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File 133607048263.jpg - (56.04KB , 286x400 , andorra_png.jpg )
3395 No. 3395 ID: 7ddd1e
Strike witches: The witches of Andorra has been release for free via Nico Nico Seiga. This is an English translation with only English text and can be found here:


Registration for the site is free (and your Niconico account works the same for this site and it's possible to register in English).

However, free English releases like this will only continue if the initial release sees enough support.

"Please visit the site and give them feedback. That is the only way more material like this can come about. - Dan Kanemitsu

So ripping the manga from the site will only hinder future releases of Strike witches, at least, with an English translation.


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>> No. 3396 ID: f1a7ce
Yeah, who needs a handy offline copy if you can get a probably non-permanent version in a crappy online reader?
I love the future.
>> No. 3397 ID: 148887
It looks like the Andorra story has already concluded. I wonder if there are plans to continue the Witches of Andorra or just create short stories for the purpose of having free English releases.
>> No. 3398 ID: 7ddd1e
Actually it was created for the sake of putting focus on the small nation after they found out they had a fan in Andorra.
They even respond to the letter he sent in the Japanese released of the manga.

(It's all in Dan Kanemitsu's blog.)
>> No. 3400 ID: 7fbeea
Out of the more significant nations in World War II, Nogami & crew made one about Andorra?

How about the other Asian countries for example?
Even if they're portrayed as some colony of Fuso.

Or maybe Australis?

Maybe we should all start bombarding him with e-mails so that he'll make Witches stories about our respective countries
>> No. 3401 ID: 7ddd1e
Actually, Kanemitsu already acknowledged the lack of Commonwealth witches.
He wants to focus on them but after he's done with some Sherman tankers. (And that's only if his first venture in writing SW material is successful.)

A friendly email would do no harm to show support, though.
>> No. 3402 ID: 1ba170
>Click the link
>Comic loads
>Entire screen immediately covered in inane comment gibberish

Jesus fuck Nico, get it together.
>> No. 3403 ID: 1ba170

It wouldn't be that bad if you didn't have to re-click the "comments off" button on every single page.
>> No. 3404 ID: 1ba170

That's actually kind of sweet, them cooking up a little side story for literally one guy.
>> No. 3405 ID: 239478
It's not like they're constantly streaming by. Wait 5 seconds and they're gone.
>> No. 3409 ID: f03502
Wait, is that how witches are made? I'm confused more.
>> No. 3411 ID: 148887
That's probably just something they tell them because everyone at the academy already has magical abilities, but not everyone has the same motives or determination.

Or I'm wrong and everyone's a witch.
>> No. 3415 ID: 916f2f
The character profiles sometimes talk about witch's abilities "manifesting themselves" at some point. I think maybe you could be born a witch but not realize you have magic until you try. Like how people can be born with perfect pitch and never know until they have to sing.
>> No. 3418 ID: 9fec25
Pffft, of course not. Everyone in their right mind knows they form via spores from Witch Trees.
>> No. 3452 ID: dc714d
what page should I go to? I mean, we are after all looking for a 20-ish (?) page comic in a 500 page book. also, one-wing witches chapter 05 is here on page 257 is here as well, but in japanese
>> No. 3453 ID: 239478
Page 571
>> No. 3566 ID: dfc687
File 133820511484.jpg - (806.43KB , 822x1106 , 588035186.jpg )
>> No. 3567 ID: dfc687
File 133820513760.jpg - (898.52KB , 822x1106 , 588036234.jpg )
>> No. 3570 ID: f03502
Oh God it's real

>> No. 3580 ID: 6d4ed0
In the past days, I've been contemplating of sending those guys, humikane, nogami or even kanemitsu an email or tweet about how I'm also a fan of the franchise and that I'd like to see an official witch from "my country" but somehow I don't want to make an ass of myself.

Belonging to a nationality that's probably looked down by the japanese in general it'll be probably like sending a mail to a brick wall.

I'll just be happy with the fact that the people behind Strike Witches are also listening to fans outside Japan.
>> No. 3581 ID: 4cfe4c
File 133835098549.jpg - (5.61KB , 155x222 , 1300677862708.jpg )
Move to Sealand and say you're a fan of their work and ask if they can do a story involving a witch from Sealand.

I'd read it.
>> No. 3599 ID: aadfd9
I'll just say I'm from Israel or Palestine so that the world would be fucked up more.
>> No. 5015 ID: e64b15
Where can i read this?
The nico seiga links aren't working.
>> No. 5066 ID: 3165fe
there is a expunged raw in sadpanda.
>> No. 5067 ID: 239478
Because I know not everyone can into sadpanda: http://www.mediafire.com/?b22aezbz6m7gv6z
It's raw though.
>> No. 5072 ID: fa93e0
Can't someone TL this?
I want to read it so bad..
>> No. 5203 ID: 276de0
for you
>> No. 7845 ID: 1fa463
File 143033925438.jpg - (52.73 KB , 412x347 , 1335971380337.jpg )

This just goes to the site's main page.
>> No. 10930 ID: 552963
I can't find this anywhere (even on that seiga site) can someone link me to it?
>> No. 11719 ID: dac02a
Searching for it too.
It seems it ogt lost on the inmensity of the net.
>> No. 11790 ID: 2ee2d8
Surely someone must have it. I just keep finding it in a different language or a dead download link.
>> No. 11792 ID: 2716da
I think people took the fact that it was available for free online for granted.
Plus, the writer of the post discouraged people from ripping it.
But hell, I'm backing up whatever new shit that's coming out from now on.
>> No. 11793 ID: b75508
Yeah true. I already do back up the stuff I read. But, this is the first manga to get away from me so far lol. Hopefully, someone in the future'll drop us a link to it.
>> No. 11795 ID: e8f7c8

This link still works.
>> No. 11799 ID: b75508
Has that copy been translated? I don't know japanese lol.
>> No. 11808 ID: 583b2c
Yeah, we understood that the raws are available. We're looking for the translated one.
>> No. 11830 ID: 3f695a
Anon gave this link in a thread; https://www.mediafire.com/?emtut2mrk4dm0ee
However I'm unable to download it, getting a DMCA notification.
>> No. 11832 ID: b75508
I can't either. It's been taken down.
>> No. 11838 ID: 4c3894
File 147825577554.png - (334.31 KB , 1366x768 , 1.png )
Go crazy.
>> No. 11839 ID: 4c3894
File 147825581027.png - (662.27 KB , 1366x768 , 2.png )
>> No. 11840 ID: 4c3894
File 147825591292.png - (689.80 KB , 1366x768 , 3.png )
>> No. 11841 ID: 4c3894
File 147825596037.png - (730.39 KB , 1366x768 , 4.png )
>> No. 11842 ID: 4c3894
File 147825600879.png - (666.50 KB , 1366x768 , 5.png )
>> No. 11843 ID: 4c3894
File 147825604376.png - (829.75 KB , 1366x768 , 6.png )
>> No. 11844 ID: 4c3894
File 147825607553.png - (640.88 KB , 1366x768 , 7.png )
FORET frei
>> No. 11845 ID: 4c3894
File 147825618011.png - (606.20 KB , 1366x768 , 8.png )
No idea why the captcha ended there that time.
>> No. 11846 ID: 4c3894
File 14782562083.png - (655.75 KB , 1366x768 , 9.png )
>> No. 11847 ID: 4c3894
File 147825623988.png - (635.78 KB , 1366x768 , 10.png )
>> No. 11848 ID: 4c3894
File 147825626874.png - (669.80 KB , 1366x768 , 11.png )
>> No. 11849 ID: 4c3894
File 147825629670.png - (736.03 KB , 1366x768 , 12.png )
>> No. 11850 ID: 4c3894
File 147825658026.png - (638.85 KB , 1366x768 , 13.png )
>> No. 11851 ID: 4c3894
File 147825692540.png - (719.34 KB , 1366x768 , 14.png )
>> No. 11852 ID: 4c3894
File 147825703579.png - (675.99 KB , 1366x768 , 15.png )
>> No. 11853 ID: 4c3894
File 147825711690.png - (607.22 KB , 1366x768 , 16.png )
>> No. 11854 ID: 4c3894
File 147825717993.png - (375.21 KB , 1366x768 , 17.png )
And that's about that.

Thank god for Helma's practically non-existent timers.
>> No. 11855 ID: b6b3ac
The resolution is a bit odd though, but thanks! Where did you get them from?
>> No. 11856 ID: 3f695a
Oh man, thanks man.
>> No. 11857 ID: c9ccb5
Nice dump. I did a quick job of removing the edges and splitting it into single pages and put it up in the goddess so it doesn't get lost again.

Also here but it won't last: https://0x0.st/2Z3.zip
>> No. 11859 ID: b75508
Thank you very very very much!!!!
*huuugs* :D
>> No. 11872 ID: 54bd01
>Where did you get them from?

I have this whole folder of Nogami Takeshi works.

Was honestly surprised to see that I had the translated version there. Can't really remember where I got it from. I think it was from one of those dead SW archives? I dunno.
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