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File 136481159739.jpg - (2.31MB , 3264x2448 , DSC_0016.jpg )
5751 No. 5751 ID: 7653f7
This place needs more life. Post pics of your...stuff. SW merchandise of course.
Expand all images
>> No. 5755 ID: 8f0e83
File 136487901418.jpg - (627.27KB , 1000x665 , strikes.jpg )
>> No. 5756 ID: 8f0e83
File 136487904723.jpg - (783.55KB , 1000x1330 , Trude x Trude.jpg )
I'll get Yoshika. Eventually...
>> No. 5757 ID: bb8b27
File 136488459061.jpg - (3.88MB , 7776x2096 , Untitled.jpg )
Mouse pads are Dirty, need to clean them/get new ones.
>> No. 5759 ID: c132ee
File 136491202349.jpg - (194.99KB , 440x528 , 134358404975.jpg )
Should've followed my own advice but please try to keep file sizes below 2mb. Anyways, love the lighter and watch. How much did they cost you?

Photo is a repost but remains one of my treasured pieces in my collection. Poor Lucchini got cut off though.
>> No. 5760 ID: bb8b27
File 136492082689.jpg - (457.63KB , 2534x1900 , WFBWS.jpg )
It was $15.97 for the watch, memo pad, and lighter. Sorry, I saw that the file size limit was 4966 kb now so instead of breaking the pics up into different posts I figured I would just keep the res and put them all together in paint. I also have this.
>> No. 5761 ID: ae72c0
File 136492335333.jpg - (802.27KB , 1920x1280 , IMG_0700.jpg )
I also have the Kotobukiya Eila figure and a Lucchini garage kit figure in the closet and 3 Alter figures (Hanna, Barkhorn and Hartmann) on preorder.

>>5759 are those keychains still available anywhere?
>> No. 5762 ID: 148887
>Niitengomu keychains
Those have been sold out at the usual shops for a while, but they can still be found at Plamoya for double the retail price..

>>4087 for our original discussion of those~
>> No. 5824 ID: ff9998

Which of those doujins are also in English?
I know some of the first editions were Japanese-only.
>> No. 5827 ID: ae72c0
The 5 large books are all Witches of the Sphinx, which is a bilingual series. The small books are all Japanese only
>> No. 5834 ID: 3a3e0d
Where can I get Witches of the Sphinx 5, mangapal has been down for ages now
>> No. 5836 ID: 356997
File 136547843233.jpg - (916.68KB , 3155x2019 , DSC_0049.jpg )
Tora no ana or any big store that sells doujins.

Still want to get the rest of Strike Witches Zero and Witches of the Sphinx but am flat out broke.
>> No. 5893 ID: cea930
File 136749713122.jpg - (1.93MB , 4000x2250 , DSC_0051[1].jpg )
Sorry for the blur
>> No. 5898 ID: c88205
File 136802049333.jpg - (185.76KB , 768x922 , IMAG0451.jpg )
Bought mine from melon books. Sorry for the crappiest photo in the thread.
>> No. 5921 ID: 860082
File 136867742617.jpg - (1.94MB , 1920x1440 , IMG_1491.jpg )
I have a great collection in Ecuador!!!
>> No. 5927 ID: 5288d9
I am envious. Jolly good collection there mate!
>> No. 5975 ID: 32a4b9
File 137012755162.jpg - (805.46KB , 1920x1080 , DSC04719.jpg )
>> No. 5976 ID: 32a4b9

I´m from Mexico
>> No. 5984 ID: 1a16c5
I hope the peso? is good against the yen.
>> No. 5985 ID: 9058fd
File 137035842039.jpg - (24.88KB , 480x270 , 418992_572075076147831_1501922298_n.jpg )
my stuff
(sorry for the empty boxes I hope that does not matter much)
>> No. 6020 ID: 0cf561
File 137100933897.jpg - (61.05KB , 755x533 , keiko_kato_1943.jpg )

I actually have two copies of this, as well as most of the other bilingual doujinshi. I should get rid of some of them some day.
>> No. 6161 ID: c47229
File 137271160773.jpg - (900.39KB , 1152x768 , 098909877532345.jpg )
I also have the three other figmas.
>> No. 6165 ID: 0cf561
File 137273426522.jpg - (488.16KB , 1333x1000 , sw merch minus figs.jpg )
I have a few figures (and the beautiful Azone Pureneemo Sanya doll) also, but figures aren't really my thing.

Plus I don't buy language-dependent materials (comics, LN, etc) without English.
>> No. 6221 ID: 9e1a3c
File 137420158488.jpg - (222.66KB , 720x960 , 1013767_10201523172066254_1452100053_n.jpg )
I bought this!!!!

And watch the video that I made!
>> No. 6229 ID: c9174e
Not a bad video.

I like the chain though it's quite obvious it's knock-off Taiwan(?) merch
>> No. 6230 ID: 72ccc0
Well, the video is from Ecuador, not from Taiwan.
>> No. 6248 ID: bb8b27
File 137472890443.jpg - (1.06MB , 3264x2448 , B2qnl0H.jpg )
Added two more figures to the collection!
>> No. 6250 ID: 8f0e83
1. Sega Lucchini isn't properly seated on her stand. The taller one supports her back and shoulders, not her neck, and the crotch should be firmly seated in the short one.
2. Nendo strikers are on backwards. That bump is the cockpit and should be on the back of the leg.
3. Nitpicking the manufacturer this time, FuRyu painted the nav lights on the wrong sides.
4. Holy shit I have those same speakers.
>> No. 6252 ID: bb8b27

>1. Sega Lucchini isn't properly seated on her stand. The taller one supports her back and shoulders, not her neck, and the crotch should be firmly seated in the short one.

I know, It won't go on firmly and kept falling over so I put it like that because it is much sturdier.

>2. Nendo strikers are on backwards. That bump is the cockpit and should be on the back of the leg.

Didn't notice that, thank you.

>3. Nitpicking the manufacturer this time, FuRyu painted the nav lights on the wrong sides.

That figure isn't the best, the gun barrel is bent as well. It came like that and I've tried to fix it, nothing will. Was thinking about buying another one since they are cheap but meh.

>4. Holy shit I have those same speakers.

They are pretty good, was thinking about upgrading to some bookshelves when I get some spare cash though.
>> No. 6254 ID: 0cf561
File 137480469393.jpg - (63.67KB , 800x600 , sora no woto aou2010_various_prize02.jpg )

Very cheap company, but I'm at least glad that they made figures for Sound of the Sky (no other company did...well, KOTOBUKIYA was going to, but they cancelled it).
>> No. 6256 ID: 8f0e83
File 137487367766.jpg - (347.73KB , 665x1000 , DSC_4885.jpg )
>It came like that and I've tried to fix it, nothing will.
Have you tried hot water or a hair dryer?

I have their Noel, not bad for $20.
>> No. 6273 ID: dc714d
File 137522434731.jpg - (4.15MB , 3648x2736 , DSCN1505 - Copy.jpg )
i guess i should post my pile
>> No. 6277 ID: 367674
File 137532231452.jpg - (103.41KB , 1000x750 , 1.jpg )
the rifle has stopped working! better find out why.
>> No. 6278 ID: 367674
File 137532234164.jpg - (114.19KB , 1000x750 , 2.jpg )
check for obstruction in magazine
>> No. 6279 ID: 367674
File 137532237126.jpg - (111.94KB , 1000x750 , 3.jpg )
clean barrel with rod
>> No. 6280 ID: 367674
File 137532239068.jpg - (141.01KB , 1000x750 , 4.jpg )
load new cartridges
>> No. 6281 ID: 367674
File 137532241759.jpg - (122.63KB , 1000x750 , 5.jpg )
should be fine now!
>> No. 6282 ID: 367674
File 137532376298.jpg - (132.43KB , 1000x750 , 6.jpg )
y-you needed ammunition, sanya?
>> No. 6283 ID: 192ba7
that's adorable
>> No. 6286 ID: d99799
File 137537368396.jpg - (298.22KB , 1000x750 , do you even lift.jpg )
Someone reposted that on /a/ and made this. Hope you don't mind.
>> No. 6287 ID: 367674

it originally started on /k/, who sternly ignored it
>> No. 6290 ID: 367674
File 137541779522.jpg - (314.45KB , 1920x1536 , elianya.jpg )
sanya comes with a whole secondary tray of accessories and effect parts and so forth, to the point that she would completely topple over if i tried to attach them all at the same time, and i really have to fuck with it to get both trays back into the box. eila comes with a machinegun and the holding-hands part. and that's it.

i seriously think eila was just released as an accessory for sanya.
>> No. 6292 ID: 13d139
File 137549132351.jpg - (98.60KB , 960x720 , 1016431_10201690638452809_882594369_n.jpg )
More about Strike Witches!!!!
Chaos TCG in Ecuador!!!!
>> No. 6294 ID: 5d6077
It makes sense. It's not like Eila would ever be apart from Sanya.
>> No. 6327 ID: 0cf561
File 13773549789.jpg - (280.71KB , 1600x1200 , wings of war.jpg )
Has anyone gone so far as actually playing this? (I actually love CCGs and tabletop games in general).

One really neat thing that was sold at Comiket was a SW version of Wings of War, the WWII dogfighting game. I think Nogami Takeshi or some other big figure was related.
>> No. 6328 ID: c981a9
I always see those Chaos TCG cards being sold on amiami but I wonder what the heck it is or how it's played.

Probably too expensive for me to get into though.
>> No. 6333 ID: adf36f
File 137777853039.png - (672.87KB , 700x525 , 38153739_big_p1.png )
Raising awareness. This guy has been making keychain templates for a while, and it looks like he'll be selling them as cellphone straps at Comic Treasure 22 on 1 September (I think) in Osaka.

His pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=38153739
>> No. 6335 ID: 0cf561
There's a translation of it here:

>> No. 6597 ID: 833dbb
File 138387067156.jpg - (3.62MB , 2576x1932 , DSCN0522.jpg )
Kei's Report in Ecuador!
>> No. 6613 ID: 1ce5a5
File 13843033083.jpg - (3.34MB , 4320x3240 , IMG_2370.jpg )
In Ecuador!!!!
>> No. 6614 ID: 1ce5a5
File 138430860551.jpg - (267.01KB , 1015x1706 , 5.jpg )
>> No. 6617 ID: 4cf527
keep rocking that sw love in south america bro!
>> No. 6618 ID: e52623
How did you get the comiket mugs? I would love to get my hand on those...
>> No. 6619 ID: 00e7a2
I got them in yahoo auctions
Just search "C84 ストライクウィッチーズ" and you can find some options to choose.
>> No. 6624 ID: 60011f
File 138466905815.jpg - (1.16MB , 1944x2592 , DSCN0315.jpg )
You can see the 2 strike witches figures I have and my girls und panzer wallscroll
>> No. 6630 ID: a22696
File 138481503472.png - (3.64MB , 1920x1280 , IMG_1047.png )
I need better lighting, but I recently added 2 figures to "the collection"
>> No. 6631 ID: a22696
File 138481512791.png - (3.68MB , 1920x1280 , IMG_1046.png )
I have more from the Alter set on the way. What few I could get on preorder are waiting, the rest were bought at markup. ;_;
>> No. 6635 ID: e52623
Haha, my brother has all the Karlsland witches so far from Alter. They are freaking beautiful.
>> No. 6677 ID: a22696
File 138659130269.png - (1.08MB , 1080x720 , IMG_1057.png )
I'm agreeing wholeheartedly so far.

Witches intensifying.
>> No. 6678 ID: dc714d
File 138664363332.jpg - (35.67KB , 576x1024 , 1386621813571.jpg )
The Konami Perrine arrived today
>> No. 6679 ID: dc714d
File 138664370861.jpg - (2.25MB , 4128x2322 , 1386643653188.jpg )
She's so tiny. ..
>> No. 6718 ID: d24d23
File 13882711608.png - (387.05KB , 600x450 , Figuresitestrikewitches_zpsaca5aa4f.png )
Got my new Barkhorn figure for christmas and got a nice case to put them in
>> No. 6732 ID: 5cc8d5
File 138880541647.jpg - (1.67MB , 3200x2368 , IMG_20140103_221430[1].jpg )
Added this a while back, cannot wait for Alter Lucchini in April, hopefully.
>> No. 6738 ID: 8f0e83
File 138914608683.jpg - (376.32KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5339 copy.jpg )
Just got Luciana in from Mandarake. Waiting on the rest of my January HLJ order to come in stock for Fernandia and Junko. Nishiki and Suwa will come in March, and I'm stalking Mandarake for Martina.
>> No. 6739 ID: 8f0e83
File 138914611339.jpg - (908.56KB , 1000x1504 , DSC_5340 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6740 ID: 8f0e83
File 138914613474.jpg - (910.49KB , 1000x1504 , DSC_5341 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6741 ID: 8f0e83
File 138914615963.jpg - (928.36KB , 1000x1504 , DSC_5342 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6742 ID: 8f0e83
File 138914618937.jpg - (359.69KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5343 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6743 ID: 8f0e83
File 138914621395.jpg - (358.60KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5344 copy.jpg )
And done.
>> No. 6744 ID: dc714d

she's beautiful
>> No. 6751 ID: 8f0e83
File 138969730087.png - (1.22MB , 596x1000 , 1389659611881.png )
In a surprise turn of events, I am now looking to sell her. Asking for $15 plus shipping to anywhere in the US.
The reason for this is that I Found Martina on Mandarake but she was being sold as a set with Lucy. Of course, following the buyfag mantra, I bought it anyways. So now I'm selling so I don't have two of them. Figured I'd give everyone here a chance before I try to sell it on MFC. Email in the email field.
>> No. 6752 ID: 83a5af
File 138991390547.jpg - (76.33KB , 720x960 , 1527027_10203023447612205_90075_n.jpg )
Nendo Yoshika in Ecuador!
>> No. 6753 ID: 89d2bd
File 13899671649.jpg - (113.11KB , 800x527 , BB20top.jpg )
Bought one of these BB-20 jackets.
300 friggin bucks, estimated delivery in May.
>> No. 6754 ID: 8f0e83
>> No. 6763 ID: 8f0e83
File 139035389652.jpg - (905.91KB , 1000x1330 , Mandarake order.jpg )
Luciana's been replaced with another Luciana + Martina.
>> No. 6764 ID: 8f0e83
File 139035391984.jpg - (946.95KB , 1000x1995 , Martina.jpg )
>> No. 6781 ID: c096cd
File 139171936447.jpg - (2.82MB , 1932x2576 , DSCN0740.jpg )
New manga and doujinshis of Shin Kyogoku in Ecuador!
>> No. 6793 ID: eb7de6
scans please?
>> No. 6797 ID: 8f0e83
File 139207025236.jpg - (439.07KB , 665x1000 , DSC_5417 copy.jpg )
Junko and Fernandia arrived today~
>> No. 6798 ID: 8f0e83
File 139207027596.jpg - (327.78KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5418 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6799 ID: 8f0e83
File 139207029136.jpg - (321.27KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5419 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6800 ID: 8f0e83
File 13920703089.jpg - (467.18KB , 665x1000 , DSC_5414 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6801 ID: 8f0e83
File 139207032783.jpg - (411.09KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5415 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6802 ID: 8f0e83
File 139207034529.jpg - (345.03KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5416 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6813 ID: 8f0e83
So it's become clear to me that Sega, rather than doing complete fighter wings, are actually only doing witches that got an anime appearance. Instead of filling out the 504th, they've moved on to season 2 versions of 501st witches. This bodes well for the 502nd, but I can't say the same for the 504th sadly. Jane, Dom, Angela, and Patty never ;_;
>> No. 6814 ID: 8f0e83
File 139257961077.jpg - (35.70KB , 397x326 , 6YG2g[1].jpg )
And then I completely forget my image.
>> No. 6830 ID: 8f0e83
File 139372501085.jpg - (401.74KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5679 copy.jpg )
I finally found Yoshika on AmiAmi's preowned. the 501st is now complete! Only problem now is that the shelf only holds 10 of these figures, so she's currently hanging out with Junko on the 504th shelf.
>> No. 6908 ID: 8f0e83
File 139786483440.jpg - (395.19KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5745 copy.jpg )
Suwa Amaki and Nishiki Nakajima finally arrived~
>> No. 6909 ID: 8f0e83
File 139786485932.jpg - (343.74KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5747 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6910 ID: 8f0e83
File 139786488660.jpg - (333.84KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5748 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6911 ID: 8f0e83
File 139786491699.jpg - (354.24KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5749 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6912 ID: 8f0e83
File 13978649506.jpg - (331.78KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5751 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6913 ID: 8f0e83
File 13978649743.jpg - (370.96KB , 1000x665 , DSC_5752 copy.jpg )
>> No. 6944 ID: b11941
File 14001000381.jpg - (39.96KB , 417x556 , 11894_10203701471642382_7927633089010463673_n.jpg )
New Strike Witches Artbooks in Ecuador!!!
>> No. 6945 ID: b11941
File 140010006868.jpg - (27.69KB , 360x480 , 10341512_10203868051166766_2162292519884342755_n.jpg )
>> No. 6946 ID: b11941
File 140010009749.jpg - (79.75KB , 960x720 , 10365874_10203868052606802_8262005878192152034_n.jpg )
>> No. 6947 ID: b11941
File 140010012210.jpg - (91.80KB , 960x720 , 10290655_10203868054566851_4988243660987772459_n.jpg )
>> No. 6966 ID: ce5d00
File 140088944439.jpg - (374.98KB , 1440x960 , IMG_1203.jpg )
Does OC count towards thread topic? The pieces need to be sanded down now.
>> No. 6967 ID: 9007f6
What are you going to do with those?
>> No. 6968 ID: ce5d00
File 140094358193.png - (99.57KB , 3620x975 , Strike_Witches_Logo.png )
Paint black, mount on a white plaque. Basically a replication of the logo that I can hang on the wall.
>> No. 6978 ID: 329891
File 140130780175.jpg - (138.71KB , 720x960 , 1513730_10203977576504831_4529474891282682768_n.jpg )
More mangas and light novels in Ecuador!!!
>> No. 7016 ID: 62c210
File 140320898568.jpg - (293.19KB , 1500x1125 , IMG_20140619_160914.jpg )
I've been waiting so long to get this, and now I finally have it.
>> No. 7017 ID: 62c210
File 140320925162.jpg - (223.27KB , 1500x1125 , IMG_20140619_160920.jpg )
>> No. 7018 ID: 62c210
File 140320929730.jpg - (246.57KB , 1500x1125 , IMG_20140619_160926.jpg )
>> No. 7032 ID: b077e5
Speaking of which, I should probably pay AmiAmi so they can send her to me...
>> No. 7121 ID: 5fd279
File 140799623872.jpg - (1.33MB , 2592x1456 , WP_20140813_002.jpg )
I didn't see the crossover with GuP and Kancolle, so here it is.
Any updates? I like the idea.
>> No. 7145 ID: b077e5
I'm about to restart it. Chose enamel paint, didn't like the look. Going to redo with ebony/whitewash stains.
>> No. 7171 ID: 0a2cc6
File 141049289577.jpg - (2.36MB , 3240x4320 , IMG_3022 - copia.jpg )
Perrine in Ecuador!!!
>> No. 7176 ID: 9f1e8b
Wait what crossover?
>> No. 7177 ID: eca142
was refering to >>7121

and how did I not know of this: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/03/02-1/animejapan-girls-und-panzer-x-strike-witches-x-kancolle-goods-previewed
>> No. 7278 ID: 005a9c
File 141534055731.jpg - (79.09KB , 600x600 , FIG-COL-8014.jpg )
Added Strike Witches Zero to the collection. I'll try to scan it soon.

Did anyone preorder the Toy'sworks set? I'm hesitant right now.
>> No. 7280 ID: bce463
Where can I order this?
And pay with American cash??
>> No. 7281 ID: 005a9c
File 141538997226.jpg - (61.98KB , 640x640 , toys-works-collection-2-5-deluxe-strike-witches-th.jpg )
Amiami has both sets on preorder. HLJ and HobbySearch have set B. http://slist.amiami.com/top/search/list?s_keywords=Toy%27sworks+Collection+2.5+Deluxe+-+Strike+Witches+the+Movie+&submit=Search&pagemax=40
>> No. 7283 ID: dc714d

just ordered them. this is great since GSC is taking their goddamned time with the last 5 witches for nendoroids.
>> No. 7286 ID: 005a9c
Welp, I ordered it too. I was planning on getting the art books, but this will be the first time I buy at the release.
>> No. 7287 ID: 7c7935
File 141641844887.jpg - (783.91KB , 3072x1728 , IMG_0075.jpg )
Here's my potato quality collection.
>> No. 7296 ID: b16be0
File 141707393755.jpg - (458.35KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_1388.jpg )
I haven't opened my AGP's around the time I took this photo.
>> No. 7353 ID: 3001e5
File 141978039031.jpg - (464.86KB , 980x1306 , IMG_2773.jpg )
This is my little collection.
I tried to pair them up a bit.

Sorry for the poor quality.

Another question: Do you guys participate in the threads on /a/?
I have mixed feelings about them and yet I'm a very active poster there.

>> No. 7354 ID: 3001e5
File 141978046178.jpg - (434.05KB , 980x1306 , IMG_2774.jpg )

The stand of my Marseille broke unfortunately.
I fixed her with a metal peg in the meantime.
>> No. 7355 ID: 3001e5
File 141978050628.jpg - (413.08KB , 980x1306 , IMG_2775.jpg )
>> No. 7360 ID: 17ee85
I wish nendoroids were made for all the 501st. I like the threads and follow them religiously, but don't post much.
>> No. 7361 ID: 3001e5
There should definitely be more SW nendoroids.
I hope Alter continues it's SW line even though it rapes my wallet. Heidi is preordered.
>> No. 7382 ID: 17ee85
File 142036341779.jpg - (14.03KB , 256x252 , 9415.jpg )
I saw a lot of old mecha musume figures like this one at Jungle in LA, in case anyone is looking to pick them up.
Added some books to my collection. I hope to get all the official ones eventually, but Privates is hard to find.
>> No. 7603 ID: dc714d
File 14233480391.jpg - (2.22 MB , 4128x2322 , 2015-02-05 16_04_24.jpg )

These arrived a few days ago. I only set up Perrine, because I plan on moving soon. Also, the boxes are glued shut so I didn't want to open them all up. I managed to select one at random and it happened to be Perrine. They all have opaque boxes and the same UPC, so it really was random.

It looks pretty good but her hair is a little darker and mousy than most of the other figures I have. The pose is nice, it comes in four parts, head, body, stand and base. it's a little difficult to get the head and body together because it's a tight fut, but nothing too bad.

Overall, I like it, I wish the hair was the correct color, but i am glad there is now a complete set of SD witches available, though I'd of course prefer to get Nendoroids or a set of Nendoroid Puchis for the rest of the witches.
>> No. 7606 ID: 4730f0
File 142337367317.jpg - (380.58 KB , 1000x665 , DSC_7791 copy.jpg )
Forgot to post these, came a few weeks ago.
>> No. 7607 ID: 4730f0
File 14233737003.jpg - (341.13 KB , 1000x665 , DSC_7790 copy.jpg )
>> No. 7608 ID: 4730f0
File 142337373267.jpg - (405.42 KB , 1000x665 , DSC_7784 copy.jpg )
>> No. 7609 ID: 4730f0
File 142337376860.jpg - (371.21 KB , 1000x665 , DSC_7788 copy.jpg )
>> No. 7610 ID: 4730f0
File 142337379235.jpg - (428.90 KB , 1000x665 , DSC_7782 copy.jpg )
>> No. 7611 ID: 4730f0
File 142337384210.jpg - (445.99 KB , 1000x665 , DSC_7783 copy.jpg )
I'm impressed by the level of detail on a prize figure.
>> No. 7628 ID: 17ee85
File 14235410095.jpg - (16.45 KB , 350x254 , GOODS-00007679.jpg )
AGP Hartmann is really cheap on HLJ right now. Meanwhile, I'm watching for this box to arrive.
>> No. 7632 ID: 17ee85
File 14236138548.jpg - (1.53 MB , 1456x2592 , WP_20150210_009[1].jpg )
Updated picture.
This box came in. I don't know what I expected. It's a box.
>> No. 7633 ID: 17ee85
File 142361392926.jpg - (1.27 MB , 2592x1456 , WP_20150210_004[2].jpg )
>> No. 7634 ID: 5216f5
File 142369600572.jpg - (3.02 MB , 2576x1932 , DSCN0244.jpg )
More Witches in Ecuador!!
>> No. 7658 ID: c44c56
l absolutely love karlsland witches
>> No. 7661 ID: 33779c
File 142416733970.jpg - (1.35 MB , 1500x2256 , 1(r).jpg )
Posting my collection. Apologies in advance for poor photography, the lighting stays dim for Sanya.

>> No. 7662 ID: 33779c
File 142416762025.jpg - (1.39 MB , 2256x1500 , 2(r).jpg )
Doujins are mostly from C87, was lucky enough to attend. I can also attempt to scan anything if it hasn't been done already.

>> No. 7663 ID: 33779c
File 142416771256.jpg - (0.99 MB , 2256x1500 , 3(r).jpg )
Trude doesn't approve of Erica and I having beer.

>> No. 7664 ID: 33779c
File 142416784985.jpg - (1.02 MB , 2256x1500 , 4(r).jpg )
And finally the crown jewl.

>> No. 7665 ID: 33779c
*jewel. Don't drink and post.
>> No. 7666 ID: 45476c
File 142416906764.gif - (495.30 KB , 340x190 , 114437339.gif )
>> No. 7667 ID: 45476c

I haven't seen scans of Sanya no Osiri out there yet. What's in that book?
>> No. 7694 ID: 17ee85
File 14250901805.jpg - (58.10 KB , 600x450 , B-2PHv1UYAEc-_j.jpg )
It's too bad I'll never get my hands on small fanmade things like this. https://twitter.com/Nectarnya/status/571270095348965376
>> No. 7831 ID: 82c8e9
File 142939053847.jpg - (62.92 KB , 514x363 , 20150416_175610.jpg )
Not quite merchandise, but CapitalOne let me get away with this custom card design.
>> No. 7832 ID: 82c8e9
File 142939062770.jpg - (106.39 KB , 900x1000 , dd579edc8c93785f23b2497863e297f4.jpg )
Source image
>> No. 7834 ID: 742ca3
File 14294472972.jpg - (63.70 KB , 677x960 , 429037.jpg )

That's hilarious.
>> No. 8060 ID: 82c8e9
Is there an updated listing of all the official books/manga that have been released?
>> No. 8062 ID: 76e5ef
Gee, I wish Strike Witches had a wiki for stuff like that.
>> No. 8064 ID: 82c8e9
Take all your sarcasm and stuff it in my asshole. Thanks. I love you.
>> No. 8065 ID: 76e5ef
Prepare your anus. You're welcome. I love you too.

If you're looking for DL links, check the pasta instead.
>> No. 8138 ID: d5ff6e
File 143925558279.jpg - (683.93 KB , 2904x1944 , Mango.jpg )
Got nothing much.
I have the English translated publications so far along with a Mio oppai pad and dozen of doujins and that's about it.
>> No. 8154 ID: a678df
File 143974022478.jpg - (10.06 KB , 154x306 , 1427063717371.jpg )
Hitler on cardboard?
>> No. 8155 ID: e9bb50
File 143974871028.png - (3.64 MB , 1920x1080 , [philosophy-raws][Strike Witches][Live SP][BDRIP][.png )
I'm flipping through the blu-ray extras and noticed this and I don't see them in the thread. Has anyone managed to find/buy them?
>> No. 8161 ID: 17ee85
The name is "Strike Witches Mame Figure Collection" by Liquid Stone. I have only checked a few sites, but it can be found on Amazon, Playmoya, and possibly Mandarake, excluding the humanoid Neuroi.

Also, Amazon seems to have Lucchini and Ebay has Minna.
>> No. 8243 ID: a66ba8
File 144142952648.jpg - (97.65 KB , 720x960 , 11891246_10207458600528256_1238861407556994365_n.jpg )
My collection in Ecuador!!
>> No. 8244 ID: a66ba8
File 144143028856.jpg - (2.46 MB , 2103x1577 , 11722167_10207310620148839_5132185848165773183_o c.jpg )
>> No. 8249 ID: f36542
File 144151866191.jpg - (806.15 KB , 1920x1080 , DSC05070.jpg )

I wish that AGP release the others figures
>> No. 8371 ID: d5ff6e
Yeaah, that maze was inspired by Wolfenstein 3D back in the day.
My brother actually did it like some 20 years ago.
>> No. 8645 ID: d5ff6e
File 144864551191.jpg - (301.54 KB , 800x1200 , Jet Trude Alter.jpg )
Since this is the merch thread I'll post this here.

Looks like Alter is going to make a new fig.
This time it's the S2 Jet Trude with 50mm and 30mm autocannons.
The details seem to be pretty crazy, but we'll see in about a.. year how the final look will be.
>> No. 8646 ID: a6b0fd
File 144865230917.jpg - (3.22 MB , 3024x5376 , IMAG0017.jpg )
The only figure I have
>> No. 8647 ID: a6b0fd
File 144865242368.jpg - (3.35 MB , 3024x5376 , IMAG0018.jpg )
>not sleeping with your favorite witch
>> No. 8648 ID: f5a932

That sure is something.

Too bad the similar Erica/Ursula one is a GK.


I think a significant portion of us are dakimakura owners.
>> No. 8652 ID: a6b0fd
They should post them too
>> No. 8656 ID: 3001e5
B-But the other side one the right one is lewd!
>> No. 8659 ID: 2fec74
File 144881263396.jpg - (3.72 KB , 90x90 , swgame2_1.jpg )
>> No. 8698 ID: a66ba8
File 144926319938.jpg - (97.01 KB , 960x717 , 12316420_10208183030118543_4507062676709021955_n.jpg )
The best in Ecuador!!
>> No. 8718 ID: 627b8c
File 144956451338.jpg - (501.48 KB , 1728x1296 , collection1.jpg )
Embarrassing as hell, but I figured I would bring my collection out of storage. Guess who my favorite witch is.

That trading card leaning on the box is signed by Mios VA.
>> No. 8719 ID: 627b8c
File 144956458139.jpg - (428.49 KB , 1189x1295 , collection2.jpg )
And back into storage it goes. Nobody must know my secret.
>> No. 8722 ID: d5ff6e
File 144957697384.jpg - (271.89 KB , 1200x814 , Mio red scarf.jpg )
At first I thought that was a pillow casing with the Miyafuji, Lyn and Perrinu. Would've been great.

There's nothing to be embarrassed about, for they are pants!
I see you're a man of exquisite taste.
>card leaning on the box is signed by Mios VA.
Damn, now I'm jelly as fug. Where did you meet her? And if you don't mind telling what's with all the secrecy with the stuff?
>> No. 8723 ID: 627b8c

I actually wasn't lucky enough to meet her myself. I got the card off of ebay for about $30 or so.

>And if you don't mind telling what's with all the secrecy with the stuff

I don't know a lot of people that are into anime so I don't want to raise any eyebrows by displaying my collection, hah.
>> No. 8724 ID: d5ff6e
Fair enough I guess, though Mio would just laugh it off!
Which seiyuu is on the card by the way, Chiba Saeko or Seto Saori?
>> No. 8727 ID: f5a932

It's Helma, right?
>> No. 8740 ID: d5ff6e
File 144970683953.jpg - (42.62 KB , 420x600 , Alter Charlotte v_2.jpg )
Alter released few days ago the colorized look of the new Shirley v.2 fig based on her season 2 looks.

Gotta say that pose is really over the top to be honest.
But it looks nice, as expected of Alter.

>> No. 8741 ID: 966a50

Pretty sure it's her season 2/movie VA.


I really wish there were some Helma figures.
>> No. 8743 ID: f5a932
File 144974639895.jpg - (91.11 KB , 1024x768 , CQ4nn4WVEAAV9yS_jpg orig.jpg )

There are!

Just not for sale.
>> No. 8798 ID: b0ceeb
I just got a Trude figure by Alter and now was going to get the Hanna one. Not sure if I should wait, but I'm guessing that one would be double (if not more) than the $60ish is costs for Hanna. Plus I doubt there will be any newer versions of her as well.
>> No. 8857 ID: 4a5206
File 145062227287.jpg - (42.85 KB , 460x460 , shit.jpg )
Speaking of merch, Funimation's English releases of the shows on blu-ray all seem to be SD upsamples. Does anyone know if:

1) the Japanese blu-ray releases are HD?

2) there is a seller that takes paypal and doesn't charge an Orussian's ransom? I just want the discs, not 3+ bonus books with hundreds of pages that triple the price.
>> No. 8886 ID: ff2a92
File 145091795894.jpg - (252.57 KB , 700x700 , 19539732.jpg )
Can't wait to add this to my collection when it comes out.
>> No. 8930 ID: e13eb9
File 145134005478.jpg - (53.94 KB , 400x500 , perrine-clostermann-nendoroid-strike-witches-2.jpg )
Today's Crunchyroll email has a Perrine nendoroid. They aren't releasing it until next August. 9 months advance notice on these products. Wth?


>Estimated arrival: August 2016
>This item has not been released yet. You may preorder now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

>The 10th Nendoroid from the 'Strike Witches' series is Perrine Clostermann!
She comes with three expressions including her standard smiling expression, a fearless combat expression as well as the embarrassed expression she would sometimes suddenly have.
>Optional parts include the Bren Mk. I machine gun, effect parts to recreate her 'Tonnerre' magic ability as well as the VG39 Bis Striker Unit with both spinning and stationery propellers as options.
The cat ears and tail she gains while flying are also included as fully interchangeable parts.
>Last but not least, the rapier she keeps as a family heirloom is also included, allowing for all sorts of scenes to be recreated in Nendoroid form!
>> No. 8932 ID: 9183b1
>They aren't releasing it until next August. 9 months advance notice on these products. Wth?

Welcome to buyfagging. Where figures don't just get released, or put up a month before shipment.


The actual release date is slated for June. Nendo's tend to be delayed by a month though so July is more likely. CR only lists it for August because they are domestic. A lot of domestic sellers that do figures usually put a much further off date to be safe for the Japanese release. If you want her, for figures I have never heard anything bad about CR in this regard except yes the cost may be a bit higher before shipping opposed to imports, and as you notice the shipping date is much after the Japanese date. If you want to import (which I would have done if I wanted her Nendo) AmiAmi is great and where I do a majority of my business, but do check this as well http://buyfag.moe it may save your life, but not your wallet.

I should take a decent picture of my Witch collection now that I'm here.
>> No. 8933 ID: 9183b1
From just your second point I would say buy Funi's release because you won't be importing cheaper than that.

As for your other point my understanding is for S1 yes it is definitely an SD upscale. 10 Bit Man still says the DVD release of S1 is better than the Blu Ray release. For S2 whether it's actually animated in 720 I have no idea. Probably not for 2010 but that's TV digital animation. The 720p versions out there are good and worth it though. The Japanese Blu Rays may have a cleaner less starved picture, but they are not in any way 'more HD'.

That all said I own Funi's BDs and they are fine to me. I play them on my PS3 and I personally have no issue with how they look. So if you really just want Affordable BDs just get Funi's.
>> No. 8945 ID: 092117
File 145143528790.png - (13.06 KB , 951x406 , RIP.png )
Man, I'm trying to pre-order that Sakamoto figma off of the goodsmile site in order to get the pre-order bonus, but I can never get past the shipping stage. Tried 5 different browsers and there's never any shipping options to select.

Hope they'll fix this.
>> No. 8946 ID: 9183b1
GSC Online Shop is forced 2,000 EMS.
>> No. 8948 ID: 092117

Yeah I read that in the FAQ. Still cant get past the screen though. There's no "next" or confirm button, and if I try selecting the payment/billing section it tells me to choose a shipping method.

Has to be something on their end.
>> No. 8949 ID: 389143

Alright, that helps. Thanks for the reply. ^_^
>> No. 8950 ID: 389143
File 145144052845.jpg - (46.07 KB , 400x540 , charlotte-e-yeager-ver-21-8th-scale-figure-strike-.jpg )
Another day, another Crunchyroll email.

Charlotte figure coming in July.

>Approximately 10.6 inches (270 mm) tall.

They went light on the product description this time.

They have a clock on it, showing 6 hours left to buy it (pre-order) at a slight discount.
>> No. 8951 ID: 9183b1
Ah misunderstood that you couldn't continue. I thought you were looking for different options. Yeah I just tried myself to see. Yeah it's their site that seems borked at the moment.

No problem!
>> No. 8952 ID: 9183b1
File 145144276223.jpg - (1.49 MB , 2500x2037 , Merch.jpg )
>I should take a decent picture of my Witch collection now that I'm here.
Here we go. Just need two more to finish my Alter 501st. Sanya will move down a shelf next to Heidi to be with Eila once I get her. Lynne will go between Yoshika and Perrine. Still considering >>8950 and will most likely be getting Jet Striker Trude.

Also more manga Seven Seas. Please. LNs never.
>> No. 8953 ID: 9183b1
File 145144300284.jpg - (349.44 KB , 808x808 , 1398681104204.jpg )
Oh also.
>when you realize Funi forgot Minna's emblem
>> No. 8974 ID: 092117
Looks like goodsmile is still busted. I sent them an email about the problem, so hopefully they'll fix it soon. I really want that pre-order bonus.
>> No. 8983 ID: 774864
No pics, but all I have are the two Fuso sea manga volumes in English and the first volume of The Star of Afrika in Japanese.
>> No. 9024 ID: aa6a91
Goodsmile is up and running again.
>> No. 9064 ID: 2813f7
File 145239159576.jpg - (45.57 KB , 400x400 , mio-sakamoto-figma-strike-witches-the-movie.jpg )
Sakamoto preorder.


>From 'Strike Witches the Movie' comes a figma of the Fuso Imperial Navy's Commander Mio Sakamoto!

>Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes. A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.

>The Shiden Model 53 N1K5-J striker unit, type 99-2 Model 2 Kai cannon and Reppumaru sword are all included.Ears and tail parts are included for posing her using her powers, and both spinning and stationery propellers are included for the striker unit.

>She comes with three expressions including a composed expression, a shouting expression for combat and an expression revealing her inherent 'Magic Eye' ability.

>An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.

>Approximately 5.31 inches (135 mm) tall.
>> No. 9068 ID: 8fc871
File 145247015554.jpg - (84.29 KB , 960x716 , 12509433_10208441600862650_5185819142249002189_n.jpg )
In my room!
>> No. 9098 ID: 3001e5
File 145303626931.jpg - (1.84 MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_3900.jpg )
Witches are love, witches are life.

Most of my doujins are lewd, apologies in advance for unwanted boners.
>> No. 9099 ID: eeb371
do you live in the us?
if so did you import the doujins from melonbooks?
i'm just asking because i need my lewd witchy goodness and i don't feel like paying otakurepublic's prices all the time
>> No. 9100 ID: 3001e5
Nope, I'm Swiss.

I mostly lurk Manda for them and a few were picked up while I was in Japan.

Here's another seller that ships worlwide.
>> No. 9102 ID: eeb371
Thanks anon
>> No. 9122 ID: 3001e5
Does Otakurepublic even have lewd doujinshi?
>> No. 9123 ID: eeb371
Now that I think about it I don't think so. I bought the Glorious Purity and Noblesse Oblige doujins and they have Null pics of heini in them so i thought maybe they had lewds
>> No. 9421 ID: d5ff6e
File 145600583047.jpg - (546.15 KB , 3872x2592 , DSC.jpg )
I can't possibly be the only one here who is immensely disappointed by this year's Calendar.
It features pictures that had appeared months ago on nyantype's already except for one and Eilanya doesn't appear at all for any month even.
>> No. 9481 ID: 9183b1
File 145644507057.jpg - (56.49 KB , 533x800 , FIGURE-017264_03.jpg )
Her tracts of freedom kind of bother me, but her everything else.
>> No. 9572 ID: cbc004
File 145694872278.jpg - (705.99 KB , 1920x1280 , 20160302_114823.jpg )
Live from Las Vegas
>> No. 9573 ID: cbc004
File 145694875498.jpg - (682.75 KB , 1920x1280 , 20160302_114835.jpg )
Getting quite close to owning every official print work
>> No. 9574 ID: cbc004
File 14569488573.jpg - (649.58 KB , 1920x1280 , 20160302_114759.jpg )
Bonus dakimakura
>> No. 9584 ID: d5ff6e
Nice collection, moderately jelly as hell.
>> No. 9599 ID: cbc004
Thanks, I got most of them from cdjapan. Quite an amazing assortment they have, though they're missing a few that will need to be tracked down.
>> No. 9600 ID: f5a932
File 145708523359.jpg - (203.79 KB , 525x775 , 1374268400003.jpg )
The big fancy Himeuta collection is up for preorder. Very excited.
>> No. 9865 ID: f5a932
File 145893691914.jpg - (359.87 KB , 1500x1355 , 1372343560849_201603252038091e9.jpg )

Here's the coverart for said collection.
>> No. 9866 ID: f5a932
File 145893698749.png - (79.81 KB , 510x154 , 321601000442.png )

And elements from the individual disc art.
>> No. 9868 ID: 071d90
The best of Himeuta..?
>> No. 9870 ID: f5a932

The expensive one is a complete Himeuta collection supposedly, more than 100 songs including some new ones.
>> No. 9871 ID: d5ff6e
>They brought Michiko in so Perrine wouldn't be alone.
>> No. 9873 ID: 28dfb6
I wonder if Over Sky solo versions are featured in that..?
>> No. 9874 ID: f5a932

Dunnknow for sure, but those were on the regular soundtrack discs and not the character albums right? Maybe not then.
>> No. 9875 ID: fcfc09
File 145897594580.png - (12.14 KB , 617x385 , usps.png )
Never order any Witch stuff that has USPS registered mail as the shipping.

Probably going to die of old age before the package leaves California.
>> No. 9876 ID: 3001e5
File 145898072114.jpg - (1.22 MB , 2448x2448 , IMG_4076.jpg )
Alright, here's the card I got with my doujin order. I have no idea what it's supposed to be.

>> No. 9877 ID: 3001e5
File 145898077770.jpg - (1.07 MB , 2448x2448 , IMG_4077.jpg )

>> No. 9878 ID: f5a932

That's awful, anon. Funny how even EMS from Japan is a million times faster.


Those guys have been sending me all sorts of goofy emails.
>> No. 9884 ID: d5ff6e
Looks like a two sided colored card to me. Ohohoo.
>> No. 9932 ID: e5f2fa
File 145946049265.jpg - (112.52 KB , 960x716 , 1934699_10209088540475736_989993529625328085_n.jpg )
506th Noble Witches Novel and other mangas arrived!!!
>> No. 9933 ID: e5f2fa
File 145946052212.jpg - (100.07 KB , 960x716 , 12932616_10209088620637740_7963291967013014123_n.jpg )
>> No. 9934 ID: f5a932
File 145947778325.jpg - (22.08 KB , 347x269 , Cb5oMufUcAEcrSp_jpg orig.jpg )

What exactly is the bottom left one anyways? I just know Kodapeta seemed bothered by this fang.
>> No. 10001 ID: d08ca2
File 145966837682.jpg - (386.58 KB , 1487x1632 , wintercontraband.jpg )
All the stuff I ordered in the Winter has finally arrived.

Got a bunch of the offical books, and a doujin. I got the Yoshika keychain for free from otaku republic which was pretty awesome. Also got some playing cards that are pretty tacky, but they were 7 dollars so I figured why not.
>> No. 10002 ID: d08ca2
File 145966851566.jpg - (123.66 KB , 652x1122 , cards.jpg )
Best part about the cards is the warning label on the back.

"Not for ages 15 years and under"
"Small parts not for children 15 years old and under."

I guess they assume that any witch fan under 15 would attempt to eat the deck of cards.
>> No. 10004 ID: dd2f39
File 145971429682.jpg - (594.44 KB , 1000x1000 , Eila and her Blue Glasses!.jpg )
So just to clarify what's on sale here

It's a new Noble Witch LN or Novella, a Drama CD, and a Daki of the witch shown on this page?
Too bad I can't read moon runes or I might be interested.

Also I'm missing the last 2 volumes of Witches of the Sphinx, anyone know where I might purchase them?
>> No. 10267 ID: 98dc4c
File 146241621698.jpg - (78.44 KB , 960x716 , 13087808_10209391748015735_5334443903784603566_n.jpg )
Strike Witches BD Series completed!!
From Ecuador!
>> No. 10268 ID: 98dc4c
File 146241637376.jpg - (164.37 KB , 717x960 , 13096290_10209370250798318_7825739898060441244_n.jpg )
Now I have a Perrine in Ecuador too!
>> No. 10301 ID: a15a59
very nice.

I have the same perrine in America
>> No. 10307 ID: f78530
Really? Where are you from?
>> No. 10309 ID: afdf1b
I also have the same Perrine in America. And Barkhorn and Lynette and Sanya... Man, it's really crazy how many dakimakura I have even though I've barely touched 'em in 4+ years.
>> No. 10313 ID: 3001e5
I've been faithful to Minna so far, even though all witches are wonderful.

It's about time to replace the cover though.
>> No. 10343 ID: f78530
File 146294223097.jpg - (79.62 KB , 960x716 , 1936221_10209446408182205_6371432476187490138_n.jpg )
Shin Kyogoku doujinshis in Ecuador!
>> No. 10345 ID: 989c29
Scans when?
Also what are these exactly, I don't think I've ever seen the 'Teenage Fortune' cover before. The other two have appeared in the past.
>> No. 10348 ID: f78530
No scans because I don't want to damage the doujinshis
>> No. 10349 ID: 989c29
Sniff, that's understandable.
Where did you buy these off?
>> No. 10351 ID: f78530
I bought them in Yahoo Auctions
>> No. 10417 ID: bf84c4
File 146370808921.jpg - (1.10 MB , 1920x2724 , 13173134_10209478337940429_1452059564497373752_o.jpg )
Shin Kyogoku Collection!!
>> No. 10444 ID: 50c672
File 146413395015.jpg - (53.73 KB , 400x480 , mio-sakamoto-120th-scale-model-kit-plamax-mf-05-mi.jpg )

New Mio figure on Crunchyroll. It's roughly 2/3 the height of the previous one and half the cost.


[quote]Mio Sakamoto 1/20th Scale Model Kit - Plamax MF-05: Minimum Factory - Strike Witches the Movie

Estimated arrival: November 2016
This item has not been released yet. You may preorder now and we will ship it to you when it arrives. Learn more.
Product Description

The popular characters from the 'Strike Witches' anime series, movie, novels and manga are joining the minimum factory series! The second to join the ranks of the 1/20th scale plastic model kits is the reliable commander of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing -Mio Sakamoto!

The model kit has parts separated into different colors, meaning that just putting the model together looks great even without the need for paint. Decals for her eyes as well as various markings and lines are also included.

Her Strike Unit is the 'Shiden Kai 5th Model', and she is equipped with a modified Type 99-2 Model Two 13mm machine gun in her right hand and her Reppumaru sword in her left hand. A special stand to display her flying is also included.

Be sure to add the cute and energetic Strike Witch to your collection!

Approximately 3.54 inches tall.[/quote]
>> No. 10445 ID: 50c672
File 146413432585.jpg - (62.76 KB , 400x492 , yoshika-miyafuji-120th-scale-model-kit-plamax-mf-0.jpg )
Also a Miyafuji preorder, also for a smaller, cheaper figure.


[quote]Yoshika Miyafuji 1/20th Scale Model Kit - Plamax MF-05: Minimum Factory - Strike Witches the Movie


Estimated arrival: November 2016
This item has not been released yet. You may preorder now and we will ship it to you when it arrives. Learn more.

Product Description

The popular characters from 'Strike Witches' are joining the minimum factory series! The first to join the collection of 1/20th scale plastic model kits is the main character with exceptional potential -Yoshika Miyafuji!

The model kit has parts separated into different colors, meaning that just putting the model together looks great even without the need for paint. Decals for her eyes as well as various markings and lines are also included.

Her Strike Unit is the popular 'Shinden' unit, and she is equipped with a modified Type 99-2 Model Two 13mm machine gun in her right hand. A special stand to display her flying is also included.

Be sure to add the cute and energetic Strike Witch to your collection!

Approximately 3.54 inches tall.[/quote]
>> No. 10482 ID: db6d5b
Here's the list.
>> No. 10483 ID: 34c743
where did you purchase the bluray box from?

I've been looking at an ebay listing for a while but it ended and i see the bluray box on amazon but i'm not sure it has the personal mark stuff which is what i really want.
>> No. 10484 ID: 4e9db3
File 146437881939.png - (3.31 MB , 1985x1080 , muh witches.png )
I need to finish my collection :/
>> No. 10488 ID: bf84c4
That bluray box I bought it in Yahoo Auctions, you have to find if someone has the item
>> No. 10491 ID: 34c743
damn okay
i was hoping you would be like "i bought it from amazon" and i'd be like tight and buy it
>> No. 10495 ID: 989c29
File 146449563360.jpg - (165.17 KB , 800x1200 , Trude fig close.jpg )
Damn, the colored Trude fig is looking fine, like a Karslandian bier.

>> No. 10504 ID: 42d103
Wonder what the price tag will be on that. Thinking over 150 considering the size and extra details compared to Oreos alters, but who knows.
>> No. 10505 ID: 42d103
>> No. 10551 ID: 5e2e64
Alter's Heidi was just around 15k anime dollars retail Preorder was 11.5k on Amico. I'm betting on 17k-19k retail. Amico-chan will provide some relief. Regardless of price I'm buying it.
>> No. 10552 ID: f5a932

It looks insanely huge, I'd be afraid to buy it without a dedicated display case or something.
>> No. 10553 ID: 5e2e64
File 146474447030.jpg - (77.73 KB , 900x600 , Christown1455110640.jpg )
Yeah it's definitely not fitting in a Detolf unless you utilized half of one just for it. Good luck finding a case for the alt pose as well. This is why I just utilize shelves. The afternoon of dusting every so often is well worth the less restrictive spaces. Non-issue to me until I need to build more shelves for my other stuff and the inevitable 502nd figures RIP.
>> No. 10554 ID: f5a932
File 146474539982.jpg - (35.79 KB , 768x1023 , BthTg0DCAAAJNtN_jpg large.jpg )

I really don't like dusting, especially with the aerially mounted striker figures. I always knock her hat off, and I'm always afraid I'll knock her off the stand which is a pain to get back on.

Pic related gives me no end to the worries whenever I have to mess with it.
>> No. 10660 ID: bf84c4
File 146542205257.jpg - (65.12 KB , 960x716 , 13330961_10209601990391663_4322327861513404339_n.jpg )
New poster in my room but I want to get that picure!
>> No. 10731 ID: 989c29
File 146596424997.jpg - (3.80 MB , 2592x3872 , May - June 2016 Miyafuji and Lynne hug.jpg )
The SW 2016 calendar might be a huge disappointment when it comes to the pictures but this one for May-June is something I haven't seen on the internet around at all, so I thought I'd share it even if it's a shoddy picture taken with my camera.
>> No. 11149 ID: 5e2e64
File 146989895699.jpg - (376.55 KB , 1234x2000 , Shirley Bunny.jpg )
To those of you that got her have fun with getting the left hand unwrapped.
>> No. 11150 ID: 34c743
Looks great!
>> No. 11159 ID: 3001e5
Yeah, that hand wrap was a pain in the ass to remove.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the figure, her hair could be a bit more vibrant in color and the base could've had some details.
>> No. 11164 ID: e3911a
My Eila haul from my vacation in Japan so far. Eila merch is hard to come by (that is small and will fit in my carry on)!
>> No. 11165 ID: e3911a
File 147005658717.png - (2.99 MB , 1440x2560 , tmp_14893-Screenshot_2016-08-01-22-01-03-163439041.png )
Though bout getting this Eila figure for ¥1000, but the eyes looked fucked up!
>> No. 11166 ID: e3911a
File 147005673395.png - (3.53 MB , 2560x1440 , tmp_14893-Screenshot_2016-07-30-22-20-00-101653166.png )
>> No. 11167 ID: b4e717
Agreed on the hair. I was spooked by it when I first picked up the box. It looked washed out (and honestly kind of is). Putting the hat on helped it a lot though.

Also yeah I don't care if you do a simple plastic base but if you do there should at least be some form of graphic. The Alter bases are nothing special at all, but at least they put the full character profiles on for a finishing touch.

I'm still happy with the fig though. Her freedoms look a lot better on the final than in the promotional pictures I feel which of course is super important. Now to hunt that exclusive Erica, pre-order dakka Trude when it drops, and wait for a 502nd line. Kill me.
>> No. 11175 ID: 3001e5
>Kill me

Oh I can relate to that. There's so many cute witches and so little space for them.

Actually, I run out of it just about now with this Shirley.
>> No. 11179 ID: 5e2e64
File 147019520010.jpg - (104.60 KB , 530x670 , download.jpg )
Welp that was easy. Thanks Goodsmile.
>> No. 11224 ID: 989c29
File 147077085199.png - (1.08 MB , 1669x960 , Bunny and sailor witches - glastonbury1966.png )
Looks like Glastonbury is doing a new cute witch fun book for C90.
Hopefully it gets scanned. Seems like there's idol witches now.
>> No. 11246 ID: cf4780
File 147093439195.jpg - (165.87 KB , 960x576 , 13920825_266944183689945_7117265083191886302_n.jpg )
Saludos desde México weyes
>> No. 11247 ID: cf4780
File 147093445337.jpg - (153.57 KB , 960x576 , 13938567_266944603689903_3076499090119564065_n.jpg )
>> No. 11264 ID: 9076c7

Fun books are the best books.
>> No. 11281 ID: 4799f6
File 147129341250.jpg - (78.61 KB , 960x716 , 14063848_10210272454592849_5597523680518469353_n.jpg )
Greetings from Ecuador!
>> No. 11282 ID: 4799f6
File 147129355767.jpg - (67.47 KB , 716x960 , 13906701_10210272460472996_5794430802653290033_n.jpg )
>> No. 11283 ID: 4799f6
File 147129358663.jpg - (89.65 KB , 960x716 , 13895548_10210272454912857_5937478740992441049_n.jpg )
>> No. 11284 ID: b0a660
File 147129877439.jpg - (890.27 KB , 4250x2390 , OESGZCE.jpg )
kunika box arrived
best part of drama cd is kunika performing shigin while washing a dog
>> No. 11288 ID: 989c29
Heh, I got the same mouse pad. Too bad it's way too small for proper computer use so not using it myself. Besides it would feel weird.

Sure is fundoshi heavy stuff.
>> No. 11314 ID: 989c29
File 147165721313.jpg - (571.34 KB , 2048x1536 , C90 table - 365bocchimeshi.jpg )
Man, those cute as heck keychains.
This table definitely had to be among most diabeetus inducing tables at C90.
>> No. 11315 ID: f9ea7d
File 14716607022.png - (203.88 KB , 700x515 , 58206277_p8.png )

Keychains and the like are basically impossible to find aftermarket and it's a travesty. I really would like these but I'm not counting on actually finding them anywhere.
>> No. 11317 ID: 989c29
File 147173590691.jpg - (101.17 KB , 1024x576 , C90 vendor.jpg )
>> No. 11331 ID: 3001e5
Speaking of Comiket, the new lewd Minna doujin arrived, "Korrepetitor". It seems to be super cute, with lots of non-lewd scenes and even a glimpse of her mom.
>> No. 11332 ID: 989c29
File 14719776357.jpg - (509.82 KB , 1440x1920 , C90 doujins.jpg )
>All of these cute witch doujins from C90 and more.
And none of them will see the digital light save for one or two at best.
This dimension is hidoi.
>> No. 11333 ID: 3001e5
Even if all witch doujins get scanned, there's no way they'd get translated.

So if you're not fluent in Japanese, you'd be doomed anyway. DOOMED.
>> No. 11363 ID: 989c29
File 147272015196.jpg - (282.36 KB , 1280x720 , Untitled.jpg )
>Strike witches complete Blu-ray BOX will be released on 2017 / 2 / 24! Compilation BOX containing all of the 10 years of "witches".


Fucking 48,000 yen, that's like 400€. Jesus Christ, no matter how limited and with those 'privilege' extras, that just is ugh tier.
>That Eila and Sanya Christmas picture.
Now why didn't they use that for the November-December picture on the calendar!?..
>> No. 11365 ID: 53a26c
If this came with English subs I'd buy it in a heartbeat. If the exchange rate wasn't kill I'd still consider it.

Getchu pre-order a best.
>> No. 11369 ID: f9ea7d

Maybe if it came with the footage from the pachislot game.
>> No. 11396 ID: 2fd7e2
File 147321268217.jpg - (77.87 KB , 716x960 , 14192031_10210491324904470_1206929785566897142_n.jpg )
The first Yoshika figure and first SW DVD Ova in Ecuador!!
>> No. 11399 ID: 989c29
Don't think I recall seeing that figurine before, nice find.
>> No. 11401 ID: 2fd7e2
File 147328307818.jpg - (59.84 KB , 716x960 , 14225549_10210499997121270_7602352682244150772_n.jpg )
This is the figure
>> No. 11428 ID: 2fd7e2
File 147391647042.jpg - (1.32 MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
I have all these in Ecuador!
>> No. 11447 ID: 2fd7e2
File 147396293671.jpg - (1.31 MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
And my room complete!
>> No. 11516 ID: 3001e5
File 147480019947.jpg - (916.66 KB , 1400x842 , AZ7489-camo.jpg )
Oh, I wish I had enough space for wall scrolls.

Anyway, is anyone else building models?
I just got myself a Bf109 in 1/72, featuring decals to build either Wilcke's or Marseille's plane.

As Minna is my waifu, I hardly got a choice there.
>> No. 11542 ID: 2fd7e2
File 14751954359.jpg - (88.51 KB , 960x716 , 14495268_10210707179660704_6306218052829017634_n.jpg )
My pillow!
>> No. 11543 ID: 2fd7e2
File 147519548212.jpg - (76.34 KB , 960x716 , 14520471_10210707179860709_6984387454558359517_n.jpg )
>> No. 11545 ID: e0f111

You know, with a bit of backboard you could hide those ugly strings and wall hooks behind the scrolls.
>> No. 11553 ID: 53a26c
File 14752730518.jpg - (413.12 KB , 1500x2172 , HartmannRedBunn.jpg )
And home.
>> No. 11570 ID: 2c2a92
File 147537158484.jpg - (23.48 KB , 350x350 , 1466551723553.jpg )
So what kind of BW merch are you guys getting?
I'm thinking of a T-shirt and maybe a mug or the flag.

I'm also thinking of getting one of pic related, but I can't decide on who I want. Guess I'll wait for the anime to decide.
>> No. 11572 ID: dbe310
File 147537773247.jpg - (21.73 KB , 600x318 , GOODS-00113649.jpg )

This in both colors, the Nao t-shirt and the hoodie/parka.

I've gone a bit overboard but I really like these designs and the BW logo. There's just something badass about an eagle impaling a Neuroi core with a lightning bolt. Plus they're subtle enough I can wear them out.

I'll probably get a few keychains too.
>> No. 11573 ID: dbe310
File 147538290628.jpg - (167.52 KB , 747x1328 , 20161001_111301.jpg )

She's a cutie.
>> No. 11579 ID: b6dd89
File 147540704913.jpg - (393.91 KB , 2048x1152 , CtqSJsHVMAANqKk_jpg orig.jpg )
Definitely top priority is some sort of accessory or something that features the 502nd emblem. Like >>11572 mentioned, it's both badass and subtle enough to wear/use. The attendees of the BW pre-screening apparently got these, and I'm mad jelly.

The Naoe shirt is pretty tempting too. The emblems shirt is way too busy for my liking though.

And of course, the Naoe prequel book that will take me months to get through with my caveman level reading ability.
>> No. 11581 ID: 989c29
Nice pillow.

I'd love all the merch but having no money kills dreams.
Nipa and Eila keychain would be nice.

The 502nd emblem is objectively the best looking emblem, no doubt.
I'll probably try to pinch in or something and buy at least one of those shirts.
>> No. 11604 ID: 3001e5
File 147560921745.jpg - (600.36 KB , 1568x1176 , New doujins.jpg )
More doujinshi in Switzerland!

While I wasn't the luckiest on my trip through Germany, missing both Wilcke's grave in Mönchengladbach and Marseille's tailfin in Berlin,
I got a pleasant surprise waiting for me at home.

5 new doujinshi, and surprise, not all of them are lewd!

1. Karlsland Absorb, this is a compilation which contains all of the Karlsland Syndrome doujins as well as a new one featuring Trude.

2. That Erica one.
This one's also very nice, even though some might not like it as it features a guy molesting Erica in her sleep.

3. The Shirley one features her big boobs and a guy having fun with her.
Good art by our beloved Shirley artist Maru.

4. I made a mistake with this one, as it features FUTA!
Who in his right mind would like this?

The bottom row features the cute ones, especially the ones with Sanya and Perrine explaining the military equipment of their home countries. The funniest bit is that Eila is basically doing all the explaining in Sanyas.

The last one with Katy is a small compilation with a few short and cute stories. Not exactly my type as I don't speak a word of Nip but still comfy.
>> No. 11607 ID: 2fd7e2
Nice collection, in my case I have more doujinshis but maybe hard XD
>> No. 11670 ID: 3001e5
File 14761273269.jpg - (130.13 KB , 1246x435 , IMG_4803.jpg )
Very well, might as well post this. In the area where I live it is really popular to have custom number plates made, often featuring the name of the driver and/or his girlfriend/wife.
Mind you, those are not for official use, just put them behind the windscreen.

I've got this made a long time ago for a few bucks, might be an interesting idea to some of you.
>> No. 11674 ID: 2d2433
File 147621902375.jpg - (36.80 KB , 450x450 , GOODS-00118014.jpg )
Cute wallscroll up. There's a Trude one too.
>> No. 11715 ID: c847df
Friendly reminder to pre-order any merch that catches your eye, chances are you won't find it anywhere a few weeks after release.
>> No. 11757 ID: fc4e35
File 147733981380.jpg - (648.10 KB , 2000x1125 , 2016-10-24 21_08_00.jpg )
dusted off my sanya and erica nendo, had to sit under the bed for months. Sucks having nowhere for a decent cabinet
>> No. 11760 ID: f9ea7d
File 147737466035.jpg - (78.98 KB , 800x550 , CvlP2qgVUAAeJDT_jpg orig.jpg )
>> No. 11762 ID: 5ae5bd

Finally. How many years did it take them to finish the 501? Gives me hope we might actually get that Erica figma.
>> No. 11765 ID: c847df
I find it strange how we only got four Figmas of the 501st. I doubt it has anything to do with the popularity of the characters, because any and all SW merch sells out almost instantly regardless of what it is.
>> No. 11773 ID: f9ea7d
File 147747664892.png - (264.93 KB , 370x989 , main_img02.png )
This isn't uh, exactly Strike Witches, but apparently Humikane did the package illustration for, well...

>> No. 11776 ID: 686f00
File 147754345727.jpg - (186.06 KB , 720x720 , smirk.jpg )
>posting this in "show your merchandise" thread of all places
>> No. 11777 ID: f9ea7d

Sorry, I've been using it as a "new merch" thread I suppose. Would probably go better in the Humikane thread.
>> No. 11778 ID: 686f00
It's too late. We already know your secret. Is it even a good onahole?
>> No. 11780 ID: f9ea7d
File 147756951766.png - (49.33 KB , 642x680 , muridana.png )
>> No. 11867 ID: 5ae5bd
File 147842265261.jpg - (14.53 KB , 400x374 , GOODS-00124080.jpg )

I think it's OK to post new merch though? As long as it is witch related.

Because speaking of new merch they're doing character mark t-shirts for all the 502. I want them all but I guess I'll narrow it down to 2 or 3.
>> No. 11871 ID: 53a26c
File 147843139398.jpg - (23.89 KB , 600x281 , GOODS-00124092.jpg )
Yeah I'm thinking get three more along with the general 502nd shirt and the one Hikari shirt that was already available.

Thinking the Break witches one since it's 3 witches for one. Also I love the designs on the Rossman and Rall shirts. So probably those three.
>> No. 11905 ID: f7a6fa
File 147889879347.jpg - (119.05 KB , 1280x720 , 15025265_1310575052307999_3387021522035988021_o.jpg )
Drama CD arrived to Ecuador!
>> No. 11910 ID: f1fe68
File 147913302818.jpg - (378.16 KB , 1100x752 , Krupi calling Sasha a cutie.jpg )
In merchandise related events.
The first Bluray volume release has been delayed from December to February now, with the intention of improving quality.


At least they state on improving things, but it's just hilarious they can't even cope with the December release on time to be sufficient, but adding entire 2-month delay.
>> No. 11911 ID: 0ec8ea
Gonzo died. AIC+ died. Will Strike Witches claim another studio?

Curious what this really means though. Because the worst thing is the CG. The standard animated stuff just needs your typical Blu-ray clean up and some tiddy.
>> No. 11912 ID: 4655f4
They could be planning to replace some of the CG with traditional animation - for instance in the opening.
>> No. 11913 ID: f1fe68
Naah, as long SL has rights to Fate stuff, they will not die in the next 10 years.

This is probably the most likely thing to happen here. And I damn hope so.
>> No. 11915 ID: ac2339
You forgot to mention StB..
>> No. 11916 ID: cf4780
File 147923229385.jpg - (76.96 KB , 960x716 , 15073436_10211193673782753_7627586195859689741_n.jpg )
Arrived to Ecuador!!
>> No. 11917 ID: 3001e5
Good stuff! Will you pose them with or without the strikers?
>> No. 11921 ID: cf4780
File 147927042590.jpg - (814.25 KB , 2592x1936 , benj_291479260311.jpg )
>> No. 11922 ID: cf4780
File 147927047462.jpg - (782.58 KB , 2592x1936 , benj_291479260208.jpg )
>> No. 11926 ID: b9255e
Is StB popular or something too? I know almost nothing of it.

Tfw no Miyafuji figma. Enjoy them Ecuanon, you better post few pics of it too.
>> No. 11948 ID: cf4780
File 147980506450.jpg - (1.02 MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_7513.jpg )
There is Figma too!
>> No. 11959 ID: 53a26c
File 148012811048.jpg - (222.61 KB , 1108x1478 , 1480123580143.jpg )
It's time.
>> No. 11960 ID: cf4780
File 148013988369.jpg - (1.58 MB , 2592x1936 , Archivo 26-11-16 00 27 35.jpg )
I need more space XD
>> No. 11989 ID: 53a26c
File 148073231376.jpg - (483.62 KB , 532x800 , 161130sutopan_12.jpg )
Oh baby. Soon.
>> No. 11991 ID: 2f3fa8
How fast do you think this will sell out? I'll be in work when pre-orders open and I really want it.
>> No. 11993 ID: 640110
When do they open? I cant view the website in any legible format (mobile) right now. Theres no chance in hell im missing out on this
>> No. 11994 ID: 53a26c
Orders open at 12:00 December 5th. Which technically in America anyway is tonight. Amiami 'normally' updates at 23:00 EST granted that varies. I don't know when exactly but JST 12:00 is 22:00 EST. I'm hoping both the English and Japanese site update at the same time. As for availability something tells me it won't sell out immediately, but definitely order immediately as you see it and the pre-order button is still there.

My guess is that it will be priced around 19k or so and I'm judging that solely on Heidi's Alter with more on the strikers and a single bigger than normal gun. We'll see when it's up.
>> No. 11995 ID: 640110
looks like i'm going to have to get up at 3am... think it will last 4 hours? a lot of the BW cheaper merch has been going extremely fast
>> No. 11996 ID: 640110
What I mean by that, is I can either get up at 3am or I normally wake up at 7am, not sure if I want to risk.
>> No. 11999 ID: 53a26c
>> No. 12000 ID: f4a0f6
>July 2017
That's earlier than I was expecting. I can only imagine what the shipping is going to be, but that's a problem for another time.
>> No. 12002 ID: 640110
Got ny preorder in. It would be 5k less if it wasnt amiami exclusive
>> No. 12003 ID: ea2bbf
File 148096932735.jpg - (272.19 KB , 1920x1433 , 15397792_10211390082932859_891741516_o.jpg )
Waifu Yoshika arrived to Ecuador!
>> No. 12102 ID: 8fbaca
File 148224237962.jpg - (74.73 KB , 600x800 , FIGURE-026896_04.jpg )
Minna Nendo is up.
>> No. 12140 ID: ea30d4
Did anyone pre-order the Brave Witches flag or any of the t-shirts on amiami? They're apparently in stock according to the order page, but none of those items are actually on the store page any more. The flag has also been relisted as a different item with a release date of March 2017. Should I just cancel this order, because it seems as though they've fucked up badly.
>> No. 12141 ID: 15e0a9

I preordered the flag, and it shipped normally on the 18th I think. Not sure what's up there, man.
>> No. 12142 ID: 9183b1
Don't do anything. Just be patient and wait for your payment request. There's nothing wrong with the site or your order. A lot of items that get released lose their storepage, and the flag is simply up for pre-order for a 2nd release. This happened to the early T-shirts as well.

Remember Amico-chan has a well oiled machine it's just not your turn. Also you should know you aren't allowed to cancel an order on AmiAmi or else she might ban you. Especially where you were planning on paying it.

>> No. 12143 ID: ea30d4
Well the order had a bunch of items with different release dates, but all within December.
Yeah, I'll just play the waiting game for now.
>> No. 12149 ID: 69806d
>Also you should know you aren't allowed to cancel an order on AmiAmi or else she might ban you. Especially where you were planning on paying it.

They usually honour the first one you do
>> No. 12150 ID: ea30d4
Payment request came through last night, show's over.
>> No. 12218 ID: fd1847
File 148401672485.png - (1.17 MB , 768x1024 , image.png )
Just had to share this CUTE pose!
>> No. 12220 ID: 3001e5
Mine is holding hands with Sanya, with the exact same expression though.
>> No. 12222 ID: 602f83
File 14841760006.jpg - (2.40 MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20160214_232530119.jpg )
Same barring this one occasion.
>> No. 12281 ID: 6f7e53
File 148597521428.jpg - (927.30 KB , 2688x1520 , 2017-02-01 18_48_32.jpg )
Got my Eila yesterday
>> No. 12344 ID: b2ef56
File 148779825521.jpg - (1.19 MB , 2592x1936 , image (1).jpg )
Brave Witches mangas and CDs arrived to Ecuador
>> No. 12345 ID: b2ef56
File 148779836354.jpg - (1.29 MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
>> No. 12347 ID: acbc1d
File 148795696777.jpg - (378.32 KB , 1824x940 , 1487928095099.jpg )
It Begins Anew
>> No. 12350 ID: b2ef56
File 148798206644.jpg - (83.84 KB , 597x800 , 16996813_10212227864756881_1333237537_n.jpg )
>> No. 12366 ID: 3e2f2e
File 148823579556.jpg - (1.62 MB , 3264x1836 , 20170227_174543.jpg )
Blu-Ray Box get!

As well as Minna's new Record! Shame the only vinyl player in my house is buried somewhere and probably really bad.
>> No. 12371 ID: 78e801
Wow, awesome! Thanks for sharing. :3
So, is Strike Witches Season 1 any different than the original? Improved?

Also, by chance are ya planning to share rips online? (sorry to ask, but no one else I know has this so yeah)
>> No. 12374 ID: 3e2f2e
File 148849962678.jpg - (1.60 MB , 3264x1836 , 20170302_185445.jpg )
A Brittanian Bunny came! Don't have a battery right now for proper camera. Not really all that impressed compared to Shirley and Hartmann though. It's pretty underwhelming with the pose even if it's based on Fumi art. I still await Trude bunny!

I haven't gotten around to comparing sources yet. Maybe this weekend. I'd want to look at a number of different things though to do so. Original DVD, and the Jap and NA BDs as well. Something tells me it really won't be that much of an improvement considering 2008 digital. We'll see though. Also no I won't be providing rips sorry, someone probably will though I'm sure.
>> No. 12405 ID: e276dc
File 148968173417.jpg - (63.82 KB , 600x600 , GOODS-00144618.jpg )
I'm going to pre-order the Nipa daki from amiami. Should I get the pillow itself from there as well? I think the shipping and import costs of such a large item would be massive, but I'm not sure where to get the right type of pillow otherwise. I'm a brit if that makes any difference.
>> No. 12406 ID: 8fb633
Buyfag.moe has a bunch of pillow information for Daki's. Just a 150-160cm x 50cm. But yeah the box shipping from amiami may be quite a bit (dunno if they vacuum pack though) . Check Amazon too. That's where I got mine might have better shipping options.
>> No. 12407 ID: 3f5e11

Yeah, it's probably not a great idea to get the pillow there. I got mine off ebay. It's good to know the shipping costs ahead of time on things like that.
>> No. 12408 ID: e276dc
Seems as though amiami doesn't even have any pillows for sale, and I've had no look trying to find them in the UK. Guess I'll have to import it. What kind of price should I be looking for so I don't get swindled? I've seen some for $50 and others for almost $200.
>> No. 12409 ID: 6f7e53
Go to dunelm mill, I've seen long pillows in there
>> No. 12410 ID: 4ede1d
I'm from the US and I paid $70 for mine. Had Amazon Prime so there was that. But really depends on what you're willing to pay. It's one if those things you want to be comfy and not disrespect the girl on the cover too.

? Not sure how good this is since it's advertised as a Daki pillow.
>> No. 12419 ID: 3001e5
File 149020142295.jpg - (29.29 KB , 600x450 , cad06009_0_1448939672.jpg )
Just ordered Minna's Striker necklace from Manda for half the usual price.

Did anybody else get one of these?
>> No. 12482 ID: 316351
File 149192267795.jpg - (145.34 KB , 500x717 , Hikari Nipa and Naoe Operation Baba_yaga.jpg )

So, looks like they're selling a VR ''game'' this spring called Operation Baba_yaga.
Given it's just only 1500 yen and how primitive the demo was last year, it's probably just a tech demo on rails.
They sure hate to show any screenshots.
>> No. 12484 ID: 8ed40c
While I'm still waiting for 502nd DLC for the SW Blitz..
>> No. 12616 ID: 89b887
File 149585245156.jpg - (118.50 KB , 600x900 , 520672.jpg )
And so it begins anew.
>> No. 12617 ID: 6f7e53
>> No. 12618 ID: 423d86
If they'll be making the whole 502, I'll have to get a bigger house.
>> No. 12622 ID: e2951e
I get this really tired feeling from this fig design. It's just a legful combat pose, Miyafuji had a lot nicer ones for lead heroine.
Or it's just me.

Not a overkill at all.
>> No. 12638 ID: 9f399a
File 149620012762.jpg - (110.65 KB , 960x716 , 18813712_10213165993169505_5626656416199908322_n.jpg )
They arrived to Ecuador!
>> No. 12639 ID: 4711ff
Is that the art from the mobile game?
>> No. 12640 ID: d4d373
>> No. 12654 ID: 34c242
Now available on Steam.
>> No. 12655 ID: d5b9a0
>it's real
Now if only I'd fallen for the VR meme.
>> No. 12656 ID: 363c00
No wonder they didn't show any images earlier, it looks every bit as awful I feared it would be.

Not like you're losing anything, the visuals are absolutely garbage and there's only 15 minutes of content. It's not even a game, just a interactive video. For that, 15 bux is fucking hilarious and Jewish as hell.
>> No. 12671 ID: 32271d
File 149758578649.jpg - (98.70 KB , 960x716 , 18838912_10213171044895795_1485033238014651823_n.jpg )
>> No. 12672 ID: 32271d
File 149758581799.jpg - (105.67 KB , 960x716 , 18740559_10213171045055799_5702073280897324532_n.jpg )
>> No. 12673 ID: 32271d
File 14975858837.jpg - (109.27 KB , 960x716 , 18814034_10213171045215803_5217884634967995741_n.jpg )
>> No. 12674 ID: e9039c
File 149758609646.jpg - (117.86 KB , 800x800 , hmhm.jpg )
>Crying Lucchini gets a whole page.
Just makes me ask why?
>> No. 12675 ID: 83cb34
Whoever edited this probably REALLY liked Lucchini
>> No. 12698 ID: 423d86
Are there any scans of the small art book that comes with it?
I'd like to know what's in there without violating the packaging of mine.
>> No. 12703 ID: 32271d
I don't know, but only there is a scan of the cover, the cover has the witches breasts size
>> No. 12771 ID: 4c3540
File 15012173077.jpg - (1.09 MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_0120.jpg )
>> No. 12772 ID: 4c3540
File 150121738753.jpg - (1.20 MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_0121.jpg )
>> No. 12773 ID: 4c3540
File 150121751715.jpg - (1.12 MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_0053.jpg )
Just in Ecuador
>> No. 12780 ID: d5b9a0
File 150138221862.png - (2.36 MB , 1616x1080 , 1501376846113.png )
Here we goooo
>> No. 12787 ID: 4c3540
File 150264401499.jpg - (1.29 MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_9597.jpg )
>> No. 12791 ID: 1539d4
nice chair
>> No. 12884 ID: af4d51
File 15047806043.jpg - (33.99 KB , 290x400 , MED-BOOK-010574.jpg )
New/Updated World Witches book.
>> No. 12887 ID: f71141
This has all the old world witches content as well?
I'll get a copy, I don't have any artbooks yet.
>> No. 12902 ID: af4d51
File 150590755281.jpg - (60.06 KB , 632x800 , FIGURE-033431_02.jpg )
rip me
>> No. 12903 ID: 0b295c
Far too expensive, alter can fuck off
>> No. 13184 ID: e1c62e
File 151015304357.jpg - (378.98 KB , 715x1000 , 1509810881632.jpg )
>Trude paid for
>> No. 13195 ID: ab93ca
File 151070638044.jpg - (938.59 KB , 1806x3402 , Trude1.jpg )
Worth every single penny.
>> No. 13196 ID: ab93ca
File 151070641296.jpg - (615.63 KB , 2500x1618 , Trude2.jpg )
>> No. 13197 ID: ab93ca
File 151070644881.jpg - (854.34 KB , 2000x2904 , Trude3.jpg )
>> No. 13198 ID: 4a63d8
Been wondering, can you actually remove Trude from her strikers or is she welded with them?
>> No. 13199 ID: 606a55
You can but the rest of her legs remained in the leg dimension. It's just a circular peg that allows you to rotate them a bit depending on the pose choice.
>> No. 13200 ID: e0f111
You can make her a pair of normal legs, I guess.
>> No. 13201 ID: 5159ac
File 151084684262.jpg - (73.97 KB , 650x890 , 1510840126962.jpg )
>> No. 13202 ID: 5159ac
File 151084693964.jpg - (75.32 KB , 650x890 , 1510840081554.jpg )
>> No. 13203 ID: 5159ac


Is this just me or they're just increasing the lewdness level..? (not that I complaining)
>> No. 13206 ID: 60c1b2
These covers will be for sale online later right? Not just C93 exclusives?
Eila doesn't have the most flattering poses, but she still looks good. Sanya's is super ero.
>> No. 13207 ID: efb68e
Just you I'd say, they're not really all that different from the other dakis that have been released this year when you look at them again.
But there's a tiny bit more class to them with the backgrounds being more unique.
>> No. 13336 ID: ab93ca
File 151273819587.jpg - (115.01 KB , 500x431 , f12b565279165c0a5d73018691662a59.jpg )
Wallscroll for sale at C93. I want it. There's a shirt with this pic too.
>> No. 13337 ID: f5a932
Delicious idoru Erica. I must have it.
>> No. 13520 ID: 59bbe7
Looks like they were c93 only after all.
>> No. 13696 ID: e6a89f
File 151861582514.jpg - (746.08 KB , 1091x1317 , hikari-chang.jpg )
>> No. 13698 ID: e6a89f
File 151895272766.png - (1.25 MB , 1198x1035 , 03_20180218190635c25.png )
Sauna mode

>> No. 13701 ID: f44d6a
inb4 nude mods
>> No. 13878 ID: 7e9323
File 152426825860.jpg - (91.15 KB , 960x716 , 30581942_10216072751516647_4756174559420350464_n.jpg )
2 weeks ago they arrived to Ecuador!
>> No. 13889 ID: 7e9323
File 152626855645.jpg - (101.10 KB , 960x716 , 32290788_10216318559541694_9168444129602961408_n.jpg )
New artbooks arrived!
>> No. 13890 ID: 7e9323
File 152626860265.jpg - (93.72 KB , 960x716 , 32294386_10216318559621696_85647291469266944_n.jpg )
>> No. 13891 ID: 7e9323
File 152626864798.jpg - (88.59 KB , 960x716 , 32337065_10216318559941704_1630704970967810048_n.jpg )
>> No. 13892 ID: 7e9323
File 152626867079.jpg - (92.55 KB , 960x716 , 32392186_10216318560261712_1199570488733466624_n.jpg )
>> No. 13931 ID: 64024c
I wonder if rule 34 official dakis images are available somewhere..?

It's hard to be find if you didn't understand moonrunes..
>> No. 13932 ID: 3001e5
As far as I know there are no official Rule 34 ones. There's a few out there though, some of them look quite goofy.

If you really want one, do what I did and get an artist to draw a custom one of your favourite witch.
>> No. 14069 ID: 2a1ca9
File 153590304574.jpg - (1.87 MB , 1920x639 , hikari.jpg )
Hikari arrived.
>> No. 14072 ID: 3001e5
Fug. I have all Alters so far. Maybe I really should get all the Braves too.
>> No. 14073 ID: 4c3bdf
Better start saving from now..
>> No. 14299 ID: 45c94d
File 154517470391.jpg - (146.19 KB , 900x1200 , DuF-z0IWoAAr4XN.jpg )
Big tapestry of SW Movie
>> No. 14386 ID: 3a5078
File 15521416168.jpg - (3.91 MB , 5312x2988 , 1.jpg )
Got my cute Hotarumaru nendo the other day to pair up with Miyafuji so I had them salute and swap their cute hats.
Black cap really suits 'Fuji well but so does the sailor hat Hotarumaru.
I seem to have a thing for cuties with their hair strands sticking out by the sides.
>> No. 14439 ID: 1b2037
File 155681124346.png - (1.20 MB , 1080x776 , IMG_20190502_122752.png )
MinDeki 2019 tapestry arrived recently.
>> No. 14481 ID: 150ef5
File 156012226467.jpg - (245.02 KB , 720x1280 , Lynne.jpg )
My daki
>> No. 14620 ID: 7ec557
File 156358287289.jpg - (117.31 KB , 914x1280 , witchess.jpg )
Got my copy today

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