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File 133728666696.jpg - (1.26MB , 2496x3440 , SCAN0017.jpg )
3504 No. 3504 ID: dc714d
but yeah, didnt want to crease the book, so, sorry about that. pretty much everything is usable except one picture of Trude strapped up in this weird striker and aleks and fernie's profile pictures. I might just take pictures of them instead.

.7z incoming because i don't feel like resizing
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>> No. 3505 ID: dc714d
File 133728727337.jpg - (1.28MB , 2496x3440 , SCAN0016.jpg )
OK, i do gaf, i might fuck around with them or rescan later.
>> No. 3506 ID: dc714d
File 133728759236.png - (1.47MB , 670x870 , amelie.png )
....and forgot the DL Link


in the mean time i might post some cropped images like this one
>> No. 3507 ID: dc714d
File 13372878256.jpg - (1.07MB , 1013x2125 , rosalie.jpg )
>> No. 3508 ID: dc714d
File 133728814338.jpg - (642.20KB , 498x2038 , rosalie2.jpg )
>> No. 3509 ID: dc714d
File 133728836931.jpg - (603.24KB , 1355x638 , amelie2.jpg )
>> No. 3510 ID: dc714d
File 133728858158.jpg - (1.41MB , 801x2976 , heidemarie.jpg )
....and one for the road.
>> No. 3511 ID: 3665b5
Thanks for the scans!

So where did you get this? And how much was it? I'm considering picking up a copy for myself.
>> No. 3514 ID: dc714d

go it at CDJapan.co.jp and i think it was somewhere in the region of $40 with shipping. I also picked up Andora no Majo and One Wing Witches at the same time, which i reccomend doing since they are only 580 yen apiece and if you don't get them with other items they'll be way overpriced
>> No. 3515 ID: dc714d
File 133730320036.jpg - (758.85KB , 1050x1024 , Nipa.jpg )
>> No. 3517 ID: 1670e1
That screening makes me moist.
Thanks for the scans
>> No. 3518 ID: 967207
Needs more 502.
>> No. 3519 ID: d70191

Yep, specially ovas or picture dramas
>> No. 3520 ID: 49aada
>> No. 7430 ID: 7345b4

what book is this if i might ask... is it the official fan book for the movie?
>> No. 7439 ID: 17ee85
Yea, it is. I have some of the other pages on this thread. http://www.helma.us/sw/res/7311.html
>> No. 7441 ID: 7345b4

thank you very much good sir!
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