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File 131297733085.jpg - (319.12KB , 853x1200 , 03_03.jpg )
583 No. 583 ID: 5cce74
片翼の魔女たち しのづかあつと 第3話 努力のかたち

片翼の魔女たち しのづかあつと 第4話 隊長の務め.rar
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>> No. 584 ID: 4d2005
Thanks, downloading now. Will have to read after work.
>> No. 586 ID: f03502
Thanks, but it still has all of the problems of the Manga, 3 pages of sorta fighting and 8 pages of bathing in addition to the 6 pages of breast shots.

Dammit, it's true what they say. You want fan-service you go to the official stuff, you want action and story you go to the doushinjis.
>> No. 592 ID: 5cce74
>You want fan-service you go to the official stuff, you want action and story you go to the doushinjis.

I need Like button lol
>> No. 1156 ID: 5cce74
File 131979516863.jpg - (356.66KB , 838x1200 , 06_05.jpg )
片翼の魔女たち しのづかあつと 第5話 遠い記憶.rar

片翼の魔女たち しのづかあつと 第6話 二人のちから.rar
>> No. 1201 ID: 55d871

I concur :) That's why the Doujins for me are way better.
>> No. 1374 ID: c42e22
File 132111720098.png - (1.14MB , 1203x1800 , 000.png )
I accidentally bought a CompAce, so have some half-assed scans for Wight 7
>> No. 1377 ID: cf36c7
thanks for sharing
>> No. 1378 ID: 4d2005
File 132115959717.png - (14.66KB , 145x74 , vishop.png )
>> No. 1382 ID: 8048a1
File 132122998277.jpg - (97.92KB , 399x400 , 1222051399410.jpg )

I like it
>> No. 1592 ID: 5e4d8b
/u/ just recently started translating it. http://snowfag.blogspot.com/
Now if we could get somebody to do Zero...
>> No. 1593 ID: f03502
File 132263274758.jpg - (369.19KB , 853x1200 , One-Winged_Witches_Ch03_20_en.jpg )
Wait, Laura Toth was in the 501st? What the hell is the author pulling now? Aside from his dick with all of the nipples.
>> No. 1594 ID: 359661
File 13226365567.jpg - (278.70KB , 836x1200 , 05_11.jpg )
This is when she was took in 501th from chapter 5.
>> No. 1595 ID: 359661
File 13226375003.jpg - (293.13KB , 836x1200 , 05_13.jpg )

Somehow, Laura Toth remind me of Beurling.
Both of them lost their comrades in Ostmark and that made them become distant from other witches.
>> No. 1609 ID: f03502
They just did the 5th chapter. That's when it starts picking up, right? I feel that 20 pages is too short for a monthly.
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