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File 135693436330.jpg - (137.08KB , 654x1000 , 0f8d92efd11699766d8aa605816eca87.jpg )
5356 No. 5356 ID: df73f8
ITT: Theme songs for particular witches and why. Also, defining lyrics if you want to add them.

For Shirley I'd say that Rio by Duran Duran is a fitting theme. Why I chose this song is because it describes the girl and her exploits properly... that, and who can't imagine her flying across the salt flats at sunset with this in the background?

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand,
Just like that river twisting through a dusty land.
And when she shines she really shows you all she can...
Oh Rio, Rio! dance across the Rio Grande!

Lyrics: http://www.lyrics007.com/Duran%20Duran%20Lyrics/Rio%20Lyrics.html

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XovoAKVOPOM
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>> No. 5365 ID: 6addc2
File 135706744325.jpg - (332.14KB , 800x1433 , Erica 1.jpg )

I shouldn't really have to explain this one.
>> No. 5372 ID: be969d
File 135711191994.png - (473.39KB , 853x480 , 83376-vlcsnap_267288.png )
Because why not
>> No. 5375 ID: eb9e29
File 135711833934.jpg - (465.68KB , 1600x1000 , 1353282878201.jpg )
As cancerous as this thread is, I might as well post in it...
>> No. 5407 ID: ddaeda
File 135746780584.jpg - (581.45KB , 595x826 , combat.jpg )

the movie
>> No. 5411 ID: 9de252
File 13575806937.png - (288.75KB , 600x421 , 30387581_m.png )
Found this today and immediately thought of Sanya. Mainly because of the relationship of her and her father.

Song: Satellite by OceanLab



My love is like footsteps in the snow, baby,
I follow you everywhere you go, baby.
The pain as light has come to wake you
But you will never realize
That I inspire the dreams that guide you baby.

You're a half a world away
But in my mind I whisper every single word you say.
And before you sleep at night
You pray to me, your lucky star, your singing satellite.

I follow the winds that bring the cold, baby,
I light a fire in your soul, baby.
The lightest touch of feathers falling
My love may be invisible
But I inspire the dreams that guide you, baby

You're a half a world away
But in my mind I whisper every single word you say.
And before you sleep at night
You pray to me, your lucky star, your singing satellite.
>> No. 5412 ID: e4b11f
Super 8 & Tab's "My Enemy" always got me thinking about Eila and Sanya's relationship.


Always though of making an AMV with this song, but it would totally suck.

Enemey = Neuroi

Now that I think about it, that song really fits with Sanya's character.
>> No. 5413 ID: f03502
File 13576235983.jpg - (200.71KB , 1333x1000 , 1285729510093.jpg )
Guess I'll be the odd one out with an even older song, but the first time I listened to this song after watching Season 2 it's been stuck in my mind as the theme for these two.
Golden Earring- Radar Love
>> No. 5414 ID: f03502
File 135762372587.jpg - (14.28KB , 250x260 , 1285961336646.jpg )
>all of these songs are for EilaxSanya


Also, to double as another post, here's a song for Aurora and all of the Tank Witches since no one seems to care sadly.
>> No. 5434 ID: 039e00
File 13581348851.jpg - (124.51KB , 850x1248 , sample-bee95a211b8455d92043e08e5f68cdcb.jpg )
This can pretty much be for all the witches
>> No. 5437 ID: e580ce
File 135827344470.jpg - (53.23KB , 400x246 , IoW Det_.jpg )
Sabaton:Aces In Exile for Wight Det.

Song being about foreign pilots in Battle of Britain, the lyrics fit nicely, especially for Laura.

In the skies above the isle, Aces in exile prevail.
From near and far they arrived, joined the force.
Ready to serve the allied command.
Fighter pilots in exile fly over foreign land.
Guarding the skies of the isle.
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