut)
Kusen = Kyuushuu from S1
Miyafuji no Fukkatsu = Minna wo Mamoru Tameni from S1
501 no Tataka = Mamori Tai from S2
Shinden Futatabi = Heiwa no Inori from S1
501 Sai Kessei = Striker no Hishou from S1
That's 16 out of 34. Nearly half the soundtrack is reused tracks from the anime.

Now I understand reusing tracks like Witch no Tatakai or Striker no Hishou, because those are practically the main themes for Strike Witches. But as much as season 2 copied from season 1, at least they didn't reuse much from the previous music library. Even Witch no Tatakai was a new version. I'm not going to draw any conclusions from this about the movie itself, but I will say I'm a little disappointed that the composer couldn't try to be more original for the movie.

Also, Watashi no Ita Basho > Watashi ni Dekiru Koto > Egao no Mahou
>> No. 3293 ID: 148887
That is really disappointing to hear. I'd give the movie OST a listen, but I don't want to hear/spoil the movie's equivalent of Egao no Mahou (from S2E12). That track went so well with that whole scene that I hope the big finale song in the movie has a similar effect.
>> No. 3305 ID: 41e76d
Any updates on the movie or are the bits from earlier in the thread pretty much all there is to the movie?
>> No. 4966 ID: 3365af

Really? It was at the point that started I realised I wasn't going to get my 'Striker No Hishou' fix, and came within a hairs breadth of Beating my TV to Death with the refrigerator.
>> No. 4989 ID: 148887
Are you talking about season 2? But we got a wonderful orchestral version of Egao no Mahou followed by Over Sky! Whenever I hear Striker No Hishou I expect the narrator to be speaking.
>> No. 4991 ID: 90974d
I love the Heidi scene in the first part.
>> No. 4992 ID: 3365af

I was SICK TO DEATH of Over Sky by that point in the series. I'll be honest. I think I just preferred the season one soundtrack in general. So by the end of the series I was bound to be rubbed the wrong way by the music they went with.

(Striker no Hishou was sprinkled liberally all over Season 1. From Sakamoto's Striker demonstration off the carrier deck, in what? Episode two - to... well when she gets snatched from mid air when the Akagi sinks at the other end of the series. Whereas in season two, I think outside of the NEXT WEEK ONs, you get it Once in the first episode, and that's it.)
>> No. 4994 ID: dc714d
I enjoyed it.
>> No. 5002 ID: 97aed0
File 135317136950.jpg - (198.19KB , 850x1859 , 320232214.jpg )
So I just formally watched the Underwater subs version.

The same TV BGM set was the first thing I noticed. Don't want to sound like a whiner but they could've at least composed new music sets for the movie. It really feels like an extended TV show.

Another thing I disliked was too much Yoshika Praising, Yoshika this and that. Although I'll admit Yoshika attacking the periscope of that U-boat mothership as a normal girl was something. Indeed Lynette became like some kind of Yoshika cheerleader shouting her name all the time. I did like the fact that Erica and Trude got some good amount of screentime here. I'm just scratching my head as to why they even had drop tanks on their Strikers. I thought the Striker unit's fuel was the witch's magic energy.

Lastly, my WTF moment was how she instantly got her powers back. No effort at all, Maybe her Magics circuits are "temperemental" and have turn on/off behavior?

Otherwise it was a great enough movie and all, amination and visual wise. At least we get to see Aleksandra and Nikka but the rest of the 502nd were just backgrounds.

and I never thought Heinrike will sound like Saber! *cue Ayako Kawasumi's "Saber" Archetype voice and oh, I really love Heidimarie!!
>> No. 5027 ID: 09af1c
>>5002I like to think of Miyafuji's magic as a bottle of magic. Throughout her life, the bottle has been open and she was free to use magic.

So the Reppuzan, I believe, put a cork in the bottle. until the end of the movie in which she forcibly removed it with her burning desire to be with her friends again. Makes sense to me.
>> No. 5034 ID: 05cdd1
To use an analogy from another series this is like Bleach's Ichigo. Except SW isn't a Shonen Jump comic and she wasn't supposed to get her powers back.
>> No. 5040 ID: 239478
File 135351234669.jpg - (521.19KB , 1280x1615 , ghetto typeset.jpg )
Strikers have regular combustion engines in them alongside the magic engine.
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