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File 134898365314.png - (20.75KB , 364x453 , SHIELD20OF20ZEON.png )
4499 No. 4499 ID: cc5b22
I got an assigment for making a custom 1/12 Strike Witch figure from scratch.Could I post a work on her here? If the job will be well done i could resin recast her and mass produce then.
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>> No. 4500 ID: dc714d
feel free to post anything SW related....

which witch is it?
>> No. 4503 ID: a8b90e
File 134903256918.png - (778.74KB , 720x1003 , 131900009381.png )
It is a Custom one Based on my Friend (girl from Czech).
First thing i will make will be a Striker Unit made out of:
a - clay
b - Epoxy putty and plastic
It will take me a LOTS of my free time, but now I have plenty of that. I am currently a NEET.
>> No. 4504 ID: 87100f
You have my ear. Please do post.
>> No. 4523 ID: 04b026
File 134915729858.png - (161.07KB , 277x595 , cry.png )
Now i need yours help witches and warlocks!
I am looking for sculpting books/tutorials that i can buy/download.
But first thing first I need to make gifts for my friends (Model Kits as a gifts, quite weird...).
By the way, if in the future, my work will be liked, i will think about:
1. Mass producing it.
2. Sculpting YOURS Witches.
>> No. 4524 ID: 5be8a6
File 134918477759.jpg - (121.37KB , 900x1488 , witchwithgunbybigbabyre.jpg )
ok, i got first order! :3
>> No. 4525 ID: 12cb96
How good are you OP? Any portfolio or is this a complete "hey bro do this for me" thing?
>> No. 4527 ID: 5be8a6
File 134918820550.jpg - (90.99KB , 640x425 , noriyaro_to_aru_itasha_honjo_026.jpg )
I am not a professional, I have build mostly a Plamo kits. It will be not my first figure (few years as a Warhammer 40k Orks player).
But I will make probably a LOT of mistakes and it will take time, a lot...
I can make a "mechanical" parts without problems (striker Units), but making a girl face... =_______= Ugh...
Now i am at:
IRC #aliveandwell so ask me anything, ok?
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