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File 133788716298.jpg - (141.95KB , 1191x842 , 1337798957993.jpg )
3548 No. 3548 ID: 0fc314
I've been working to create possible flags to some countries of Strike Witches Universe like Amazonas and Azteca. Because I see that these countries don't have a representative flag.
>> No. 3574 ID: 3dcd4a
Why don't you perhaps send all your ideas to Humikane himself? Maybe on twitter or his e-mail?

Who knows they could start making some random doujin about South American witches like in the case of that Andorran fan.
>> No. 3578 ID: 0fbd94
That's a good idea, but I don't have the email of Humikane.
>> No. 3579 ID: 575f32
Ask him on his twitter.
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