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File 134335613832.jpg - (307.74KB , 707x1000 , dc559fa081170ab4c4359577bd61a72c.jpg )
4047 No. 4047 ID: 4cfe4c
Are the names of the other wars this unimaginative?
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>> No. 4049 ID: de41c0
That's got to be fanmade.
>> No. 4068 ID: d800f4

It is. Actually, its is part of a pet project that a few artists at pixiv are making together.
>> No. 4081 ID: 4cfe4c
Well, they should get a better name. Maybe it's a working name for it?
>> No. 4114 ID: c8e59b
How the fuck do you give a war "imaginative" name?
It's either names participants or where it took place
>> No. 4117 ID: 4cfe4c
If you're going to make up a war name set in the SW universe, anything would be better than just tacking a "Neuroi" somewhere in the name of the war. Just keep the same war name that we have in our history, no point in tacking on another word "just because."
>> No. 4119 ID: 920193
File 134382205575.jpg - (776.03KB , 1600x1132 , SW91 T-80.jpg )
So here we have people whinning about a japanese fan project they probably aren't involved in.. Add the fact that it's not even a official Strike Witches Story of sorts.

As for me, I'll just keep my whinning to a minimum and instead post more about it.

Oh wait, shouldn't this be posted or moved to the Off Topic Section since it's not even part of the Official Strike Witches Franchise?
>> No. 4121 ID: 4cfe4c
Going by the rules, the thread's good:
"sw/ Strike Witches general:
Anything related to Strike Witches goes here. Some lewdness allowed, but keep it classy. "
>> No. 4123 ID: b055f3
File 134383071296.jpg - (536.14KB , 1488x1024 , SW91 MiG-29.jpg )
I see. Anyway I just wanted to know if such threads are allowed in the main index.
>> No. 4124 ID: fad1da
That looks pretty badass. They have pics for the Abrams r challenger 1 or other tanks?
>> No. 4127 ID: c8e59b
File 134386860063.jpg - (272.15KB , 1300x764 , M1A1.jpg )
You may have a point, but I still think there would be a need to identify if the war was fought against the neuroi or among human nations
Besides, "tacking a "Neuroi" somewhere in the name of the war" is what the official setting has been doing so far, and for a good reason
The names serves as a reference to real world event
Changing them to something made up just makes them confusing
And again, how is a name of a war supposed to be imaginative
It only needs to identify
>> No. 4128 ID: 4cfe4c
File 134386914027.jpg - (78.79KB , 600x576 , 1300663526951.jpg )
"Besides, tacking a "Neuroi" somewhere in the name of the war is what the official setting has been doing so far"

Well, shit, I'm a retard for not knowing this. I had thought it was still "First World War," "Second World War," etc.

Okay, no more issues from me. I feel stupid now.
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