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File 135114273612.jpg - (458.16KB , 1936x2592 , movie-art.jpg )
4723 No. 4723 ID: 12cb96
From Karlsand.net
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>> No. 4725 ID: 148887
At last!

Wait, already?
>> No. 4726 ID: 87100f
I like the Luftwaffe insignia on the DVD.
>> No. 4727 ID: dc714d
oh man

guess it's time to rev up the old pay pal
>> No. 4729 ID: dc714d
9720 yen w/ shipping.... better be worth it
>> No. 4731 ID: 9fec25
I'm glad I preordered the BD.
>> No. 4732 ID: 9fec25
Any idea when subs will be up?
>> No. 4733 ID: e7d46b
once somebody uploads the raw?
>> No. 4739 ID: 148887
The raw is up.

>> No. 4741 ID: 87100f
>> No. 4745 ID: ad5e5f
File 135135438719.jpg - (99.25KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 4747 ID: ff1a11
The movie itself was... AMAZING!

But it was a shame that the 506th had so little screen time.
>> No. 4748 ID: 7bebb7
It was good. I just wish Mio had a chance to shoot some neuroi down with the seaplane. That would've been awesome.
>> No. 4754 ID: 9a0355
Karlsland.net tread for the movie

(Contains spoiler)
>> No. 4772 ID: 217b9d
File 135161293938.jpg - (108.01KB , 1280x720 , STRIKE WITCHES 2 - 09 - Large 19.jpg )

29,757 -- good/normal/bad?
>> No. 4773 ID: 12cb96
Any status on the subs? Translation shouldn't be very hard. The Chinese have it out already.
>> No. 4779 ID: dc714d

seems pretty good to me. I mean it is no. 1 for sales
>> No. 4785 ID: f11b4f

It's almost double the sales for s1 and s2.
So, it's very good.
>> No. 4836 ID: 12cb96
Liked how the whole movie was a Barkhorn joke. As far as when she's on scene.
>> No. 4846 ID: c3c9f0
Could you direct me to that possibly? I've been searching for some kind of written form of the dialogue for some time now with little success. even if it is chinese, this would help a bit.
>> No. 4847 ID: cc71fa
Oh man, I was sorta worried whether buying a copy of the limited edition blu-ray of the film was going to be worth it and damn I was wrong!

I wish I bought two copies so I could keep one purely for collecting.

But I fucking loved the poster, the artwork, the little booklets that had info on the film and characters, all of it! I just wish I could understand it all.
>> No. 4848 ID: 12cb96
Name of the file: [Airota&ANK-Raws] Strike Witches The Movie (BDrip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC TAK[5.1ch] Hi10P SUP)
>> No. 4849 ID: 01f380
Grazie mio amico.

However in the time it took you to post that, I managed to find it on my own and I'm currently staying updated on a small team of subbers that are putting together english subs. So far they've translated quite a bit and are cross comparing for best fluency and making sure the names and stuff are correct.

Should be done within the next couple days.
>> No. 4928 ID: dc714d

the poster is picture frame quality.
>> No. 5118 ID: b587bb
I just got my copy of the limited edition blu ray, and I'm extremely happy with the extras, but wasn't this supposed to come with a tarot card set? :(
I have the discs, the movie book, the thicker memorial book, and two illustration booklets but no cards. Should I email cdjapan or was this a first press only thing like the pencilboard?
>> No. 5120 ID: 89d2bd
As far as I know (and listed in official webpage) there was no tarot card set bonus for any edition, shop specific bonuses, or preorder bonuses.
Apparently it was planned but canceled before BD/DVD release.
>> No. 5182 ID: cd78bf
Darn, didn't know about that but now I do that would've been awesome to include with it!
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