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File 134353500642.jpg - (311.08KB , 1280x905 , aaa205bddd9184a535e4f29d8eec1c81.jpg )
4082 No. 4082 ID: 43f47c
Recently started running a Ventrilo Server and I'm looking for quality people to join the sekrit klub. I came here because I figured we could get some people with good taste. Weekdays, I'm usually offline until 7-8PM PST, but I've got a few other regulars coming in from other locations. We'd love anyone that is interested in having some good conversations.
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>> No. 4084 ID: 9e99cc
I'm afraid of other people. I don't even use IRC. Thanks anyways, seems fun.
>> No. 4104 ID: d250d6
File 134365713719.png - (508.61KB , 852x458 , 1320080258165.png )
It looks like someone came on after I'd gone to bed from the looks of it. Some "Disciple of Sanya"?
>> No. 4109 ID: 12b077
That was me, "Disciple of Saya", I was actually one of your pin buyers and was interested in speaking to you. :) I've been really busy with work much like yourself so I'll pop in sometime later.
>> No. 4122 ID: a4c795
Going off on this, what do you think the probability of you having some pin sets months down the road would be? I have my current and projected cash (till November at the latest) tied up in figure preorders and having a set would be pretty nice.
>> No. 4125 ID: d250d6
File 134384072940.jpg - (272.46KB , 885x719 , 1340334476322.jpg )
To be honest, I'm looking forward to being done with these pins as soon as possible. I ordered 100 sets and already have 48 that are either ordered or not full already. Furthermore, my dorm won't be able to sign for a package when school is back in session and my family won't be home to get my package if I send it to my house.

It would all come down to whether I have extra pins in a few months from now or not, but I'd rather not have these pins sitting in my corner for a few months... You know?
>> No. 4129 ID: 4cfe4c
Well, we'll see how my funds are down the line. It'd be neat to get a set, but if not, no worries. Don't really know what I'd do with the pins anyway.
>> No. 4133 ID: d250d6
>Put them somewhere and enjoy their beauty
>Put them on clothing/a bag or something
>If someone asks, give them a history lesson on the symbolism of some of the pins

>Russia: the shooting comet resembles a missile warhead that would ultimately become the conflict between America and Russia post WWII.
>Japan: the eclipse is a symbol of a longing for peace and harmony/ concept of blocking out the sub with their force.
>America: pretty much just the USA personified by the star; it's probably safe to say it's Texan
>Finland: I believe this one is actually supposed to be a nuclear reactor. Finland's nuclear reactors provide ~30% of their total power. Could very well be wrong though.
Great Britain: the blue and white being flipped in the show might be symbolic, but I'm not sure.
Germany, Italy, France: they just look nice.
>> No. 4134 ID: dae48b
Where did you get those symbolism meanings? Made them up yourself?
>> No. 4136 ID: d250d6
File 134397432954.jpg - (166.45KB , 728x489 , 1320081154383.jpg )
They can easily be derived from reality, but the Fuso one isn't just made up. The Fuso warflag is symbolic since the original warflag of Japan was the red sun with the beams. If you do a little research it was kind of like a symbol of "we're gonna spread our war all over you." The eclipse is supposed to be a symbol of attempting to bring peace.
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