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File 137209979043.jpg - (172.22KB , 900x700 , by 画・像無 2850631.jpg )
6098 No. 6098 ID: 0cf561
I kind of worry about the yuri potential in "One-Winged Witches." I mean, Wilma Bishop is canonically straight (or at least bi)...she married a 50 year old guy after retiring:

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>> No. 6099 ID: 898c81
Wilma is a terrible person, and should be discharged.
>> No. 6108 ID: 31e654
yurifags pls
>> No. 6437 ID: 18addb
File 137968215769.png - (759.42KB , 1395x2000 , strike_witches_one_winged_witches_vol2_ch10_056.png )
>worry about the yuri potential
Well, if it says anything, One-winged Witches vol 2 is currently being scanlated by Yuriproject...

>> No. 6440 ID: 0cf561
Shouldn't they stop since it's licensed by an English publisher (Seven Seas)...
>> No. 6441 ID: 18addb
File 137983110833.png - (0.98MB , 1380x2000 , strike_witches_zero_vol1_ch02_033.png )
>English publisher (Seven Seas)
Correction: US-only publisher.

Only some 4% of world's population resides in the US of A, so please have some consideration for the rest of us. Not to mention it'll probably take years before Seven Seas gets up to that point with their chronological SW releases. Considerably longer before I can buy it in my country. ;_;

I don't know much about modern fansub/scanlator ethics, but I sure hope they don't do a major disservice to the rest of the world.

By the way, yuriproject is also scanlating the SW Zero manga.
>> No. 6465 ID: 389346
Hell no, this is Seven Seas we're talking about: there's a bunch of series they've just outright dropped. Not to mention short production runs. It's a shame someone like Yen Press couldn't have licensed it. I really hope it doesn't get stuck in release date limbo, like Blood Alone.
>> No. 6477 ID: dc714d

yeah it's also worth considering that their starting point, while at the beginning of the series, also happens to be one of the weaker parts of it
>> No. 6497 ID: 0cf561
If I can import tons of Japanese stuff easily, I imagine it's just as easy (or easier) for other nations to import US Stuff. *shrug*
>> No. 6578 ID: 21fc4a
that depends on what your trying to import, here in the UK, importing anything outside the UK also requires you to pay an additional 20% for VAT, then also the handling fees they add on top of that too, so something that use to cost about say £30 (for like a anime model), then add the £6 for 20%, then the flat rate of about £12 for handling fees (yes it's about that), that £30 item now just cost you £50 not including postage, which really limits on anything you want to import.
tho there are some items which are VAT free and don't have to go though all that, luckily books are one of them.
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