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File 133255901697.png - (12.08KB , 504x130 , 1332501621654.png )
2948 No. 2948 ID: dcac28
Zero is getting a sequel which will commence this month, according to Ningen.

I don't follow the radio, when was this announced?
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>> No. 2949 ID: 148887
Is Zero still ongoing?
>> No. 2956 ID: cae712
Finale was last year. Come to think of it, the karlsland.net Chinese scanlation just completed, I wonder if there could be a translation effort for it here too.
>> No. 2966 ID: 148887
I sure hope we see more in English beyond the first few chapters.

As for translation over here..
>> No. 2968 ID: a2d887
File 133264579656.jpg - (71.18KB , 542x256 , 1332535260415.jpg )
I wonder where will the story go...

season 1 covered Fuso Sea Incident,
and since this manga is basically about Mio's history,
maybe we'll see some of her early Europe deployments?
(She is on-board the boat heading to Europe in Zero S1 Finale)
>> No. 2988 ID: 1ba170
What was Zero again? Some kind of a manga prologue to the animu starring some Fuso witches?
>> No. 2989 ID: c22847
It is indeed a prequel of the main series, but the story is pretty great actually.
Not much service scenes and lots of fighting, plus cute young Mio as main character, just awesome.
The board actually have the first two chapters translated, so go ahead and see if you like it or not.
>> No. 2990 ID: 824288

>the first two chapters translated

It's the first four and the sixth.
With more translations promised.
>> No. 2991 ID: a2d887
Thanks for the reminder

btw, is there any concrete progress on the translation actually?
I've connections with the translators on the Chinese img board, maybe I can help
>> No. 2992 ID: b25489
I said I'd translate it in the thread where the raws were posted. There are a lot of chapters that need translating though, so I can't guarantee that everything will be done in time for a sequel.
>> No. 3087 ID: ca4502

Some panels. Looks like Zero II (is that what we're calling it now) will focus on what happened in Europe/Libau.
>> No. 3088 ID: dc2efc
Oh yeah, just in case anyone is/was waiting for [Woozle] scans, that's not going to happen anytime soon. Sorry about that.
>> No. 3165 ID: 979c36
Where might one procure these translated chapters good sir?
>> No. 3166 ID: 148887
>> No. 3168 ID: 979c36
I hate to nitpick, but the translated version of chapter 2 seems to be AWOL, was it translated by a different group?
>> No. 3169 ID: 148887
Hmm, C2 was translated and uploaded with the others in late 2010, but it appears to be the only one to have been removed from Mediafire. If anyone has it, please upload it!
>> No. 3176 ID: 730c7c

>> No. 3182 ID: 148887
Thank you!
>> No. 3191 ID: 1ecc2c
File 133389149010.jpg - (131.88KB , 400x341 , 1333110369652.jpg )
>> No. 4291 ID: 1bdf4e
File 134631820293.jpg - (89.83KB , 320x228 , 1346244746388.jpg )
Ningen needs a new assistant for Zero II! And if you look carefully at the logo, it is set in 1939.
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