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File 136806519274.jpg - (1.15MB , 1920x1080 , 6931_strike_witches_hd_wallpapers_anime_girls.jpg )
5899 No. 5899 ID: 2c9fb6
So I just finished the movie and I must know season 3 when
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>> No. 5907 ID: 4d27f3
Nobody knows when, or even if.
>> No. 5925 ID: e603f6
this makes me sad
>> No. 5929 ID: e03652
Right in the feels
>> No. 6022 ID: 0cf561
Haven't even seen the movie since I don't watch fansubs. But hey, at least that way I still have something to look forward to now.
>> No. 6069 ID: 875711
It said "To be continued" at the end, after the credits. That's pretty much confirming a season 3 eventually.
>> No. 6070 ID: 0cf561
Well of course they want to create hype and demand for it, even if they might not be able to get it made...
>> No. 6071 ID: 55fa47
Do you really want another season? Not Yoshika has got her powers back, she'll obviously be the focus again, like it or not.
>> No. 6072 ID: 09af1c
They have plenty of money. They have no reason financially to not make it. They have a decent (By decent I mean by Strike Witches standards) plot for it.

The only reason it wouldn't be continued is if they just "don't feel like it"
>> No. 6077 ID: 5fdef7
501's story (esp Yoshika's) is getting stagnant after two TV seasons and a full length movie, so if they have any sense of storytelling they should at least come up with some new idea.

That being said, I see they were exploring with spin off characters in the movie, and the reaction in Japan seems positive. So I guess they will do more of those in the future, or maybe even a full-fledged series.

One can only hope.
>> No. 6079 ID: da3bb9
>season 3 when
I'd wager on 2014.

2006: OVA announced (Jan07 release)
2008: Anime S1
2010: Anime S2
2012: Movie
20XX: Anime S3
>> No. 6080 ID: 356a32

I just hope watch in action the 502st JFW

I think that is time that the others squads show what them can do.

Or...again the 501 will save the world and the others JFWs will show incompetence?
>> No. 6081 ID: 551d26
I'd like to see one of two things:
the Suomus Misfit Squadron (aka 507 JFW) or
the 31st Joint Fighter Squadron (with Marseille, Pottgen, etc.)
>> No. 6082 ID: b39439
File 137180522661.jpg - (1.80MB , 2480x1746 , 1331979542255.jpg )
The 502 would definitely be my go-to pick. They're my fav by far, but honestly, I'd prefer anything over the 501 again, even if I do adore them.
>> No. 6083 ID: 5d6077
File 137181548914.jpg - (88.45KB , 1588x1091 , both.jpg )
I could dig it.
>> No. 6084 ID: 09af1c
We must all realize that we are the vocal minority... The 501st is probably happening again, whether we like it or not.

However, you are free to continue dreaming.
>> No. 6085 ID: 5336cf
AIC cant be arsed to do other Wings and is too focused on the 501st. The only far fetched solution is for other studios to animate the other wings, which is, very unlikely. Sad.
>> No. 6086 ID: 70f2d2
File 137188865618.jpg - (413.60KB , 1100x1250 , 1348088925205.jpg )
>Vocal Minority
Dude, what are you talking about? No one legitimately likes the 501st cast more than the other JFW Squadrons.
>> No. 6088 ID: 5d6077
I do.

Your stance == negated.
>> No. 6090 ID: 07a5cf
Won't Kadokawa have the final say in things? The animation studio is merely contracted to well, animate things.
>> No. 6091 ID: 0a2b0f
Either way, Humikane or Kadokawa. They all can't be arsed to do the other wings since the 501st is super awesome and Yoshika is the world's only hope and makes every other witches look like losers. Sad.

Seriously, I hope they would tackle the other wings INDEPENDENT of the 501st someday.
>> No. 6093 ID: 09af1c
The direction the plot is going doesn't exactly warrant a sudden shift in the focus of Wings... SPOILERS the end of the movie doesn't exactly scream "TIME TO BRING IN THE 502ND!!!" SPOILERS

I happen to like the 501st the most despite their constant spotlight. Sounds like the majority of people against a 501st S3 are biased against Yoshika.
>> No. 6094 ID: 0a2b0f
I forgot to say I was being sarcastic there and guess what, I did say INDEPENDENT of the 501st.

It means what I wish for is not really a direct sequel of the movie. More like some spin off series or side story.

We all know the Africa Witches operate without aid from the 501st. Somewhere along that line.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I already know that an anime or perhaps even just an OVA about another JFW will never ever happen. Not in this decade, not in this century, not in this millennium..

Before someone else says it, I already know that's the only food on the plate.. either I eat it or gtfo.

But I guess Wishful thinking is not bad.
>> No. 6107 ID: 0cf561
I just finished the movie. Now I'm sad how few of my IRL friends I can talk about it with.
>> No. 6109 ID: d07462
I have no friends that have watch anything more then Code Geass or Fate/stay night.
>> No. 6110 ID: 0cf561
File 137221278816.jpg - (72.88KB , 500x333 , you like don't you squidward.jpg )
My brother randomly watched the first 6 episode of SW with me. He thinks it's kinda stupid (admittedly, some parts of the anime really are), but he wasn't absolutely critical of it.

I also watched the first few episodes of "Sound of the Sky" with him, and then he independently finished the series himself.

>image is mfw
>> No. 6111 ID: 5d6077
Youd be surprised, I've showed the show to close friends of mine and my girlfriend and they all love the shit out of it.

No one can resist 'dem witches, man.
>> No. 6124 ID: 7f3932

I watching this scenario

The first episode of the third season will start in a battle on the forest of Karlsland, the full squad of the 502 will be defeated.

In the last second, this will be saved for the ALL-MIGHTY 501 and then, the High Commands designate the 501st JFW to the Eastern Front and save Karlsland and Orussia

And the 502, this will be disolved.

>> No. 6144 ID: b39439
File 137256838197.jpg - (460.51KB , 427x600 , WL.jpg )
Just give me one episode of this and I'll die happily.
>> No. 6147 ID: 0cf561
>Lucchini groping Helma

...but why?
>> No. 6255 ID: 8d40e7
Read between the Freakin lines. I said INDEPENDENT OF THE 501ST.

and I already said NOT A DIRECT SEQUEL OF THE MOVIE but a SPIN OFF. Still a part of the Strike Witches Universe but not directly under Yoshika nor the 501st's story.

Was the Afrika witches ever dissolved when the 501st destroyed the hive over Gallia and Venezia? or any other Joint Fighter Wing for that matter?

Same here, in the anime community I hang out with, they're pretty much into Infinite Stratos and Busou Shinki and practically don't give a fuck about Strike Witches.
>> No. 6259 ID: 0cf561

It's funny, I love Strike Witches but I didn't like Infinite Stratos at all.

They both have the mecha shoujo trapping, but the character dynamics are totally different. I can't stand those "single male MC, every other character is vapid female who wants his dick" series. I hate Infinite Stratos and its ilk because their plots play like videogames (be it an eroge or action shooter).

It's not that Strike Witches is a masterpiece of characterization, but while cutesy and idealized, at least it has some basis in reality.
>> No. 6260 ID: 7a58b1
IS is going to be rebooted although it's best not to have high hopes on it. Perhaps this time, it will have a better story or at least the character development would be much better.

Laura turning 360 degrees into the male lead within few hours was ridiculously unbelievable.
>> No. 6263 ID: d07462
File 137511723089.jpg - (204.76KB , 1106x1131 , 1298317526083.jpg )
No, the Japs don't know how to use the word Reboot, it's just S2 covering 5,6,7 of the LN's. The second half of 4 is still up in the air. The only reboot was the Manga which so far is more like the LN's than the show.
>> No. 6269 ID: a625b2
So I guess Infinite Stratos story is still, well, crap?
>> No. 6270 ID: d07462
Yep, Yumizuru doesn't know what the fuck he is doing.
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