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File 136975950046.jpg - (72.44KB , 342x800 , image.jpg )
5968 No. 5968 ID: 8b1133
The third week of summer the first book should be finished(should be, no promises). I need to finish up with school then I can use all my free time on the first book and to get the main story line in order.
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>> No. 6021 ID: 0cf561
Do you have previews to post? Sounds interesting.
>> No. 6092 ID: e9d409
File 137195824011.jpg - (75.79KB , 351x800 , IMG_3656.jpg )
Its been forever since I checked Helma, sorry guys. I would like to say I have completed it like I said I would, but nothing really ever goes as planned does it. I've been pressured down with work most of the free time is either working or sleeping. I have a preview, in a way. More of a excerpt from the story it self. I'm not really proud of all that I have so far, Ill post the excerpt if wanted.
>> No. 6100 ID: d07462
You may as well post an excerpt.
>> No. 6121 ID: e9d409
File 13723841506.jpg - (91.09KB , 366x800 , IMG_3603.jpg )
{“This is Foxtrot-2-3 we are pinned down by enemy hotel and indigo units bearing 325 requesting immediate alert 5!”}

{“Acknowledged Foxtrot 2-3, This is Slider13, we will be there in 4 mikes. Get ready to light up the bandits on our call, out.”}

{“Okay! Foxtrot 2-3 out.”}

As the radio operator began to turn around to tell his squad leader the news that the witches were on their way, he heard a beam shot from a Neuroi that seemed to give off a different sound almost as if something was being torn and burned at the same time. As he finished turning around time and sound came to a stop. His squad leader he had known from the very beginning of his year deployment was lying on the floor bleeding profusely from a wound on the right side of his neck. “SHIT!” As time began to return to normal he began to run over to his friend lying on the floor. As he was fumbling with the large pad of gauze in his hands the smell of the burnt flesh and the sight of the amount of blood got to him.
“Medic! Medic! Sergeant is down! Someone get a fucking medic!”
“Miller help him out the best you can our medic got separated from us and he's with Fireteam C in the building south of us dealing with other tangos.”

As Miller began to take roll of being the medic of Fireteam A all he could do was wish that the witches would get there as fast as possible.
{“Eagle6 this is Slider13, do you uh- have eyes on foxtrot2-3? Over.”}

{“Slider13, we showing signs of forty plus infantry units and 15 heavys in Foxtrot's immediate area. Also we are showing signs of enemy fighters headed your way, Over”}

{“Affirm, Eagle6. Myself and the rest of the lighting witches will arrive on target in 3 mikes. Slider13 out.”}
“Damn. We really have our work cut out for us.” Rachel thought to herself as she began to climb higher into the air. “Everyone, check and double check your stuff. Were going into a pretty heavy fight. Eagle6 is saying our guys are surrounded from all sides and are trapped within the compound. She also said that enemy air was on their way to greet us. Lets make it home tonight.”
“There they are get ready!”
{“Slider13 to Eagle6 twenty seconds to target.”
{“All air units we are showing NSAM launches six o'clock low, advice all units to break off into twos until those NSAMs are taken care of.”
{“Affirm. Slider13 out.”}
“Alright. Dragon you and Cracker go and focus on getting those launchers. Reaper, Iron and Stalker move in and focus your fire on those targets pinning foxtrot. Everyone else your in the air with me, circle the area and provide cover for the girls taking out the ground targets. Alright lets do this!”
{“Slider13 to Eagle6 all units are in the area and beginning attack.”}

Not really sure I like it that much. post your ideas on how it seems {are radio transmissions}
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