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File 134016766225.jpg - (661.61KB , 513x5245 , 1340160689130.jpg )
3665 No. 3665 ID: efdf26
Traslation please
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>> No. 3669 ID: 148887
File 134017948692.jpg - (677.66KB , 513x5245 , translation.jpg )
Here's my attempt at this one. Context is Rie Tanaka's recent marriage.

Poor Mio.
>> No. 3670 ID: 4cfe4c
>> No. 3671 ID: 12cb96
I believe the 2nd last line is Mio calling out "Minna". I can't really think how you made such a mistake, unless Chinese isn't your 1st language.
>> No. 3672 ID: 148887
Ming Na definitely sounds like Minna.
>> No. 3681 ID: 148887
You're right. Sorry, I'm terrible with translating names but that was inexcusable. I hope to claim Chinese as my 3rd language someday; until then, I'll just leave this stuff to you guys.
>> No. 3695 ID: 12cb96
Hey no worries, I don't have any microsoft paint skills so you already did more than I did.
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