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File 133564255212.png - (168.36KB , 640x729 , 19868525 - (やしょーご - ワールドウィ.png )
3358 No. 3358 ID: 4d2005
506th Thread

(Almost) All the witches posted in Humikane thread: >>3344
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>> No. 3359 ID: 4d2005
Witches in 506th according to Wiki:

* Adriana Visconti
* Carla Luksic
* Carla von Rosen (Informally)
* Geena Preddy
* Heinrike Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein
* Isabelle du Monceau de Bergendal
* Jennifer DeBlanc
* Kuroda Kunika
* Marian Carl
* Rosalie de Hemricourt de Grunne
>> No. 3360 ID: 4d2005
File 133564328873.jpg - (202.42KB , 700x960 , 26865174 - (ねくた - ルクシック中尉).jpg )
First new piece of pixiv art!
>> No. 3361 ID: 02c087
-Kunika Kuroda---> Main character of 506 (Like Yoshika in 501)
>> No. 3364 ID: fff549
Main character does not necessarily have to be a Fuso witch. See Wilma?
>> No. 3366 ID: 02c087

Let´s see:


There is not mention of 503, 505 and 508, but the idea of 5 of 8 JFW the main character are from Fuso...what´s the idea that exists another countrys?
>> No. 3367 ID: c8e59b
Well 508 would be likely to have Fuso witch as MC anyways because its pretty much Fuso and Liberian witch only.
503 MAY have Fuso MC, but not necessarily because she is not particularly new to JFW or the military.
505, quite possibly Ayaka may be the MC because she s already around for some time.

Well anyways, if it's made by Japanese, they would probably use Fuso as protagonist as much as they can.
>> No. 3368 ID: 0835b6
From the SW wiki:

"[Marian Carl] was assigned to Yokosuka where she developed a friendship with Flight Lieutenant Takei..."

Marion E. Carl is believed to have been the one who shot down Takei's archetype, Junichi Sasai...
>> No. 3369 ID: 02c087

mmm, that is not excuse, in Code Geass, the main character is not japanese, for a excample.
>> No. 3378 ID: 581a24
Gotta love how this show is always turning history on its head.
>> No. 3379 ID: f1a7ce

Goat Gayass is a parody though
>> No. 3380 ID: dc714d
so there was a picture of the 506ths as a group in the humikane thread. any scans or online versions?
>> No. 3388 ID: 4d2005
If there was, it would be posted here already.
>> No. 3429 ID: 0459b0
File 133645288735.jpg - (226.04KB , 500x500 , 1336434534108.jpg )
>> No. 3430 ID: 4d2005
File 133646172249.jpg - (224.82KB , 578x817 , 571276731.jpg )
>> No. 3431 ID: 4d2005
File 133646180495.jpg - (154.54KB , 550x650 , 27096170 - (あひる - 無題).jpg )
>> No. 3432 ID: f03502
File 133646262620.jpg - (558.45KB , 900x870 , 27061655.jpg )
>> No. 3433 ID: f03502
File 133646273353.jpg - (673.26KB , 1000x900 , 27093010.jpg )
Some comics
>> No. 3434 ID: f03502
File 13364627569.png - (453.24KB , 875x700 , 27032138.png )
>> No. 11465 ID: 989c29
File 14740608924.jpg - (70.84 KB , 609x399 , 506th book covers.jpg )
>Witches in bowler and top hats with long overcoats.
Can't get classier witches than this.
I swear the fashion is evolving.
>> No. 11466 ID: 989c29
File 147407181789.jpg - (247.60 KB , 1080x1299 , Adventures of Isaac Holmes - Fumikane.jpg )
God I'd love a detective witch spinoff series too.
>> No. 11875 ID: b99239
Can anyone translate this..??

ジェニファー・J・ デ・ブランク:明坂聡美
>> No. 11879 ID: 4655f4
Kuroda Kunika - Eriko Nakamura
Isabelle du Monceau de Bergendal - Sayaka Nakaya
Adriana Visconti - Haruka Yamazaki
Jennifer J. DeBlanc - Satomi Akesaka
>> No. 11880 ID: 7e2854
So Kunika is Haruka while Isaac is a former AKB48 member..
>> No. 11881 ID: 640110
File 147855635411.jpg - (76.26 KB , 540x799 , carlaj.jpg )
I know it's kind of a long shot, but are any translation efforts for the 506th material on going? Not sure on the release schedule so no idea if any are actually out yet. I need my Carla fix
>> No. 11882 ID: cbc9a8
The 5th volume just released on the 31st of October. Considering the lack of translations on any of the novels in general, best not to get your hopes up.

But hey, if you're down to wait a couple years, my moon might end up getting good enough to translate by then. In the meantime, there's always the 506th drama cds you can listen to. Not sure if the latest one has been uploaded, but the other 2 should be floating around somewhere.
>> No. 11885 ID: 7f97db
Who voicing Marian..?
>> No. 11886 ID: cbc9a8
Fujimura Ayumi voices Marian.
>> No. 11887 ID: 0df60c
As long as it takes, was just wondering if anyone was on it or not.

Ganbatte anon
>> No. 11937 ID: 1c3205
Mineva, huh..
>> No. 12101 ID: c46883
So does the LNs have lesbo relationships between characters like Eilanya or is it just limited to lesbefriends with Kunika?
>> No. 12348 ID: e3c019
File 148796594121.jpg - (307.16 KB , 1200x1702 , 506th Vol_ 6 cover.jpg )
Fresh cover art by Fumi for the 6th volume.
>> No. 12349 ID: e3c019
File 148796606641.jpg - (322.35 KB , 1200x1443 , 506th Vol_ 6 Wild West cover.jpg )

Most well dressed pants and coat wearing witches ever.
This wild west picture is just about the best thing.
>> No. 12382 ID: f92b76
>> No. 12506 ID: 8deae3
File 149314944055.jpg - (135.68 KB , 729x1044 , Kunika promotion - homaredai.jpg )
There's some bigger event for 506th tomorrow. Might be a new anime, audio dramas, manga announcement or whatever.
We'll see.
>> No. 12508 ID: cffa82
File 149317726920.jpg - (758.54 KB , 747x1200 , __heinrike_prinzessin_zu_sayn_wittgenstein_and_san.jpg )
A little soon for an anime since Brave Witches' recent release. If it is, I hope Silver Link isn't involved again.
I would love a new manga though.
>> No. 12510 ID: 6d8529

506 manga announced!
>> No. 12511 ID: 6b56b3
Whelp, you were right and we got the next best thing pretty much.

Sweet. Raws and translations never ever, ruh.
>> No. 12519 ID: da3f64
I think Yuno is the MC of 505. Same way as she is in the Contrail of Witches manga focusing on the 505 at the moment.
>> No. 12582 ID: 95e546
>tfw no LN raws
>> No. 12583 ID: 1539d4
I have the 4th volume with accompany drama CD.
Are there any translation projects going on?
>> No. 12584 ID: 6f7e53
don't think so, for any of the 506th material
>> No. 12611 ID: f9d89e
File 149577744893.jpg - (421.88 KB , 1367x982 , 1495737191188.jpg )
>> No. 12621 ID: 4711ff
Since I have the 4th novel I might start translating in my spare time
>> No. 12627 ID: 41d7cf
Even summaries would be much appreciated.
>> No. 12634 ID: 62461a
it's out? is there a raw?
>> No. 12648 ID: b009a1
For anyone interested, I had recently purchased the digital versions of volumes 1-6 and I will now share them here! I thought about making a new thread but I think replying here shall do.


Hoping to share these around in order to speed up any possible translations... let me know if there's any problems!
>> No. 12650 ID: 6f7e53
thanks my dude, worth it for the art itself
>> No. 12701 ID: 28cf40
No one even post this?
anyway, is there any place where Chapter 1 RAW got posted?
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