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File 133253548099.jpg - (186.54KB , 387x438 , chuck.jpg )
2934 No. 2934 ID: 677bf3
Chuck Norris knows about Strike Witches
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>> No. 2945 ID: 8d79d2
In-universe Chuck ("Charlie") Norris IS a Strike Witch, or at the very least his mother was!
>> No. 2955 ID: 899b0e
Chuck doesn't need magic to be better than all the other witches. He certainly doesn't have to be a little girl either
>> No. 2957 ID: be7ecf
File 133259620930.jpg - (445.08KB , 1861x1186 , Kanno Naoe Scan.jpg )
Here's your Witch Chuck Norris.
>> No. 2964 ID: ec07f3
but.... chuck norris was ground crew. no really.
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