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File 135412262232.png - (1.01MB , 1280x720 , Perrine_Just_Woke_Up.png )
5099 No. 5099 ID: c3c9f0
Despite their flimsy appearance, the glasses in the SW universe must be super glued to the faces of the something like 4 (I think) witches. I guess part of their magic is used to hold them onto their face?

Eyesight thread.
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>> No. 5100 ID: 039e00
File 135412373416.jpg - (51.65KB , 850x478 , sample-0eac88280406c3aee58a79e57a8b8664.jpg )
eye like where this is going
>> No. 5101 ID: 558e74
File 135412822094.jpg - (84.78KB , 840x525 , 135139995851.jpg )
Damn it Tex...
>> No. 5102 ID: 039e00
File 135413273176.jpg - (92.00KB , 528x826 , 13104358811.jpg )

also, Perrine using her eyesight to boob glance lyne-chan
>> No. 5103 ID: 09af1c
File 135413967244.jpg - (82.39KB , 700x394 , 135096494307.jpg )

I hope that blood doesn't get on her glasses...
>> No. 5104 ID: 039e00
File 135414554572.jpg - (180.58KB , 1000x1000 , 1309831387400.jpg )
it takes a keen eye to inspect dat ass
>> No. 5105 ID: 239478
File 135414841824.gif - (287.31KB , 480x270 , Perrine can't find her glasses (7).gif )
>> No. 5106 ID: 09af1c
File 135417256134.png - (736.10KB , 1280x720 , Perrine_What_Was_That.png )
>> No. 5107 ID: c6ac7f
File 135417556093.jpg - (776.68KB , 1500x2180 , schnaufer.jpg )
Furuko, Amaki, Schnaufer, Perrine, and Haruka
>> No. 5113 ID: 89d2bd
File 135420467446.jpg - (152.40KB , 999x959 , 11889161.jpg )
Even she isn't a witch, Häkkinen's glasses looks nice
>> No. 5116 ID: 039e00
File 13542375825.jpg - (316.63KB , 1280x2443 , Ursula_tinkering.jpg )
Ursula Hartmann
>> No. 5403 ID: c7642f
>What if it is related to the theory of how the witches could survive in space and how Yeager would not have been ripped to pieces when breaking the sound barrier? That being that they create something like a magic bubble of sorts that protects the witch while sealing in/out air to the point of which it only slowly drains in or out of the bubble (compared to outside the bubble) allowing for short time in space, wind still going through their hair, and of course keeping articles of clothing from being ripped off or the witches from being ripped apart.
>> No. 5405 ID: 86e97a
What concerns me even more is how they survive the harsh high altitudes.

No pants + very cold air temp + low atmospheric pressure = death

but they're witches after all.

Pressurization magic anyone?
>> No. 5406 ID: e580ce
Yeah, apparently witches have very thin layer of shield deployed around them at all time.
How it actually works is a complete mystery though.
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