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File 134960340565.jpg - (1.71MB , 2756x3937 , ironsky_renaterichter.jpg )
4570 No. 4570 ID: 899b0e
Anyone here ever hear of Iron Sky? It's about Nazis who escaped to the moon coming back to conquer the Earth

It's just as silly as Strike Witches, and has beautiful Nazis in it, so I'm sure you guys would like it.
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>> No. 4571 ID: 12cb96
A bunch of acquaintances from my facebook went to watch it and it was great fun apparently.

Too bad I don't socialize. Shouldn't this be in the OT section though?
>> No. 4572 ID: e00877
If her eyes were a different color, she'd look like Hanna.
>> No. 4573 ID: 097826
It was alright. If I recall, I thought the ending was kind of hokey though.
>> No. 4574 ID: 1a0996
That's just because Americans ruined the world.
Fyi, it was a pretty good film.
>> No. 4674 ID: 9d8b87
File 135059585568.jpg - (48.82KB , 250x679 , Huberta von Boning by Humikane.jpg )
The troopers' goose-stepping in the trailer looked really fake, not to mention why troops would do a parade march while boarding their craft, plus the mechanic giving a full-blown Hitler-salute while the take off...
I guess the movie is just not very realistic.
>> No. 4676 ID: 87100f
>I guess the movie is just not very realistic.
It's about Nazis at the moon with UFOs for gods sake!
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