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File 137116638615.jpg - (198.70KB , 600x600 , HelmaH.jpg )
6040 No. 6040 ID: 9b302f
Well, it's getting close to website payment time. And once again both of the webhosts sites are a 99% non-functional 404 extravaganza so uh.. yeah.

I might not even be able to pay for the site, despite having the money.

Just in case this turns out to be a disaster, does anyone know of any decent webhosts that can keep this site up on a.. "mid level" package for around $100 dollars a year ($10 for domain)? And how would I even transfer all of this stuff anyhow?

Hopefully I don't have to worry about all that.. but it would be nice to have a plan B.
>> No. 6041 ID: 67c50c
Time to archive twitter thread and couple others
>> No. 6042 ID: da3bb9
Oh shit. You do have a recent backup of the database, right? Right? ;_;

Helma has some priceless stuff that really can't be found anywhere else.
>> No. 6043 ID: 9b302f

If it goes down, it wont be for another month or so. Plenty of time to archive!
>> No. 6044 ID: dc714d
remember to CTW threads you can't bear to lose even if you think we are doing fine.
>> No. 6045 ID: 9b302f
Making a backup right now.
>> No. 6046 ID: 9b302f
Looking at possibly moving to lithium hosting, I've been seeing a lot of good things about them.
>> No. 6047 ID: 9b302f
Maybe not.
>> No. 6087 ID: 70f2d2
There's no password on the Ventrilo server anymore, by the way.

So what exactly do you mean by your initial post?
>> No. 6089 ID: 9b302f

Last year the site was shut down because they never sent me a bill. It's time to pay again, and they haven't sent me a bill. I finally found one of their working sites, and asked for an invoice. They basically said "It will come eventually" but yeah.. I don't know.
>> No. 6095 ID: 7b2299
Are you on shared or dedicated hosting? Have you considered a VPS?
>> No. 6096 ID: 9b302f

Pretty sure I'm on shared right now.

I'm really bad at website stuff so I'm not sure what a VPS is.
>> No. 6097 ID: da3bb9
Yes, it's a shared host.

Though I'm not sure why you mentioned VPS hosting? How would that specifically apply to this case or help?
>> No. 6186 ID: 4cc9d6
Good news: Hosting has been paid for without issue.

Bad news: The domain hasn't been renewed, because despite me giving them the money and it going through, they haven't credited it to my account and there's literally no way I can contact them about this because all of their emails are broken.

Brace for possible downtime.
>> No. 6193 ID: 898c81
i-is the site still down??
>> No. 6194 ID: 6d8120
Apparently some people are having problems accessing helma.us now, but it still resolves for me - and I tried with 3 different DNS providers.
>> No. 6195 ID: 4cc9d6
I'll try my best to get the site back up by the end of the week.

This whole thing has really been a nightmare..
>> No. 6196 ID: fe0213

DNS is broken for sure. any DNS host still handing out records for helma.us is running on fumes and will break sooner rather than later.
>> No. 6197 ID: 4cc9d6

Yeah the domain's technically gone. I gotta make some decisions here.

Transferring a domain is going to be interesting considering I can't even contact them.
>> No. 6198 ID: 4cc9d6
The situation might be resolved. Expect the site to possibly be back later today or tomorrow.
>> No. 6206 ID: f9446d

yep, your DNS is fixed.
>> No. 6207 ID: 6d8120
That was fast. Slower ISPs didn't even purge helma.us from their DNS records yet!
>> No. 6474 ID: 9395a4
Helma.us DNS is broken again.
>> No. 6476 ID: 4fd50a
Ugh. I was wondering why it was down.

It seems like it's fixed now though.
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