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File 133867617518.png - (533.78KB , 960x540 , [AnK-ACCADI]_Strike_Witches_-_01_[BluRay][540p_H26.png )
3594 No. 3594 ID: 08ec50
There's this Witch in the first minutes of season one.

So, is she Helma?
>> No. 3595 ID: 0e73a3
Looks like Trude
>> No. 3596 ID: dcb4b6
Yeah, the tails on Trude's coat are misleading, since unlike at the front, they are cut off short of the points.
>> No. 3597 ID: ccb77b
The only true that is a witch from Karlsland, remember that there is muuuuch witches that us still dont know
>> No. 3598 ID: aadfd9
The 109G striker is a giveaway. That's unlikely to be Barkhorn, unless she had to use a 109 striker for some reason.
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