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File 13329846012.jpg - (84.84KB , 550x733 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
3002 No. 3002 ID: 3b0630
Just added the ability to post spoiler images.

Are there any other simple features that you guys want? I've got a little bit of free time right now.
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>> No. 3003 ID: 0f2b52
Text Spoilers?
>> No. 3004 ID: 3b0630
>> No. 3005 ID: 3b0630
They're already active.
>> No. 3006 ID: 3b0630
[spoiler] is the proper code.
>> No. 3014 ID: 3b0630
Would there be any objections to me merging the /cr/ section with /sw/? /cr/'s pretty dead and I figure most of the threads could fit here well enough.
>> No. 3015 ID: e2de4c
>Are there any other simple features that you guys want?

Spoilers and video embedding for boards that aren't /sw/ maybe?


Sure, why not?
>> No. 3016 ID: cb0c1e
If it's not too much work, a custom spoiler image? Here comes a new contest, make up a new spoiler image to replace the default.
>> No. 3018 ID: e2de4c
File 133302812847.png - (6.30KB , 100x100 , LibCen1.png )

9 minutes with paint
>> No. 3020 ID: 3b0630
File 133305657089.png - (6.38KB , 100x100 , censoredv2.png )
>Spoilers and video embedding for boards that aren't /sw/ maybe?

Spoilers should be working on all main boards right now. Adding video embedding on more boards is simple, and I'll do it right now.

I suppose I'll merge /cr/ while I'm at it.


Should be easy enough. Maybe people could vote on which one they like best, if there's multiple submissions.


Tweaked your image a bit and gave it a black border instead of a white one. I think might flow a little bit better this way, but I'm not entirely sure yet.
>> No. 3079 ID: 239478
File 133305704261.jpg - (28.27KB , 100x100 , spoiler erica.jpg )
>> No. 3080 ID: 239478
File 133305707999.jpg - (30.43KB , 100x100 , spoiler muridana.jpg )
>> No. 3081 ID: 0f2b52
File 133305715673.png - (6.75KB , 100x100 , 133302812847s.png )
>> No. 3082 ID: 0f2b52
File 133305718332.png - (8.77KB , 100x100 , 133302812847s2.png )
>> No. 3083 ID: 3b0630
Thanks for all the submissions. Instead of picking just one, maybe I could try making them randomized like the banners. Probably wouldn't be too difficult.
>> No. 3106 ID: 3b0630
Well, I couldn't get the spoilers to work with a rotating script, so I'll leave it to you guys to decide which new spoiler image we'll use.
>> No. 3140 ID: c76991
Fantastic stuff right here!
Love the Eila spoiler image!
>> No. 3143 ID: 3b0630

Since nobody's really voting I think I'll go with the Eila one tomorrow.
>> No. 3151 ID: 3b0630
And done.
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