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File 13117864883.jpg - (74.46KB , 400x644 , 1311785029709.jpg )
406 No. 406 ID: a6a9d8

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>> No. 11837 ID: 3f695a
Stupid sexy senseis.
How nice of Johanna to get more art.
>> No. 11869 ID: 5ae5bd

That garter. Nice.
>> No. 11947 ID: 83651b
File 147975274887.jpg - (71.09 KB , 300x458 , bw6.jpg )
>> No. 12063 ID: 6b8dcc
File 148175843335.png - (1.09 MB , 800x1120 , afv2x2.png )
Humikane story time, anyone?

I've already talked about Eila and Sanya's "IF", but the thing I had the most trouble writing about with them was probably the OVA 4 April Fools Joke from awhile ago.

Sanya's radar would be blocked by the Neuroi's special ability. Eila, being protective (her Foresight predicted Sanya would crash), would get injured. If Eila were alone this type of Neuroi wouldn't normally be able to defeat her, but after thinking it over, I had decided to put a heavy burden on Eila.

In that picture, I drew Neuroi that scattered radar-blocking metal pieces while they fall. When the main body would be destroyed, the metal would sublimate all at once and create an aurora from the moonlight (this is where the title came from).

The OVA's titles were all "place name" + "something else". Miyafuji was in Fuso, so she couldn't be in it, but Sakamoto, Eila, and Sanya could all join up temporarily around Switzerland (Helvetica). So I thought, if it's in Switzerland, it's gotta be the Alps. "The Alps..." what? From here I thought maybe it should do with the Neuroi.

If it was going to have those two, they'd have a battle during the night, so I wanted to use something like "Moon" or "Stars". I decided to pull out the dictionary and saw "Moonbow" which I thought was a really good word, so the title became "The Alps' Moonbow". A moonbow is when the moon's light creates a rainbow at night, so I thought when the Neuroi was destroyed there would be a very picturesque and beautiful scene with one.

Ah, but it was just another April Fools joke.

In order to protect the injured Eila (and the hospital she's in), Sanya would go alone to fight the Neuroi, knowing full-well its powers make her's useless. Eila, once she woke up, would vent her anger at Sakamoto, "Why didn't you stop her! If something happens to Sanya... I'll never forgive you, Major!"

Eila, still injured, would go pursue Sanya. She would barely be able to fly and would declare she "can't see the future", it would be a challenging first-time battle. So, what do you think?
>> No. 12064 ID: 15e0a9

Much appreciated, anon. He's been saying quite a lot about witches lately so it's wonderful to see some of it translated.

Too bad OVA4 is a pipe dream, seems like it could be great. "Alps' Moonbow" doesn't really roll off the tongue well in English though.

Sorry for asking, but could you please give at least a vague idea of what he's been talking about regarding Erica on twitter for the last two weeks or so? Her name has popped up in a bunch of tweets, but google translate really is no help.
>> No. 12065 ID: 1d5790
Sweeet, thank you for translating those tweets.
This is some max teasing from Fumi, seeing how easily one can imagine these scenes in the mind, but knowing we're not getting them animated.
>> No. 12066 ID: 83cb34
Fumikane's teasing us and he's teasing hard ^^
>> No. 12067 ID: 6b8dcc
I translated the title pretty literally here, but I always liked the more liberal translation of "Lunar Rainbow over the Alps" (>>7787). Lunar rainbow just sounds a lot more enchanting.

As for Erica, it looks like Humikane was talking about another "hat episode/incident" which apparently happened during her time with JG52. The details are a bit hazy. He mentions it'd be a good place for "Erica 1941" to continue from, if it ever got further publication. The later mentions of her and the other Witches are more "What if"-type stories.
>> No. 12068 ID: 15e0a9

Thanks, anon. I'd love to see it all translated some day. It's a shame these things have slowed down so much.

Who do I have to bother to get the 1941 Manga translated? I would be willing to put forth a modest sum of money for a loving, non-machine translation and typesetting.
>> No. 12075 ID: 9b2dca
I too wish for the recent What If scenarios to be translated someday. Google/Bing only gives something about Barkhorn and Erica, Minna and Perrine's thoughts, and what I can only assume as more Shirley + Lucchini traveling together.

Mostly curious since I also follow a couple other SW artists and machine translations only make their reactions more confusing--honestly can't tell if they're happy or not.
>> No. 12234 ID: 49aaf0
File 148432022862.jpg - (275.74 KB , 500x625 , www.jpg )
New tweets about Rall, her wound and one-eyed Neuroi


http://www.ne.jp/asahi/humikane/e-wacs/tw/www.jpg … ラル隊長過去ネタはな



>> No. 12242 ID: b198d5
Mfw the season didn't even show us Rall's scarred back now that I think about it.
Is any translator-kun around? Would be nice to read about these.
>> No. 12298 ID: 19057c
File 14863879376.jpg - (88.15 KB , 1087x782 , Britannian witch - fumikane.jpg )
Busty Britannian witch got Fumi made art!
>> No. 12299 ID: 19057c
File 14863880249.jpg - (256.31 KB , 942x1088 , Nipa and Sasha with familiars - fumikane.jpg )
How soft warm and cuddly. Sasha is a lucky girl, though so is Nipa.
>> No. 12303 ID: 15e0a9
File 148679654315.jpg - (69.30 KB , 311x616 , aar.jpg )
Humikane art of (I believe) Rudel's Gunner!
>> No. 12304 ID: f5b905
I wonder what purpose those things on her thighs serve. Shit's like reverse ZR or something.
>> No. 12305 ID: 9b125c
Rudel has those thigh straps as well so my guess would be it's some piece of Stuka-related Witch equipment like the chest harness & what I presume are BK 37 Ammo pouches on the hips. I know athletes (esp in winter sports) use compression straps & base layers to provide muscle support to keep going for longer and recover faster in extreme conditions so maybe this is a similar idea, or perhaps it's something to do with spreading the heavier weight around the body? Or Humikane just thought it looks cool *shrugs*

As for who she is I can't find mention of any of Rudel's gunners being called Adelheid, and as JU 87s are crewed by a single Witch in the SW universe I'd guess that she's another Witch from StG2. Doing a search seems to bring up the Misfits novel so perhaps a Light Novel character that hasn't had a profile so far? (It looks like she might be the Witch with her back to us in Rudel's Witch Profile to)
>> No. 12306 ID: 15e0a9
File 14868454929.jpg - (30.67 KB , 504x457 , Czumuj2VQAAbHz7_jpg large.jpg )

Well, when you think about it, those straps would just be sticking out of the top when wearing a striker unit. Could be just fashion, maybe additional warmth.

I'm extrapolating the gunner thing, since it's a pretty old fanbase joke to have another witch with Rudel wearing a paper bag over her head as Rudel's gunner after that profile picture. This is definitely that girl.

The character design was revealed in Contrail of Witches, so we could find more info there were it ever translated!
>> No. 12307 ID: a41e60

Maybe the new witch is based off of Alfred Scharnowski, who was often Hans-Ulrich Rudel's tail gunner.
>> No. 12309 ID: 9b125c
Possibly? But there's a bit of a difference between Alfred Scharnowski and Adelheid (which is the name Humikane captioned the image with). Adelheid's name is actually already listed on the SW Wiki although she doesn't have a page as of yet so this would likely confirm that she's a character that has appeared previously (if only in text form) and not a completely new Witch.

And surely it would be Alfreda/ Alfrieda / Frieda if she was the female version of an Alfred?

IMO this witch isn't based on any of Rudel's gunners. As Adelheid is a female name I naturally can't find reference of any Stuka pilots being called that. I expect that as she's likely from a Light Novel, that she is a completely original character created by the author and then given artwork by Humikane like Elma Leivonen (also from the misfits novel).

I hope I'm wrong though, it's much more interesting when Witches are based on a real ace that can be researched.
>> No. 12310 ID: 7f97db
Adelheid popped up as Rudel's wingman in the second misfits novel.
>> No. 12327 ID: 43a29c
File 14873371832.jpg - (247.10 KB , 400x328 , itachi2.jpg )

>> No. 12329 ID: 15e0a9
File 148752526752.jpg - (256.16 KB , 400x490 , kuma.jpg )
Finally there is justice in the world.
>> No. 12342 ID: 15e0a9
File 148776962331.jpg - (254.66 KB , 400x370 , breakmen.jpg )
The flood of familiars will never cease.
>> No. 12357 ID: 9bb67c
File 148812710143.jpg - (166.29 KB , 397x700 , usaaf06.jpg )
New noble witches portraits
Hopefully this confirms new world witches articles for them as well.
>> No. 12358 ID: 9bb67c
File 148812716490.jpg - (157.93 KB , 443x643 , 506ab.jpg )
Humi text for both


>> No. 12359 ID: fac5a4
File 148813674078.png - (439.31 KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_2017-02-26-14-15-46.png )

Google Translate's butchering of the text.
>> No. 12373 ID: 15e0a9
File 148849728886.jpg - (179.88 KB , 400x600 , siro.jpg )

It seems Humikane has a new muse.
>> No. 12376 ID: 57a2d9
>AB teenager combination. Next time drama CD, Naka and Carla's chan ... The entangled thing is also cute.

Sounds like Kunika and Carla are quite the interesting team.
>> No. 12381 ID: 2174c5
File 148906259760.jpg - (185.26 KB , 457x700 , mari.jpg )
>> No. 12384 ID: 802fd7
File 148916966330.jpg - (123.09 KB , 317x700 , Georgette babydoll - fumikane.jpg )


Oh my. Babydoll Georgette is cute incarnate.
>> No. 12432 ID: 8ce7fc
File 149029343052.jpg - (125.90 KB , 328x500 , Nipa happy sirokuma sweater - fumikane.jpg )

ダサセーターに満面の笑みの二パchang http://www.ne.jp/asahi/humikane/e-wacs/tw/aad.jpg

Niiiiiiiiipa! Happy polar bear sweater wearing Nipa induces immediate diabeetus and failing of the heart.
>> No. 12433 ID: f92b76
A happy Nipa truly is one of life's greatest treasures.
>> No. 12704 ID: 6f7561
File 149875382663.jpg - (252.88 KB , 250x751 , 503s.jpg )
503rd commander Safonov.
>> No. 12705 ID: e1bf28
I really like her outfit, especially those boots.
>> No. 12775 ID: 6732bd
File 150123771257.jpg - (345.44 KB , 500x654 , nipafes.jpg )
Nipa's Tail
>> No. 12776 ID: 6732bd
File 150123776437.jpg - (300.00 KB , 450x811 , Pokryshkin Idol.jpg )
Idol Pokryshkin
>> No. 12779 ID: e0f111
And what a fine tail it is.
>> No. 12796 ID: 893b7a
File 150324517718.jpg - (116.62 KB , 600x500 , Krupinski handsome _feat Edytha - fumikane.jpg )

演者と客席の皆さんと一部スタッフにも楽しんでいただけたようで何よりです。 くっかおは「くっ、顔はいい

What a hansamu Krupi, truly the best womanizer ever.
>> No. 12798 ID: 59d9e2
File 150350795262.jpg - (274.19 KB , 300x646 , Rall dress - fumikane.jpg )

隊長 アイドルってキャラでもないので、ドレスタイプのステージ衣装って趣で

Dat everything, Rall is a goddess-like beauty.
>> No. 12799 ID: af577b
So far we have:

1. Lewd Hospitality Witches.(although Humikane has yet to share Sadako)
2. Idol Hikari, Nipa, & Sasha.
3. Elegant Gundula.
>> No. 12889 ID: 1539d4
"Squadron Leader. Because she's not an idol-type character, a dress type stage costume"
>> No. 13139 ID: 1539d4
File 150643777668.jpg - (270.74 KB , 350x721 , minros.jpg )
>> No. 13140 ID: 325f99

she's too cute
>> No. 13143 ID: e24d0a
I'd like to see Paula singing Anzu no Uta..
>> No. 13155 ID: c8eb41
File 150766917313.jpg - (444.88 KB , 600x541 , Idol Krupinski and Paula.jpg )
>> No. 13161 ID: c8eb41
File 150809650939.jpg - (318.59 KB , 600x744 , Taka Idol.jpg )
>> No. 13164 ID: a78c9f
File 150829948853.png - (302.46 KB , 600x744 , hikataka.png )
Now we have both idol sisters
>> No. 13166 ID: 38508d
I'd be more than okay with idol witches. Strutting their stuff on stage trying to get people to enlist or buy war bonds, or maybe doing shows for the ground troops to boost morale.
On another note, it's always heartening to see new art from Humikane.
>> No. 13167 ID: e0f111
>war bonds
It's a war against aliens, with the survival of the planet at stake. If money is a limiting factor in any way, the war is already lost.
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