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File 131883266787.jpg - (267.99KB , 1024x768 , sw_wesnoth.jpg )
3051 No. 3051 ID: 4d2005
I was bored recently and decided to see how well Battle for Wesnoth would work as a game engine for a Strike Witches mod. Turns out, not too bad!

It is hardly complete, and not really playable. I am still getting the hang of editing units, and making sprites is time-consuming. I figured I would share what I have so far and get some feedback on what direction I should take this.

At the moment, I have very simple sprites for the 501st (pic related). No attack/idle/movement animations yet. I don't have Neuroi sprites for enemies, so they're fighting Griffons (that's canon right?). I personally feel the graphics are a low priority, and can be polished later. No unit portraits (graphic next to HP/XP on right side) either.

There is no story yet, although I guess I could try to emulate the first season. Thoughts? I would like to start off with something simple so I can release it sooner. Once something is made, it will be much easier to keep it going and not become vapourware.

Unit stats and accuracy is pretty basic. I don't have a power level type chart comparing the witches, so they're all fairly similar, but I kinda know their weapons/abilities.

It's all based on Wesnoth's engine, which if you are unfamiliar has some restrictions:
- no ranged attack, units must attack on adjacent tiles. Instead, have multiple attack types (blunt, pierce, etc).
- Scripting events is pretty 'easy'. Have to understand the Wesnoth DSL for config files though.
- Some other things I am forgetting that make some cool stuff impossible

I am also not sure about legality. This would be a free mod, and releasing it also makes it open source. If really necessary it could be a mod which is based in a Strike Witches like universe, but that wouldn't be as fun.

tl;dr - free unfinished fan-made turn-based strike witches game
>> No. 3052 ID: 4d2005
Derp, mixed up the subject/name/email fields
>> No. 3053 ID: acbad8
Looks awesome! Please keep up your work! I would love to give it a try!
>> No. 3054 ID: 4d2005
I threw what I had up on bitbucket:

You can try it, but you won't get far, as there isn't much to do (yet). I'm going to try to make a few other missions (without story) to get a feel for using the engine, as this is the first mod I've made for it.
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