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File 134340211470.jpg - (20.28KB , 500x281 , capture.jpg )
4051 No. 4051 ID: 271aa1
I'm sorry guys, but I gotta ask. Would anyone have a large, clear picture of the magic circles used by the witches?
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>> No. 4052 ID: c1f322
I don't think there's an official one.

Also, they vary from Eastern Witches and Western ones.
>> No. 4054 ID: de41c0
Are you asking about their shields or their takeoff.. circles?
>> No. 4055 ID: 90919c
I've also been looking for those. I figure they would look nice as a background for the site.
>> No. 4056 ID: 4cfe4c
There's a difference?
>> No. 4061 ID: 2f0ac1
File 134343983169.png - (891.34KB , 1553x3000 , SW Shields.png )
Apparently Eastern Hemishpere or maybe asian Witches have different shield rune things.
>> No. 4062 ID: 7cb51c
It might be cool to make one into a rainmeter background for a desktop, too.
>> No. 4066 ID: 271aa1
I always thought the flight circles were the same while the barriers were different between east and west
>> No. 4074 ID: de41c0
That appears to be the case.
>> No. 4075 ID: c1f322

The Eastern shield is in Sanskrit, while the Western one is obviously in Greek.
>> No. 4076 ID: 12cb96
I never noticed there was a difference O.O
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