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File 135482689284.jpg - (666.95KB , 1467x1586 , SW_MBTI_Semi_Final.jpg )
5188 No. 5188 ID: 09af1c
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>> No. 5189 ID: 039e00
File 135482783721.png - (177.74KB , 360x360 , 135461700965.png )
>> No. 5190 ID: 148887
>There is nothing an ESTP can't do
>> No. 5191 ID: ce458a
Who's the INTJ one? Shizuka?
>> No. 5192 ID: 09af1c
>> No. 5194 ID: eccc77
File 135483769142.jpg - (51.21KB , 582x483 , 1273982089548.jpg )
Wouldn't have expected to be Lynette, but I'm okay with that.
>> No. 5195 ID: 98e5c0
Barkhorn. Damn I need to take it easy.
>> No. 5196 ID: bbf5f2
Got Eila. Not bad.
>> No. 5197 ID: cd78bf
File 135485751440.png - (236.11KB , 595x700 , 134053177341.png )
I either get ISTJ or ISFJ on these tests.Awesome witches either way though.
>> No. 5202 ID: 9d22ee
Ursula Hartmann (isn't that INTP?).

>> No. 5224 ID: cd78bf
My friend just retook the test and he would heartily agree.
>> No. 5235 ID: 4f17d5
File 13552760168.png - (82.01KB , 300x590 , 1353215141090.png )
Got Erica, I'm not surprised
>> No. 5261 ID: 899b0e
File 135564773090.jpg - (308.44KB , 532x1100 , 1348385975045.jpg )
Was not expecting to be Eila
>> No. 5281 ID: 20f2cf
File 135581374350.png - (389.02KB , 587x944 , 3baf33d505eb2780b5c28426f56cc45a.png )
Tomoko INTJ Master-Race
Though honestly I tend to be openly more of an ENTJ when it comes down to social settings and trying not to be a NEET to other people.
>> No. 5282 ID: 09af1c
File 13558193809.jpg - (125.69KB , 1000x1011 , Hattori_Shizuka_full_1036122.jpg )
Actually, the INTJ in the pic is Shizuka.

I don't feel Tomoko is even close to being INTJ, however feel free to place her as you see fit.
>> No. 5284 ID: 20f2cf
I dunno, I can feel she's Tomoko fits the INTJ very well.
>Internally driven and self-motivated
>Tends to feel internally
>Judges the others of her squads very quickly
>Very tactical-minded

That being said, that's why I thought it was her at first. Art-style and the hair fangs, though now looking closer I can see they're longer than Tomoko's.
>> No. 5285 ID: 09af1c
File 135586563919.jpg - (45.41KB , 350x672 , 135363019124.jpg )
>Feels internally
>Not thinks

Shizuka is a thinker. She sticks to a code and uses previously developed strategies that have the lowest rate of failure in attempts to cope with new situations. At least until she can formulate another one that suits it better.

And the Judging category does not mean judgemental. This is the most often confused element. Judging refers to keeping order and organization and schedules. Everything is often planned in advance. Shizuka is this, I do not feel that Tomoko is like that in the slightest. But, again, whatever floats your boat.

They do look extremely similar at a face level.

I suppose it's obvious by now that I'm Rellek :P
>> No. 5287 ID: 20f2cf
I'd say the most confused is the Introvert aspect myself, but that's just speculation. I did mean to say think instead of feel.
>> No. 5289 ID: 09af1c
I feel you there. It was close, but I felt Shizuka is a little bit on the introverted side.
There is a little bit of all the personalities within us all, it's just which one stands out as the most dominant.
>> No. 5297 ID: 0960c4
I'd feel Shizuka internally
>> No. 5299 ID: 09af1c
File 13560347822.jpg - (35.61KB , 310x320 , 135603462171.jpg )
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