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File 133564255212.png - (168.36KB , 640x729 , 19868525 - (やしょーご - ワールドウィ.png )
3358 No. 3358 ID: 4d2005
506th Thread

(Almost) All the witches posted in Humikane thread: >>3344
76 posts omitted. Last 50 shown. Expand all images
>> No. 13392 ID: 287cb9
File 15137864202.jpg - (889.20 KB , 1037x1522 , p29.jpg )
>> No. 13393 ID: 287cb9
File 151378643820.jpg - (824.45 KB , 1038x1518 , p30.jpg )
>> No. 13394 ID: 287cb9
File 151378645385.jpg - (699.12 KB , 1036x1520 , p31.jpg )
>> No. 13395 ID: 287cb9
File 151378646986.jpg - (698.12 KB , 1034x1528 , p32.jpg )
>> No. 13396 ID: 287cb9
File 151378647955.jpg - (922.20 KB , 1038x1524 , p33.jpg )
>> No. 13397 ID: 287cb9
File 151378649445.jpg - (787.11 KB , 1038x1523 , p34.jpg )
>> No. 13398 ID: 287cb9
File 15137865332.jpg - (896.43 KB , 1042x1516 , p35.jpg )
>> No. 13399 ID: 287cb9
File 151378655469.jpg - (1.00 MB , 1047x1533 , p36.jpg )
>> No. 13400 ID: 287cb9
File 151378657495.jpg - (853.13 KB , 1035x1522 , p37.jpg )
>> No. 13401 ID: 287cb9
File 151378658862.jpg - (700.02 KB , 1043x1523 , p38.jpg )
>> No. 13402 ID: 287cb9
File 151378662576.jpg - (508.02 KB , 1400x1400 , p39.jpg )
And that's the end of that upload.
>> No. 13403 ID: ba8128
Sasuga, good thinking.
>> No. 13576 ID: 287cb9
File 151678719092.png - (480.83 KB , 978x780 , chapter screenshot.png )
Another chapter:
>> No. 13577 ID: 4b0545
As far as I know the manga has at least 8 chapters currently.
>> No. 13700 ID: f6fa10
>> No. 13799 ID: 02940f
File 152188254574.jpg - (31.90 KB , 286x265 , chapter_summary.jpg )
Another chapter. A lot of smug face in this one.

>> No. 13800 ID: bc11f9
Looks like the 8th LN is going to be the last. It may tie in with what we see of the 506th in the movie. On sale May 1st.
>> No. 13833 ID: c2ad9a
File 152318544336.jpg - (41.51 KB , 375x375 , noble_375.jpg )
I started translating the light novel for Noble Witches: 506 JFW on my site. Please read if you're interested.


If anyone wants to translate with me, feel free to friend me on Discord.
Discord: flowingcloud#2601
Discord server link: https://discord.gg/FEnfhsT

I also want to translate the manga for this, so hopefully if anyone has any skills relating to TS, cleaning, etc. please also contact me on Discord.
>> No. 13834 ID: 8d7d0e
>"I’ts a lvoe ptoion."
>A plhpr-eaeruid gril was hidolng a glass fsalk with a slmie.
I have some concerns.
You might also consider getting in touch with Suomus Misfits, they're working on translating the manga.
>> No. 13835 ID: bc11f9
Looks like you mistyped your URL: projektworldwitches.com

>What a bothersome!
>Flight Lieutenant Heinrike Prinzessin zu Sayn Wittgenstein wa, squinted his eyes and smiled fearlessly.
You'd probably benefit from another editor. I might take a crack at it later this week, but you're probably better off just doing what >>13834 said.
Also, I think the quotes are supposed to be for the following chapters, not the preceding ones. So Rosalie's quote about teamwork should be before this chapter, and Kunika's quote about nobility should be before chapter 1.

That looks like random fake text to fool scrapers, the real chapter is linked above it.
>> No. 13836 ID: e0f111
What's up with that gibberish-filled page there?
>> No. 13837 ID: 8d7d0e
Ah, I see. I'm dumb and missed that.
But weirdly enough, I can't seem to find my way back to that part. I kind of miss the gibberish now.
>> No. 13882 ID: afce75
File 152528542387.png - (775.37 KB , 884x1036 , idiots.png )
I think we are getting close to the end.


Spoiler: Bad witch
>> No. 13893 ID: 287cb9
File 152635425886.jpg - (832.53 KB , 1114x1600 , 6.jpg )
From this lightnovel.cn site I was able to get RAWs for chapters 1 through 11 (>>13882). The first two chapters are twice the length of the later chapters.

Where is a good place to upload ZIPs? I will upload the pages to g.e-hentai.org (unless someone has a better suggestion).
>> No. 13896 ID: 4c88fa
Mediafire, I reckon. Mega is also an option.
>> No. 13897 ID: 8344b3
it seems like Chapter 12 manga scans was technically uploaded but for some weird reason the scans aren't able to load to the posters post

anyone know what might be happening or if the scans are readable or accessible?
>> No. 13898 ID: 287cb9
The https is broke for the image host, try setting your system clock to May 10 and the images start working again. (worked for me)
>> No. 13905 ID: 287cb9
Here are the first 12 chapters: http://www.mediafire.com/?5pfxmcnaqcgm3

Sizes of the scans varies by chapter.
>> No. 13915 ID: c2ad9a
Volume 1 Chapter 1 is out!
>> No. 13948 ID: 1e317c
Nice to finally see translations. Maybe new anime will give it more life.
>> No. 13978 ID: 8344b3
Will their be any more updates and uploads regarding Chapters 13 and up as far as the 506th Noble Witches Manga?
>> No. 13980 ID: b98b6b
Does anyone have the DramaCDs..?
>> No. 13981 ID: 0651b3

I don't think so.
I have seen a few videos on YouTube with tracks, but that's all.
>> No. 13982 ID: bc11f9
File 153152231922.png - (360.79 KB , 610x628 , 001_2018062621080397c.png )
Chapters 13 and 14 have already been released, but I can't say anything as far as raws or Chinese translations go.

Check here >>12648
>> No. 13983 ID: 328211
I didn't expect Kuroda's head family to be a dirty old man..xD
>> No. 14002 ID: 6810f1
I uploaded the first 2 a whiles back.
They're both flac rips, so feel free to transcode them yourself. The rest of the cds I haven't ripped yet, but I do have them.
>> No. 14008 ID: 93e4da
Why Jennifer has the Hispanian decent while Jefferson himself was a Cajun American..?
>> No. 14010 ID: 8344b3
Well that's likely attributed possibly to two factors: the first being that Cajuns or not a homogeneous, mono-ethnic group; it's an ethnic groups that consists of several sub-ethnic origins and groups inside it. Their members include people with Irish and Spanish ancestry, as well as a lesser extent of Germans and Italians. , a lesser admixture exists of Native American Métis and African American Creole. Historian Carl A. Brasseaux asserted that this process of intermarriage created the Cajuns in the first place; so it wouldn't be too far fetched to presume that Jennifer is a reference to non-Acadian Cajins. What's more Jennifer herself, is a Hispanian, in other words the Strike Witches worlds version of Spain, and even members of Cajin ethnicity include Ethnic Spanish descended Cajins.

The other, more larger factor however has to do with the Strike Witches worlds differing history, cultures and national boundaries then that of our world; so what with those differing factors; divergence a little bit is inevitable from that of our timeline.
>> No. 14014 ID: 657da5
I see.. BTW, does the LN has Jenny's "a sack of rice" references..?

I've listening the drama cds. And they're quite decent..

Isaac is adorkable, Marian is unexpectedly has a girly side, Jenny & Geena are 506th counterpart of Georgette & Gundula/Minna, Carla is the gadfly, and Kunika is more cheerful than Yoshika & Hikari..
>> No. 14015 ID: 5061d9
File 153260226312.jpg - (486.06 KB , 1854x4095 , C-VqhQsUIAEzRQE.jpg )
Kunika is such a qt it's almost painful. I need to listen to the drama CDs again some time.
>> No. 14021 ID: 287cb9
Chapter 13:

Chapter 14:
>> No. 14063 ID: 287cb9
File 153530173433.png - (289.47 KB , 522x683 , 15.png )
15 http://www.dm5.com/m679820/
>> No. 14186 ID: 8344b3
a though just occurred to me: our favorite Gallian special investigations and special operations witches name.... is Chris's last name Quay or Keyla? I can't rightly tell which it is from the Kanji (クリスキーラ).

On an additional note: has anyone managed to find a clean, larger, digital copy of the Noble Witches Light Novel Volume 7 cover? The only ones I found so far were mostly the highly blurred and scrunched versions and the cleanest, large version I found is decent but obviously a medium quality scan of the physical copy that isn't quite as clean or crisp...
>> No. 14205 ID: bc11f9
I can't find anything official, but according to Nicopedia it's Chris Keera.
>> No. 14242 ID: 1aac6d
I've recently made updates to some of my collections and I'd like to share some links here! Forgive me if some of these have already been shared, although it's honestly hard to keep track tbh. That being said, I think this should be the most complete and up-to-date collection of 506th content. These come from Kindle downloads on Amazon.jp that I've purchased myself, and they're in .pdf format with images also separated for convenience/variety. Audio tracks are from various other sources, and in .mp3 format.

Noble Witches Light Novels - Volumes 1-8 (w/ audio tracks for 3-7):
Noble Witches Manga - Volumes 1-3:

Regarding the novels, I found it disappointing that images have noticeable artifacts in them despite being straight from the official Kindle downloads. But the manga looks good! Hopefully this fills in any missing gaps to other people's collections here, and maybe even help speed translations up. Enjoy!
>> No. 14346 ID: e87028
File 154737140776.png - (315.44 KB , 576x820 , c17.png )
Chapter 16

Volume Covers?

Chapter 17
>> No. 14476 ID: 1ef11a
Manga didn't cover all 8 LN volumes right?
>> No. 14513 ID: 1d3347

No. Only the first three Volumes.
>> No. 14568 ID: 8344b3
Is their any confirmation if the rest if the manga adaptation for the 506th will continue to adapt the remaining light novels in the noble witches light novels, will the manga adaptation only stay with the adaptation of the first three volumes or will that info otherwise currently to be determined?

Honestly I hope the rest of the light novels get a manga adaptation as well; so much compelling story to cover...
>> No. 14569 ID: 50b928
>Is their any confirmation if the rest if the manga adaptation for the 506th will continue to adapt the remaining light novels

There is no "rest of the manga adaptation" unfortunately. The Noble witch manga is 3 volumes and that's it.
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