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File 135261589975.jpg - (263.89KB , 600x600 , helmabots.jpg )
4940 No. 4940 ID: 9c2cc3
The bots have found the board, and I may be forced to implement captcha if they start showing up in great numbers.

While I'm here, I'm still thinking about creating the /int/ board. But before I do that I would need a simple set of rules (which I'll provide if there's interest) translated into Japanese, Chinese, etc. I don't know if anyone here can do that though.
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>> No. 4941 ID: 9c2cc3
Also I finally put a little bit of effort into throwing together a proper front page. It's not worth uploading yet though since I'm still horrible at web design, in Both the aesthetic and code sense!
>> No. 4945 ID: 06c4ab
also, maybe a /k/ board for those who just wanna talk weapons and warfare related stuffs
>> No. 4946 ID: 12cb96
But considering the board's speed would having so many sub-boards be a good idea?
>> No. 4947 ID: 499c8d
> I would need a simple set of rules translated into Japanese, Chinese, etc. I don't know if anyone here can do that though.
I could translate it to French, but I'm not sure it would be of much use.
>> No. 4948 ID: dc714d
no sure we need a /k/ board since we can and do use OT for /k/ material
>> No. 4949 ID: 9c2cc3
File 135267293482.jpg - (266.00KB , 798x1082 , Countries.jpg )
/k/ threads can go into /ot/. Really, anything at all can go in /ot/ as long as it's not illegal. Car threads, train threads, computer threads, the more the better. No real content rules there.


The reason I'm considering the /int/ board is because for several months some of the top visiting countries to this site aren't English speaking ones. Namely: Russia, Japan, and Taiwan. All three of these countries have been consistently at the top of my visitors list.

I figure a place where the Asian and European users can discuss the show freely without having to worry about their English would encourage some growth. I imagine some of them would eventually trickle to the main /sw/ board as well once they gain some confidence in the site or something, I don't know.

Getting them here (and to stay) is the first step.


The more languages the better!

If anyone wants to translate some rules, they would basically be along the lines of this:

1:) Be nice to eachother. No hate towards language or nationality. All languages are allowed.
2:) NSFW/R18/Lewd pictures belong in /nsfw/.
3:) Off topic threads are allowed (for now).

The languages I need translated the most are Japanese, Russian, and Chinese/Taiwanese. If we can get those 3, we should be good to go.
>> No. 4955 ID: dc714d

seeing things like that image always surprises me because sometimes it feels like Helma.us is just a few guys from irc
>> No. 4957 ID: 4e852a
I'm terrified of IRC so this is the only way I get to talk to other people about SW
>> No. 4960 ID: 12cb96
I know a fair bit of Chinese.
>> No. 4961 ID: 254887
Same here bro, same here
>> No. 4967 ID: 9c2cc3
Just took out another bot. I'm turning captcha on for now.

Also don't post bbcode tags like </ a> unless you want to get banned by the bot filter.
>> No. 4968 ID: 9c2cc3
Captcha test #1.
>> No. 4969 ID: 9c2cc3
Alright, it's working.
>> No. 4973 ID: dc714d
oh melancholy day
>> No. 4974 ID: 9c2cc3

I don't want this captcha either. I've been looking for an updated anti-bot list, but haven't found anything at all.

Google just throws out hundreds of useless *BUY IT NOW* links.
>> No. 4975 ID: dc714d

I'm notblaming you, just... it sucks.
>> No. 4976 ID: 9c2cc3

Thankfully, the captcha is actually readable unlike 4chans half the time. I'll probably remove it after a week and see what happens.
>> No. 5012 ID: 20f2cf
I don't want captcha... One of the perks from this board was not having one and I even have the pass on 4chan...
You could just implement more admins? Like me!
>> No. 5013 ID: 090abc

I'll think about it. I still have your email from the pins, so I'll let you know by email.
>> No. 5014 ID: 12cb96
NO Mikan will use this opportunity to become the Stalin of the SW community, purging those he deems a threat to the communist state
just kidding
>> No. 5017 ID: 090abc
File 135331270387.jpg - (184.18KB , 619x1238 , helmanight.jpg )

I just sent you an email titled "[Helma.us] Moderation‏". I'm also removing the captcha.

Hopefully, the bots won't flood the site.
>> No. 5018 ID: 20f2cf
Hurray for no-captcha!
>> No. 5019 ID: 20f2cf
File 135334638137.png - (232.21KB , 690x600 , faggots pls go.png )
I edited this for when people on /a/ party-bomb the threads like they have been recently. Figure it could be useful to someone somwehere down the line
>> No. 5580 ID: 70f2d2
File 136178297184.jpg - (132.59KB , 800x600 , Mikan_(Character)_full_572016.jpg )
Rule #1:仲良くして言語や国籍に向かって激しくしないで下さい。
Rule #2:H/いやらしさ/エッチな画はこのページに禁止。/nsfw/でポストして下さい。
Rule #3:何でものトピックは許可されています。[今の所]

Close, but definitely not the final version. Still not very good at using Japanese.
>> No. 5581 ID: 70f2d2
Rule #2:H/いやらしさ/エッチな画もこのページに禁止です。/nsfw/でポストして下さい。 *
>> No. 5582 ID: 64d5ce
File 136178314442.jpg - (487.17KB , 1000x1000 , helmajump.jpg )

Thanks man, I really appreciate it!

I'll get to setting up the /int/ board tomorrow.
>> No. 5853 ID: b6887f
1:) Be nice to eachother. No hate towards language or nationality. All languages are allowed.
2:) NSFW/R18/Lewd pictures belong in /nsfw/.
3:) Off topic threads are allowed (for now).
>> No. 5854 ID: 264dad

Thanks! I'll add that to the list once I get some free time.
>> No. 5862 ID: 264dad
Just added it.

Thanks again for your contribution!
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