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File 13117864883.jpg - (74.46KB , 400x644 , 1311785029709.jpg )
406 No. 406 ID: a6a9d8

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>> No. 12775 ID: 6732bd
File 150123771257.jpg - (345.44 KB , 500x654 , nipafes.jpg )
Nipa's Tail
>> No. 12776 ID: 6732bd
File 150123776437.jpg - (300.00 KB , 450x811 , Pokryshkin Idol.jpg )
Idol Pokryshkin
>> No. 12779 ID: e0f111
And what a fine tail it is.
>> No. 12796 ID: 893b7a
File 150324517718.jpg - (116.62 KB , 600x500 , Krupinski handsome _feat Edytha - fumikane.jpg )

演者と客席の皆さんと一部スタッフにも楽しんでいただけたようで何よりです。 くっかおは「くっ、顔はいい

What a hansamu Krupi, truly the best womanizer ever.
>> No. 12798 ID: 59d9e2
File 150350795262.jpg - (274.19 KB , 300x646 , Rall dress - fumikane.jpg )

隊長 アイドルってキャラでもないので、ドレスタイプのステージ衣装って趣で

Dat everything, Rall is a goddess-like beauty.
>> No. 12799 ID: af577b
So far we have:

1. Lewd Hospitality Witches.(although Humikane has yet to share Sadako)
2. Idol Hikari, Nipa, & Sasha.
3. Elegant Gundula.
>> No. 12889 ID: 1539d4
"Squadron Leader. Because she's not an idol-type character, a dress type stage costume"
>> No. 13139 ID: 1539d4
File 150643777668.jpg - (270.74 KB , 350x721 , minros.jpg )
>> No. 13140 ID: 325f99

she's too cute
>> No. 13143 ID: e24d0a
I'd like to see Paula singing Anzu no Uta..
>> No. 13155 ID: c8eb41
File 150766917313.jpg - (444.88 KB , 600x541 , Idol Krupinski and Paula.jpg )
>> No. 13161 ID: c8eb41
File 150809650939.jpg - (318.59 KB , 600x744 , Taka Idol.jpg )
>> No. 13164 ID: a78c9f
File 150829948853.png - (302.46 KB , 600x744 , hikataka.png )
Now we have both idol sisters
>> No. 13166 ID: 38508d
I'd be more than okay with idol witches. Strutting their stuff on stage trying to get people to enlist or buy war bonds, or maybe doing shows for the ground troops to boost morale.
On another note, it's always heartening to see new art from Humikane.
>> No. 13167 ID: e0f111
>war bonds
It's a war against aliens, with the survival of the planet at stake. If money is a limiting factor in any way, the war is already lost.
>> No. 13170 ID: d6bfa8
You're wrong. It has never been global total war.
>> No. 13171 ID: e0f111
So Neuroi won't wipe out all life on Earth if left to do their thing?
>> No. 13172 ID: d6bfa8
You're missing the point. Most nations in SW universe are not engaged in total war against the neuroi, meaning not all of their civilian resources are being diverted for war purposes. War bonds make perfect sense.
>> No. 13174 ID: bc11f9
File 150903642388.jpg - (305.76 KB , 600x707 , kan.jpg )
Nao-chang. Though it might seem a little too modern at first glance, her varsity jacket is modeled after a navy zip deck jacket and her shoes are modeled after USMC sneakers.
>> No. 13185 ID: bc11f9
File 151019128097.jpg - (359.40 KB , 475x700 , mj.jpg )
Brave Witches idol-fication complete~
>> No. 13187 ID: 38508d
Holy shit, that Sadako sideboob.
Humikane hasn't done an idol version of Nipa yet, right? That means there should still be more to come.
>> No. 13188 ID: bc11f9
File 151024779390.png - (1.58 MB , 1462x904 , 502Fesall.png )
Nipa, Hikari, Eila, and Sanya were the first idol Witches, they were used as promotional material for an event earlier this year. Humikane even drew Nipa's idol backside here >>12775.
Really, Krupinski >>13155 is the only one we don't have a full image of.
>> No. 13189 ID: 38508d
I'm ashamed for having missed those. They're all fantastic though.
>> No. 13209 ID: bc11f9
File 151115550773.jpg - (338.60 KB , 394x600 , simo.jpg )
Jose creates a lot of body heat, but so does Shimohara. How should I put it… Jose gives the impression of a balmy spring, whereas Shimohara is a bit more humid. Anyway, I just wanted to draw an erotic picture…
>> No. 13210 ID: bd29d1
According from the Facebook, Humi was drawing Georgette in hentai pose, but which one..?
>> No. 13211 ID: 1e7121
Facebook? What?
>> No. 13212 ID: ee9222
I mean a comment in SW's Facebook fanpage.
>> No. 13213 ID: 1e7121
I wouldn't take anything said from there without any ounce of truth in it, unless source is provided, naturally.
>> No. 13214 ID: e5fa4c
Same here. And so far, Georgette's most lewd artwork is the blue babydoll one..(which is my favorite)
>> No. 13320 ID: bc11f9
File 151235860369.jpg - (268.28 KB , 350x710 , r2.jpg )
Smiling Idol Rossman-chan (20 years old).
>> No. 13327 ID: f5a932
File 151252320814.jpg - (97.68 KB , 500x733 , p3.jpg )
A challenger approaches.
>> No. 13329 ID: bc11f9
"As long as Waltrud is happy, that’s good enough for me.”
She's a New Witch who will appear in the third Brave Witches Prequel LN. Judging from the emblem on her cap she's from Ostmark.
>> No. 13334 ID: ce1afd
File 151269347285.jpg - (116.14 KB , 360x729 , p32.jpg )
Another new character
>> No. 13345 ID: 80431d
File 151296002862.jpg - (136.69 KB , 372x670 , p33.jpg )
Here comes a Royal Thai Air Force(it still call Siam in this world though) witches same in Brave Witches Prequel.
I'm not familiar to RTAF's history, did they have some famous pilot? Or maybe she is original charater.
>> No. 13346 ID: 98130a
File 151296489532.jpg - (32.03 KB , 300x300 , Miyafuji Santa avatar - nagsaran.jpg )
Just linking Fumi's tweets to the posts that lacked them for future archival purposes since the tweets are important too and in case someone might translate or want to read them someday later. Hard to find through Twitter afterwards anything.







Sasha one;



>> No. 13357 ID: ce1afd
File 151355010260.jpg - (387.33 KB , 500x754 , kr.jpg )
Finally, Idol Krupinski!
>> No. 13360 ID: e91b69
It's so great seeing a bare legged sleeveless Krupi when it does happen.
>> No. 13466 ID: 733d92
File 151459519328.jpg - (274.84 KB , 1080x1440 , DSJF4MEVQAAcxvy.jpg )
man, will it be until Humi's next artbook to get a good image of Kakuma Ai's gift of Santa Hikari?
>> No. 13475 ID: bc11f9
File 151504205693.jpg - (641.89 KB , 683x977 , 2018.jpg )
>> No. 14023 ID: 8344b3
I was actually curious if anyone has an inkling of what Lee Andrea Archer's familiar is? A cat maybe? And if a cat: which type of cat?

If I remember correctly Vesna Mikovič's familiar is a Persian.
>> No. 14370 ID: bc11f9
File 155004613136.jpg - (140.63 KB , 365x800 , heidi.jpg )
A remake of her standing picture from 10 years ago.
>> No. 14403 ID: c65b0b

I'd take it the guy with Minna is Kurt Flachfeld?

Speaking of which, where is it mentioned his name is Kurt Flachfeld?


That's supposed to be Laura Toth.
>> No. 14404 ID: 3001e5
I doubt that's Kurt.
Pretty sure he's supposed to be the same age as Minna, perhaps a bit older.
That's a good question though, I've never seen him mentioned anywhere.
It's been a while since I last watched the show, do they ever give away his name?
>> No. 15099 ID: f541a9
File 158848891517.jpg - (759.64 KB , 1300x757 , 503.jpg )
Just upped the old thread because 503rd are finally appear..
>> No. 15101 ID: 2fed56

(ordered the same as quoted image from left to right)
Safonov - Allied with Minna in wanting to kill Rall. Familiar: Snowshoe Hare
de La Poype - A jack of all trades with an eye for business. Supplier of strange small firearms. Familiar: Eurasian Eagle-owl
Kostylev - A naive country girl with strong survival skills. Familiar: Siberian Cat
Fumiyo - Loves strange small firearms. Bit of a muscle head. Familiar: House Cat
Nowotny - Serious and upstanding person of character. Familiar: Great Dane
Kittel - Loves Nowotny. Best kill count in the 503rd. Familiar: Fox
Şerbănescu - A woman who upholds the rules and protects order. 'As if I'd ever lose to Bonin.' Familiar: German Shepard
Bonin - Very hands-on. Advocate of merit. Noble background but dresses slovenly. Familiar: Stray Cat
>> No. 15102 ID: 9b103e
>Allied with Minna in wanting to kill Rall.
I swear I am missing something because I don't remember this detail at all.
>> No. 15103 ID: 2fed56
File 158853348943.jpg - (1.21 MB , 1500x2115 , Prequel 05-01.jpg )
Rall worked very hard to form the 502nd and some people just don't respect that.
>> No. 15104 ID: 8e9579
>A jack of all trades with an eye for business.

Not surprising since her archetype was designed Citroen Mehari..
>> No. 15106 ID: 8282ec
File 158856620393.jpg - (41.62 KB , 446x449 , 1489437663243.jpg )
Thank you, that was interesting. I guess that explains pic related. I need to start the Brave Witches manga.
>> No. 15125 ID: 700fc7
Rall is a diligent worker, no doubt
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