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File 134310259116.jpg - (18.57KB , 385x196 , 1340396402947.jpg )
4008 No. 4008 ID: 239478
So here's a thing.
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>> No. 4010 ID: 6ce932
I am very impressed by your dedication. I hope there will be enough people who will be purchasing these pins. People like you are keeping Strike Witches alive and well, and I thank you for that. Although I won't be purchasing the pins, I wish you the best with the endeavor.
>> No. 4024 ID: 239478
I'm not the guy selling them, I just saw the link in IRC.
>> No. 4063 ID: 43f47c
File 134344852646.png - (279.23KB , 1200x1200 , 1343274289688.png )
I'm the guy selling them. I'm unfortunately not getting many people ordering them. I'm hoping to see more sales, but unfortunately I'm not seeing me getting rid of them very soon after receiving them from the company. They're being minted now.

I've got 20 set orders, but that's not going to be enough. I'm hoping to get more people on-board when we have physical copies to take a picture of.
>> No. 4064 ID: 3f5f78
what is this place?
>> No. 4070 ID: 43f47c
File 13434616907.jpg - (227.39KB , 625x775 , 1343265521457.jpg )
What place?
>> No. 4071 ID: 90919c
I'm tempted to get a whole set, but money's a little tight right now.
>> No. 4072 ID: 43f47c
File 134346310879.jpg - (144.26KB , 500x645 , 1343267227935.jpg )
Honestly I'd say give it time to think. Put a remind up somewhere that the pins exist, but I won't be sending these out for another ~13 days and I only have about 20 orders so far, so it's not in danger of going out of stock soon. Sure, I'd like you to buy them asap and they're dirt-cheap before shipping, but I want everyone that gets them to be happy with them. I'll have actual pictures posted the day I receive them in the mail.

If you can't get them, tell your friends about them; I need to get them out of the corner of my room as soon as possible after receiving them since I put $1500 into these pins and I need to get my money back from them.
>> No. 4073 ID: 90919c

That's quite a haul! I'll look into it after I get paid next week.

I imagine you could try selling some of the excess pins at a local anime convention.
>> No. 4077 ID: 43f47c
File 134349866927.png - (564.41KB , 600x921 , sanya-v-litvyak-strike-witches-loli-catgirl-keep-o.png )
The thing is that I'd have to set up a booth to sell them legitimately. I do plan to sell them at my local con's "Swap-meet," but I don't have high hopes for that.
>> No. 4078 ID: 90919c

Maybe try ebay?
>> No. 4079 ID: 43f47c
File 134351462866.jpg - (261.84KB , 935x1380 , 1343451277155.jpg )
To be honest, I'd rather avoid any legality issues as I believe the pin-making company, as great as it is, has an issue. Ebay would take too much attention and that's why I'm doing this operation on imageboards like 4chan. I guess someone took the blog link from there and posted it here, but I only know that because I can see sites people access the blog from.

I wish this board was more active though, I love SW to death and the life-cycle of SW threads on /a/ is pretty mediocre nowadays.
>> No. 4080 ID: 90919c
>I'd rather avoid any legality issues as I believe the pin-making company

Yeah that's always a problem.

>I wish this board was more active though, I love SW to death and the life-cycle of SW threads on /a/ is pretty mediocre nowadays.

Me too. It's kind of my fault though because I haven't advertised this site at all. I also haven't been on /a/ in ages so I don't even know if anybody in the threads is aware of this place.
>> No. 4083 ID: 43f47c
File 134353605920.jpg - (293.18KB , 964x900 , f36d75c0cecbed38e54d7eba8e4bb427.jpg )
I was in a thread today and someone was posting some of your banners. Some people definitely know about this place.
>> No. 4102 ID: fdc2bd
Considering we haven't had new entries (aside from doujins) in the franchise aside from a unreleased film in over two years, it's surprising there are still at least a few threads a week, mediocre or not.

Perhaps things will be slightly better when the film gets subbed
>> No. 4103 ID: d250d6
File 13436569852.jpg - (146.76KB , 503x800 , 09ce2d84b7f879547d5b85299a846c03.jpg )
I can't wait. That shit is going to be awesome.
>> No. 4162 ID: d250d6
File 134430451013.jpg - (198.22KB , 1610x763 , C12K06613-20.jpg )
Final versions from the factory head have arrived.
>> No. 4163 ID: a66761
File 134430936083.jpg - (33.89KB , 600x450 , tansan_oo-img600x450-1277169762tmxppy17472.jpg )
A bit disappointed about the inverted colors on Karsland's pin vs the source. Too late to do anything about it now though. I can deal.
>> No. 4164 ID: d250d6
Black glitter wasn't available, so I had to do the next best thing. Sorry.
>> No. 4165 ID: a66761
Solid black like the Fuso center would have looked good, but no matter. I didn't know about the blog until the ordering phase so I missed the feedback window. I'm looking forward to receiving my set regardless.
>> No. 4166 ID: d250d6
Glad to hear. I'm super-excited!
>> No. 4176 ID: 7ad82d
Doesn't Funimation sell a shitload of sw merch in the west?
Just hope they don't get wind of you stylin' on their business...
>> No. 4177 ID: 4cfe4c
Do they? all i've seen that's definitely something that had their work somewhere in it is my Strike Witches wall scroll.
>> No. 4183 ID: 90919c
90919c here, I'm putting the money to buy a full set on a card today.
>> No. 4188 ID: 90919c
File 134463863247.jpg - (223.55KB , 800x1116 , 1217581514761.jpg )

I goofed and put the wrong amount of money on the card because I was in a hurry.

Guess I'll have to buy them next week.
>> No. 4192 ID: d250d6
File 134476061712.jpg - (229.40KB , 800x480 , 20120811_234350.jpg )
My set safely in their display case.
Gonna star working on shipping these out, but I can't promise that all of them will be sent out on Monday... there's only so much I can do before the end of the weekend.
>> No. 4193 ID: 4cfe4c
Payday came and I have some spare dosh, how would I go about ordering a set?
>> No. 4194 ID: d250d6
>> No. 4223 ID: d250d6
File 134512803015.png - (629.37KB , 680x772 , My Box is Ready.png )
All of the first orders were shipped out Mo, Tue, and yesterday. I hope all of you guys on the fence about giving Anon your money are convinced by the first reviews on the blog.
>> No. 4225 ID: 4cfe4c
File 134514236251.jpg - (357.33KB , 1280x720 , 1cf80c4618266667ae2862993e4ad57a.jpg )
I await with trepidation.
>> No. 4233 ID: a66761
File 134518234653.jpg - (595.99KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_9809.jpg )
Yo. Got mine today. They're rather nice. Many thanks for making this happen.
>> No. 4236 ID: d250d6
File 134521570673.jpg - (355.64KB , 1501x864 , 1320112961569.jpg )
I'm glad you like them!

To everyone on the fence, I'm heading into the next school year and I kind of want my money out of these pins. I'd like to see them gone sooner than later. There's still 50 sets left.
>> No. 4237 ID: 271aa1
Very nice, though a bit too sparkly for me.
>> No. 4241 ID: 8b230c
On the other hand, they'd make great fishing lures.
>> No. 4242 ID: 3b222c
File 134524887611.gif - (472.76KB , 704x396 , 1242335441000.gif )
"We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please try to enter a different credit card."

It's like some sort of deity doesn't want me to get these.

Fortunately a friend let me borrow their card, and I just sent you an email with all of the details.
>> No. 4243 ID: 4cfe4c
File 134525283512.png - (236.11KB , 595x700 , 134053177341.png )
The pins came in safe and sound! Didn't expect them to get here this fast at all!!
>> No. 4244 ID: d250d6
File 134525904536.jpg - (35.09KB , 360x640 , 1320083646935.jpg )
I like to think that they're just the right amount of shine outside of pictures.
I aimed to get them out by the end of the month, but USPS is faster than I thought they'd be at First-Class shipping. I hope you enjoy the extra packaging I gave the pins. It took forever making sure there weren't imperfections on each pin and wrapping them up again in TP to keep them from damaging each other in transit.
>> No. 4246 ID: d250d6
I just want to say, that case is fucking awesome.
>> No. 4247 ID: 4cfe4c
Where'd you get that display case? Something akin to it would be perfect for the pins.
>> No. 4248 ID: d250d6
File 134526451163.png - (102.56KB , 261x261 , 1320108284589.png )
I posted about it in the blog. It's just a tic-tac-toe board with a glass top. It used to have the playing pieces under the glass, but I swapped them out.
>> No. 4253 ID: 1478b5
File 134529239981.jpg - (30.97KB , 500x500 , 514Ou+cW6YL__SS500_.jpg )
I just bought this for my pins.

So this is the slippery slope, huh?
>> No. 4262 ID: 87100f
File 134555283134.jpg - (331.08KB , 2592x1552 , pinz.jpg )
>> No. 4263 ID: 6fb0a2
File 134556403964.jpg - (1.75MB , 2816x2112 , IMG_0348.jpg )
>> No. 4273 ID: 3b222c
My set just arrived today. They all look great.

The sparkles work exceptionally well on the Orussian pin.
>> No. 4289 ID: 499c8d
File 134617818582.jpg - (0.99MB , 2501x1037 , swpins.jpg )

Now I just need to get a case for them.
>> No. 4305 ID: 1478b5
File 134681031496.jpg - (1.76MB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20120905_115539.jpg )
My case just arrived.
>> No. 4307 ID: a4ad17
File 134681565964.jpg - (94.03KB , 550x825 , 1346745003701.jpg )
Very nice case good sir.
>> No. 4308 ID: a4ad17
by the way, the black on the Karlsland and the blue sections go up and down, not side to side.
>> No. 4309 ID: 23aeb8
>> No. 4310 ID: 239478
Suomus is oriented like an hourglass, but on my figs of the Karlsland Trio the thin stripes do go on the side. Fuso crescent should point down too.
>> No. 4312 ID: 1478b5
File 134682324499.jpg - (1.74MB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20120905_153114.jpg )
I see, so it should look like this then?
>> No. 4313 ID: a4ad17
Put the red section of the Fuso one facing left. I've seen the symbol that way more times than not. But yes, the other two are perfect.
>> No. 4314 ID: 23aeb8
File 134689453627.jpg - (39.82KB , 361x500 , 122526_s0.jpg )
You are mistaken about Fuso and Karlsland. The crescent should be at the bottom facing up and the highlights for the cross should be on the sides.
>> No. 4315 ID: 23aeb8
See also the 8th and 9th pics on http://www.ne.jp/asahi/humikane/e-wacs/ to confirm.
>> No. 4317 ID: a4ad17
Why do I keep seeing it the other way?
>> No. 4318 ID: d7011e
The image shows what it looks like the way they're painted on the striker (flight/horizontal), perhaps you see them while the witches are standing/hovering
>> No. 4357 ID: 239478
File 134748694918.jpg - (1.59MB , 6016x4000 , 2012-09-12 14_33_34 copy.jpg )

They are simply beautiful.
Here, have another massively over-sized image so you can see just how beautiful they are.
>> No. 4458 ID: 87100f
File 134851875514.jpg - (653.62KB , 2352x1280 , dem sw swag.jpg )
Finally got my thump out of my ass and fixed some display thingy for the pins. Also received my Firstspear doujinshi.
>> No. 4460 ID: 40893a
Lucky bastard, wish I got vol 01 when I had the chance, suddenly all sold out everywhere now. Brofist for having it.
>> No. 4465 ID: 92c3da
Strange, MangaPal had it in stock when I ordered from them the 13th of September. However, according to their emails, they are closed now.
>> No. 4469 ID: dc714d
File 134862601180.jpg - (11.09KB , 200x200 , perrineappalled.jpg )

wait CLOSED closed?
>> No. 4471 ID: 87100f
At least according to the email I received when asked if they would restock the items I wanted (the items was marked as sold out):


We are very sorry to inform you that MANGA PAL web store closed on 1st
Sep and the website will be closed soon.
All of our stocks will be returned to the artists.
In this moment we do not have any plan to reopen it.

Therefore, you are not able to purchase any item using our online system

However, the items you mentioned in your email are still in our
warehouse so if you want to purchase them, we can send you a paypal link.
And after you settle the payment, we will ship the items to you.

Please kindly inform us if you would like to order before 18th Sep.
After that day, the items you mentioned will be returned to the artist.


Now I need to find another store where I can buy the rest of all Africa doujinshi.
>> No. 4472 ID: 523ac7
Well shit. On the bright side, the only reason I found out about the site was due to wanting to acquire the Witches of Africa doujinshi and if they're going out of business now they could possibly be found elsewhere.

On the down side, I need to find somewhere that may have vol 1 and 5.
>> No. 4473 ID: 87100f
Please let me know if you find any place that sells them.
cdJapan sells some of Nogami Takeshi commercial works, those are quite nice but not bilingual.
>> No. 4512 ID: 8f3a15
File 13490917922.jpg - (141.20KB , 1500x996 , DSC_9560.jpg )
Overdue post. Received the pins over a month ago. They're really beautiful and the karlsland one is proudly sitting on my stethoscope. It's a great conversation starter (my colleagues think I'm some WWII nut) and its great for distracting kids in the pediatrics ward (oooh shiny).
>> No. 4513 ID: 8f3a15
File 134909193450.jpg - (93.60KB , 1500x996 , DSC_9572.jpg )
Another close up of the pin. Looks really distinctive on the stethoscope, sure beats other doctors with twisty toys on theirs. Only problem is I have to answer inane questions from my consultant about why I'm a nazi. Maybe when I finally have time I'll post pics of the pins with my entire SW stash and figs.
>> No. 4514 ID: 87100f
Oh you sneaky bastard...
>> No. 4516 ID: a4ad17
That's actually pretty damned awesome.
>> No. 4517 ID: 9c16ad
I can't wait till I one day get a doctorate and have Strike Witches stuff scattered about my office.
>> No. 4519 ID: dc714d

nazi doctors don't have the best reputation....

also on an unrelated note, any more word on manga pal? the store is still up and it is still up and it is october... also i cannot find anything on their site about a closure.
>> No. 4522 ID: 87100f
I also find it strange that it's still up. I can however not find any reason why they would lie about that. Try sending them a mail?
Heck, I would buy the rest of Firstspears work from them if I Could.
>> No. 4531 ID: dc714d
ok, just to make sure, i -think- that sphinx ends at 5 but i am not sure...

I mean if manga pal is going tits up i want to ensure I already have the ones I care about...
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