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File 135987485515.jpg - (121.29KB , 792x567 , c4c41f0f0cd39778fc1b18d764c28e9b.jpg )
5497 No. 5497 ID: 89bda3
I am going to make fan art and need to study the setting and details of the weapons.
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>> No. 5502 ID: cd8c27
I don't think these settings drawings has been officially released before.
But you could just look for details on the actual guns, if you are talking about their weapons.
>> No. 5503 ID: 039e00
File 136004168522.jpg - (108.96KB , 790x576 , 1359875836179.jpg )
>> No. 5504 ID: 039e00
File 136004170610.jpg - (107.27KB , 790x576 , 1359878707053.jpg )
>> No. 5505 ID: 039e00
File 136004175591.jpg - (430.73KB , 1832x1637 , 1359879256748.jpg )
..and now all of them
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