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File 135336648072.jpg - (127.96KB , 800x576 , 1316951452998.jpg )
5021 No. 5021 ID: 039e00
Who would win in a fist fight?:

Barkhorn or Kanno
>pic related; my choice
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>> No. 5022 ID: dc714d
I think that Barkhorn would probably faint from bloodloss before it even started if she found out naoe was an imouto
>> No. 5025 ID: 039e00
File 135342428076.jpg - (104.36KB , 492x688 , 131225764976.jpg )
this is true
>> No. 5026 ID: 09af1c
File 135343725486.jpg - (47.79KB , 287x650 , Naoe_kanno.jpg )
>> No. 5032 ID: 600eb0
File 135345516971.png - (379.85KB , 604x604 , 5b06a8c5d109330601e9e5fafdc47269.png )
Imouto factor aside, I still can't picture Barkhorn punching Nao...
>> No. 5035 ID: 89d2bd
File 135347774186.jpg - (98.65KB , 600x840 , i0195766-1290847347.jpg )
What about Dominica?
She's a boxer too.
>> No. 5050 ID: a4b155
I don't imagine they would have a fist fight in the first place but considering the things Barkhorn can lift bare handed, she'd probably win.
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