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File 137237564370.jpg - (64.73KB , 600x450 , sw.jpg )
6119 No. 6119 ID: 0cf561
Apparently there's going to be a big announcement at an upcoming event:


"Event be held in the "Strike Witches" ZEPP Tokyo! Yes important announcement in the event!"
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>> No. 6135 ID: 3b0dcd
My body is ready.

For season 3
>> No. 6137 ID: 0cf561
Unfortunately, it won't be until October.
>> No. 6140 ID: 645a3c
Now there's an announcement on the official SW site, too:

It seems like we're getting more of 501st, just looking at the seiyuu guest list:
Yoshika Miyafuji
Hattori Shizuka
Sakamoto Mio
Gertrud Barkhorn
Erica Hartmann
Sanya V. Litvyak
Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
Yoko Ishida (theme song)
and "other"
>> No. 6143 ID: 0cf561
Well, if they gave any other sort of cast list, that'd just be giving away the announcement before hand, right? Like if it was the established voice actors for the Red Pants, Suwa Amaki, Nakajima Nishiki, and Junko Takei.
>> No. 6155 ID: 6d8120
Keep in mind that there's more to the event than just the announcement.

It's a strike witches movie event.
I wouldn't be surprised if the red pants VAs and others from the movie got added to the list. After all, Shizuka is already there.
>> No. 6295 ID: 0cf561
Mai Kadowaki (Sanya) won't be at the event due to pregnancy (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2013-08-03/voice-actress-mai-kadowaki-expecting-a-baby-in-november-december).

That sure will make a lot of people disappointed. Though the direction of her person life seems to make a non-401st anime slightly more likely.
>> No. 6296 ID: 5d6077
Happy for her! But disappointed if this hurts the chances of another 501st work.
>> No. 6298 ID: 148887
Reminds me of Chiba Saeko's departure after season one, but I don't know how fans would react if Sanya were to be voiced by anyone else.
>> No. 6300 ID: 6a5cb8
Strike Witches and pretty much all anime shouldn't ever revolve around a seiyuu.

If a prolific voice actor or actress has to drop from a give franchise, then so be it.

I'll admit, Mai Kadokowaki nails Sanya's personality but should she leave SW, that's unfortunate. But then, there are other younger seiyuus out there that can take her place for Sanya.

Authors or Directors being replaced would be another matter though.
>> No. 6322 ID: fb048a
Wasn't Mio's voice actress replaced for this reason? And she was a much bigger role than Sanya.
Probably wouldn't affect the chances of a World Witches anime either way.
>> No. 6435 ID: 18addb
File 137968156160.jpg - (51.90KB , 229x248 , 23784018_p30.jpg )
~3 weeks to go. Hype is intensifying.
>> No. 6478 ID: dc89f5
File 138071265315.jpg - (28.40KB , 512x512 , bg_20130801095657.jpg )

>> No. 6481 ID: e9d7ea
I'm going to be on an unavoidable 18-hour flight when the announcement happens. Oh, the pain
>> No. 6482 ID: 1cbb55
File 138074961555.jpg - (213.26KB , 700x394 , strike-witches_perrine-h-clostermann_heaven-condit.jpg )
>all my hype
>> No. 6484 ID: 0cf561
I'm not sure this is related (the article says the event is 13/10/13), but a new Strike Witches "The World Witches" art book was just put up for preorder: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2013-10-04/new-strike-witches-the-world-witches-art-book
>> No. 6494 ID: e9d7ea
Related in that it's Strike Witches, but I wouldn't expect them to hype up a major event like this to announce something a second time.
>> No. 6496 ID: 0cf561
If they're releasing a "Witches of the World" art book, they might be more likely to announce a non-501st anime (or at least that's what I want to think).
>> No. 6498 ID: 4f8135
I hadn't thought of that possibility. I can sign on to that hype train, although cautiously.
>> No. 6499 ID: 68d4e0
Hmm. Maybe a Tank Witches anime?
Would be nice to see more action on the various fronts, or in say, Egypt.
>> No. 6500 ID: 6d8120
The WW art book will be released in about 6 months, so it's not really relevant at this point.

However, the event does have some world witches (and Suomus) related merchandise. Privates artbook, WW poster, Nipa/Eila dakis.

And a last minute cancellation - Erica's seiyuu won't be appearing in the event.
>> No. 6503 ID: 4f8135
I can hardly contain my pants
>> No. 6504 ID: ec238b
My body is ready.
>> No. 6505 ID: 3d6a93
File 138163371912.jpg - (53.83KB , 480x360 , Sanya_Antennas.jpg )
i am monitoring
>> No. 6509 ID: e580ce
File 138166533147.jpg - (82.58KB , 720x513 , azuY-ZrkAww.jpg )
>> No. 6510 ID: 0cf561
File 138166768239.gif - (440.40KB , 500x629 , elma animated.gif )

Now to find out what they'll be.
>> No. 6511 ID: a1ceb3
It will be an OVA 100% focus in 501st.

THERE IS NOT ANOTHER JFW? Why the staff sayed that in the nexts projects web will see anothers squads?
>> No. 6512 ID: 67c50c
No, there will be an OVA and a TV series, those are two different things.
The OVA has been confirmed to be about 501, but no one knows what the TV series will be about.
>> No. 6513 ID: 1ba94f

Maybe is time for 502st? I hope so
>> No. 6514 ID: 0cf561
It feels to me like since they're specifically saying the OVA is about the 501st, then the TV anime won't be.

Plus, it's name is "Tactic of Vanadis Attack." "Vanadis" is a name for the Norse goddess Freyja, so it might be in Scandinavia somewhere.
>> No. 6517 ID: 67c50c
OVA = Operation Victory Attack (O.V.A)
TV anime = Tactics of Vanadis Attack (T.V.A)

I love how they did the names
>> No. 6520 ID: 0cf561
("Operation Victory Arrow," btw)
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