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File 134823498693.jpg - (1.62MB , 2546x2357 , samune.jpg )
4404 No. 4404 ID: c1019d
Upload test
SW character lists

502JFW(English) *Translate is not finished yet

World Witches from Movie(Japanese)
>> No. 4409 ID: dae48b
Oh wow, are you Yattuke himself. We actually had a thread about these charts some time ago
>>1870 but I'm sure the ones on the thread have already gone old, and if you're actually the real deal this thread should definitely stay

http://2d.moe.hm/sw/img/sw5933.png WIP eng 502
http://2d.moe.hm/sw/img/sw5934.png WW from Movie
Fixed your links for you
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