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File 135296135013.jpg - (293.18KB , 964x900 , 134353605920.jpg )
4979 No. 4979 ID: 064774
Who is your favorite Misfit? Do you think the author will write more novels now that he's somewhat recovered from cancer?
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>> No. 4980 ID: 89d2bd
File 135297011496.jpg - (57.17KB , 521x671 , 29312584_p7.jpg )
Mine favorite is definitely Katherine

Noboru probably won't write any more misfits for at least very long time
The setting has changed way too much since the last release
>> No. 4981 ID: a55123
File 135297273949.jpg - (314.91KB , 1280x960 , 4207292.jpg )
I like Tomoko the most. She's strong and she knows it. Love the way she thinks.
>> No. 4983 ID: 7551ae
File 135300436919.jpg - (448.47KB , 827x1169 , 19257002.jpg )
Forgot to mention, my favorite is Beurling. I love her attitude.
>> No. 4984 ID: 6560ad
File 135301205755.jpg - (195.24KB , 600x818 , 30534564.jpg )
Elma. I've always had a weakness for clumsy and timid characters and Elma is just too adorable.
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