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File 136460160165.png - (361.57KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Vividred Operation - 12 [F4E5860F]_mkv_sn.png )
5739 No. 5739 ID: 148887
Now that Vividred's ended, the director should be back to work on season 3, right?
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>> No. 5740 ID: d07462
File 136460290088.jpg - (234.82KB , 1000x563 , Welcome_to_the_501st_Shizuka.jpg )
If the man likes money then yes.
>> No. 5741 ID: 09af1c
File 136461841415.jpg - (59.26KB , 560x421 , a521696a2b776add053d73778797da7c.jpg )
To be honest, he would've had the time to start on it a while ago.
>> No. 5743 ID: 66aaea
If the Loli Gods are pleased enough, and they should be.
>> No. 5744 ID: 7a913d
File 136466641876.jpg - (173.10KB , 1000x637 , 9784666.jpg )
I sure hope so. Speaking of season 3, what do you all want it to be? I sure would like some Suomus Misfits.
>> No. 5745 ID: 66aaea
Like, a lot of yuri.
More then ever before times one hundred.
>> No. 5746 ID: b83dca
Continue with 501st as usual. Other Fighter Wings should be done by other animation studios but that's just me.
>> No. 5754 ID: f7fbda
Suomus Misfits anime, yes please~

I'm kind of tired of mary sue yoshika, but I would still watch it. While the 501st is absolutely great, their story is more or less over. But then again, the movie reunified them...
>> No. 5828 ID: ec91dc
I'd like to see either the: Ardor Witches, Mirage Witches, or Noble Witches taking center stage next season.
>> No. 5829 ID: c8eabf
>>5744 I don't care as long as we get lots more Luciana. You can't go wrong with more Luciana.
>> No. 5831 ID: 4e852a
Is there even any marketability of the non 501st Squadrons? If the merc would sell, there's a chance for a non 501st anime to be made.
>> No. 5832 ID: 8f0e83
Well, aside from Alter and Volk's Marseille, Sega is making figs for Martina and Luciana. Hopefully they see that the market is indeed there and continue with the rest of the 504th. And of course the rest of the Wings/Squadrons.
>> No. 5833 ID: 8c5766
Even more subtle are the GKs of Heidimarie, Prinzessin and Nikka. Although it's more like a Since-Figure-Makers-dont-give-a-shit-about-the-other-witches-might-as-well-make-my-own kind of thing.
>> No. 5838 ID: 4715f6

Noboru Yamaguchi, author of the Suomus Misfits novels, has died.
>> No. 5839 ID: ba88db
File 136568062050.jpg - (167.41KB , 960x544 , url.jpg )
>> No. 5843 ID: dc714d
martina and luciana? that's making it really hard to stick to my "just perrine" rule
>> No. 5844 ID: 8f0e83
>> No. 5857 ID: 8f0e83
File 136628885132.jpg - (222.23KB , 800x533 , Agon1366284938[1].jpg )
Looks like Sega is continuing with the rest of the 504th.
>> No. 6101 ID: 0cf561
File 137216963246.jpg - (275.24KB , 600x500 , 1288545189261.jpg )
Well, it might not be all of the 504th. Takei Junko was in S2, the manga, and one of the VN games IIRC.

But if 504th was groomed as the next main Witch group, I'd be quite fine with that. Largely for this reason.
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