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File 134776922399.jpg - (109.47KB , 673x960 , 296880_347493078671497_905465586_n.jpg )
4366 No. 4366 ID: 6a1f56
The time has come!!!!
Vol. 2 is near!!!
>> No. 4367 ID: e88a28
Liked the series, the artist got good style too
>> No. 4369 ID: dc714d
more one wing witches?
>> No. 4370 ID: c59d25
he draws cute butts
>> No. 4371 ID: c04a25
Yes, is one wing witches 2!!!!!
>> No. 4373 ID: 0775f5
Wilma takes advantage of young witches, the series
>> No. 4375 ID: 264984
Actually. fanservice aside, I rather got to like Wilma over the course of the first volume. Not only is she talented in her own right, she also is a terrific motivator that manages to both improve her fellow witches and encourage them to work together better without shaking up the command structure. Any ideas as to what's going to be in this volume (other than more fanservice, that is)?
>> No. 4376 ID: 4d2005
Groping is team-building
>> No. 4403 ID: e7303c
Just started reading this and man, loads of fanservice! (Not that I'm complaining of course.)

Very interesting how different siblings can be.
>> No. 4436 ID: 87100f
Review by DrPepper from MangaUpdates:
>When that freakin girl started flying her skirt went wosh and all we saw are the panties.......
All other freaking witches are wearing only panties too while Flying?!?! WHAT THE **** is that ****. I mean sexy lingerie/ outfit would be okay cuz it's tagged as Borderline H , but why are freaking kiddes pants being drawn.?!?

What a fag.
>> No. 4437 ID: a4ad17
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