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File 133910730558.jpg - (1.15MB , 1920x1080 , wallpaper-685308.jpg )
3604 No. 3604 ID: 4cfe4c
Guys, why is Strike Witches such a lovable, catchy show? I've watched many a series over the years and none has caught my fancy like Strike Witches has in the last few months since I first saw it.

I mean, I have figures, dvds, posters, and all sorts of shit like that already, that's how much I love the show!

What the fuck makes it so damned engrossing?
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>> No. 3605 ID: ac3ae1
I like it for the Mecha Shoujo action.
It's so interesting to see moe versions of planes battle it out.

Of course most people will say: Hurr Durr mecha shoujo schworm blurr, you watch it for the pantslessness because there's no story hurr durr.

It's so ironic it's the fellow fans that say that.
>> No. 3606 ID: 148887
I'm not too sure myself. There aren't many other series that I still follow years after they air, but I keep looking for more SW media. One thing that I'm sure of is that the characters are a lot of fun and there's something special about each of them to me.
>> No. 3612 ID: f699eb
I don't know the answer too, but when I saw SW in 2010, it had become in my only and favorite series. But years ago I followed series like Digimon, Yugioh, etc.
But now, only I think in things about SW more than anything.
>> No. 3615 ID: dc714d
This is the first show since I started watching anime that really got me obsessed.
>> No. 3616 ID: 059a24
File 133921594382.png - (455.46KB , 563x800 , 17949671.png )
The characters are lovable and the universe is still expanding. SW has been the most recent series I have watched completely, back in 2010. Since then, no other series has measured up to Strike Witches. If I could put it into words, it feels like Strike Witches is the final frontier of anime for me. It satisfied every expectation I have had for an anime, and every other series feels inferior in terms of depth an quality (with the exception of my other favourite series I have watched prior to). It is/was the last anime I could really get into.

I love all the new content that is still being made by fans and Humikane, and like >>3606 said, I too am still searching out new Strike Witches material.

In the mean time, I might as well post some of the sites I frequent for content.


Lastly, I fucking love this message board. Even though it is slow most of the time, I love connecting with other SW fans. I cannot thank the creator(s) of this site, the mods, and its members enough. Thank you all!
>> No. 3617 ID: 0695cf
It's enjoyable because it does everything it sets out to do perfectly. Every character is memorable and unique, as well as likable. The concept is novel, and executed well. It has mass history appeal, while not alienating anyone unfamiliar with it. It's the kind of show that does something very odd, pulls it off very well, and provides lots of fun.

I also like crotch shots
>> No. 3618 ID: 45bde7
Some people are actually put off with the pantless world and crotch shots shoved up the viewers face. Otherwise it's all good. I'm talking about the anime.

The novels I'm not sure. The Doujins, well nogami's works about Afrika is good although the chapters feel short.
>> No. 3621 ID: 06790d
It is all about the characters. They are lovable.
>> No. 3635 ID: 4cfe4c
They are pretty damn lovable that's for sure.

Eh, I can understand that. When I tried watching Strike Witches years ago I was just diving into the hobby of watching anime and heard something about a "world war two anime." The (at the time) gratuitous amounts of fanservice disgusted me and I didn't touch it again till around April of this year, three or four years later, bringing me to posing the question in the OP.

I think I'm heading down that route. If I'm not there already.

Aye, pixiv is a site I've spent plenty of time browsing for pics. Incidentally, I got a bunch of nice SW themed wallpapers from wallbase.cc, if you weren't aware of it already!

That's a good point, it has references to many things that were going on in the second world war so will interest the history buffs while the characters and surprisingly good execution of the show (as you mentioned) helps draw in a wide array of people.

It's strange, I can't exactly place why I like the show so much. I could say I like the characters, the history references, etc but there is no one answer for why I like it so damn much. Still don't know honestly.
>> No. 4935 ID: 9c2cc3
File 135261406590.jpg - (69.37KB , 1024x768 , alert.jpg )

A bot!? Time for some emergency measures.
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