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File 136481159739.jpg - (2.31MB , 3264x2448 , DSC_0016.jpg )
5751 No. 5751 ID: 7653f7
This place needs more life. Post pics of your...stuff. SW merchandise of course.
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>> No. 12371 ID: 78e801
Wow, awesome! Thanks for sharing. :3
So, is Strike Witches Season 1 any different than the original? Improved?

Also, by chance are ya planning to share rips online? (sorry to ask, but no one else I know has this so yeah)
>> No. 12374 ID: 3e2f2e
File 148849962678.jpg - (1.60 MB , 3264x1836 , 20170302_185445.jpg )
A Brittanian Bunny came! Don't have a battery right now for proper camera. Not really all that impressed compared to Shirley and Hartmann though. It's pretty underwhelming with the pose even if it's based on Fumi art. I still await Trude bunny!

I haven't gotten around to comparing sources yet. Maybe this weekend. I'd want to look at a number of different things though to do so. Original DVD, and the Jap and NA BDs as well. Something tells me it really won't be that much of an improvement considering 2008 digital. We'll see though. Also no I won't be providing rips sorry, someone probably will though I'm sure.
>> No. 12405 ID: e276dc
File 148968173417.jpg - (63.82 KB , 600x600 , GOODS-00144618.jpg )
I'm going to pre-order the Nipa daki from amiami. Should I get the pillow itself from there as well? I think the shipping and import costs of such a large item would be massive, but I'm not sure where to get the right type of pillow otherwise. I'm a brit if that makes any difference.
>> No. 12406 ID: 8fb633
Buyfag.moe has a bunch of pillow information for Daki's. Just a 150-160cm x 50cm. But yeah the box shipping from amiami may be quite a bit (dunno if they vacuum pack though) . Check Amazon too. That's where I got mine might have better shipping options.
>> No. 12407 ID: 3f5e11

Yeah, it's probably not a great idea to get the pillow there. I got mine off ebay. It's good to know the shipping costs ahead of time on things like that.
>> No. 12408 ID: e276dc
Seems as though amiami doesn't even have any pillows for sale, and I've had no look trying to find them in the UK. Guess I'll have to import it. What kind of price should I be looking for so I don't get swindled? I've seen some for $50 and others for almost $200.
>> No. 12409 ID: 6f7e53
Go to dunelm mill, I've seen long pillows in there
>> No. 12410 ID: 4ede1d
I'm from the US and I paid $70 for mine. Had Amazon Prime so there was that. But really depends on what you're willing to pay. It's one if those things you want to be comfy and not disrespect the girl on the cover too.

? Not sure how good this is since it's advertised as a Daki pillow.
>> No. 12419 ID: 3001e5
File 149020142295.jpg - (29.29 KB , 600x450 , cad06009_0_1448939672.jpg )
Just ordered Minna's Striker necklace from Manda for half the usual price.

Did anybody else get one of these?
>> No. 12482 ID: 316351
File 149192267795.jpg - (145.34 KB , 500x717 , Hikari Nipa and Naoe Operation Baba_yaga.jpg )

So, looks like they're selling a VR ''game'' this spring called Operation Baba_yaga.
Given it's just only 1500 yen and how primitive the demo was last year, it's probably just a tech demo on rails.
They sure hate to show any screenshots.
>> No. 12484 ID: 8ed40c
While I'm still waiting for 502nd DLC for the SW Blitz..
>> No. 12616 ID: 89b887
File 149585245156.jpg - (118.50 KB , 600x900 , 520672.jpg )
And so it begins anew.
>> No. 12617 ID: 6f7e53
>> No. 12618 ID: 423d86
If they'll be making the whole 502, I'll have to get a bigger house.
>> No. 12622 ID: e2951e
I get this really tired feeling from this fig design. It's just a legful combat pose, Miyafuji had a lot nicer ones for lead heroine.
Or it's just me.

Not a overkill at all.
>> No. 12638 ID: 9f399a
File 149620012762.jpg - (110.65 KB , 960x716 , 18813712_10213165993169505_5626656416199908322_n.jpg )
They arrived to Ecuador!
>> No. 12639 ID: 4711ff
Is that the art from the mobile game?
>> No. 12640 ID: d4d373
>> No. 12654 ID: 34c242
Now available on Steam.
>> No. 12655 ID: d5b9a0
>it's real
Now if only I'd fallen for the VR meme.
>> No. 12656 ID: 363c00
No wonder they didn't show any images earlier, it looks every bit as awful I feared it would be.

Not like you're losing anything, the visuals are absolutely garbage and there's only 15 minutes of content. It's not even a game, just a interactive video. For that, 15 bux is fucking hilarious and Jewish as hell.
>> No. 12671 ID: 32271d
File 149758578649.jpg - (98.70 KB , 960x716 , 18838912_10213171044895795_1485033238014651823_n.jpg )
>> No. 12672 ID: 32271d
File 149758581799.jpg - (105.67 KB , 960x716 , 18740559_10213171045055799_5702073280897324532_n.jpg )
>> No. 12673 ID: 32271d
File 14975858837.jpg - (109.27 KB , 960x716 , 18814034_10213171045215803_5217884634967995741_n.jpg )
>> No. 12674 ID: e9039c
File 149758609646.jpg - (117.86 KB , 800x800 , hmhm.jpg )
>Crying Lucchini gets a whole page.
Just makes me ask why?
>> No. 12675 ID: 83cb34
Whoever edited this probably REALLY liked Lucchini
>> No. 12698 ID: 423d86
Are there any scans of the small art book that comes with it?
I'd like to know what's in there without violating the packaging of mine.
>> No. 12703 ID: 32271d
I don't know, but only there is a scan of the cover, the cover has the witches breasts size
>> No. 12771 ID: 4c3540
File 15012173077.jpg - (1.09 MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_0120.jpg )
>> No. 12772 ID: 4c3540
File 150121738753.jpg - (1.20 MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_0121.jpg )
>> No. 12773 ID: 4c3540
File 150121751715.jpg - (1.12 MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_0053.jpg )
Just in Ecuador
>> No. 12780 ID: d5b9a0
File 150138221862.png - (2.36 MB , 1616x1080 , 1501376846113.png )
Here we goooo
>> No. 12787 ID: 4c3540
File 150264401499.jpg - (1.29 MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_9597.jpg )
>> No. 12791 ID: 1539d4
nice chair
>> No. 12884 ID: af4d51
File 15047806043.jpg - (33.99 KB , 290x400 , MED-BOOK-010574.jpg )
New/Updated World Witches book.
>> No. 12887 ID: f71141
This has all the old world witches content as well?
I'll get a copy, I don't have any artbooks yet.
>> No. 12902 ID: af4d51
File 150590755281.jpg - (60.06 KB , 632x800 , FIGURE-033431_02.jpg )
rip me
>> No. 12903 ID: 0b295c
Far too expensive, alter can fuck off
>> No. 13184 ID: e1c62e
File 151015304357.jpg - (378.98 KB , 715x1000 , 1509810881632.jpg )
>Trude paid for
>> No. 13195 ID: ab93ca
File 151070638044.jpg - (938.59 KB , 1806x3402 , Trude1.jpg )
Worth every single penny.
>> No. 13196 ID: ab93ca
File 151070641296.jpg - (615.63 KB , 2500x1618 , Trude2.jpg )
>> No. 13197 ID: ab93ca
File 151070644881.jpg - (854.34 KB , 2000x2904 , Trude3.jpg )
>> No. 13198 ID: 4a63d8
Been wondering, can you actually remove Trude from her strikers or is she welded with them?
>> No. 13199 ID: 606a55
You can but the rest of her legs remained in the leg dimension. It's just a circular peg that allows you to rotate them a bit depending on the pose choice.
>> No. 13200 ID: e0f111
You can make her a pair of normal legs, I guess.
>> No. 13201 ID: 5159ac
File 151084684262.jpg - (73.97 KB , 650x890 , 1510840126962.jpg )
>> No. 13202 ID: 5159ac
File 151084693964.jpg - (75.32 KB , 650x890 , 1510840081554.jpg )
>> No. 13203 ID: 5159ac


Is this just me or they're just increasing the lewdness level..? (not that I complaining)
>> No. 13206 ID: 60c1b2
These covers will be for sale online later right? Not just C93 exclusives?
Eila doesn't have the most flattering poses, but she still looks good. Sanya's is super ero.
>> No. 13207 ID: efb68e
Just you I'd say, they're not really all that different from the other dakis that have been released this year when you look at them again.
But there's a tiny bit more class to them with the backgrounds being more unique.
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