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File 137442574670.jpg - (122.00KB , 850x1062 , by chikiso.jpg )
6232 No. 6232 ID: 0cf561
I've read a lot of fanfic, SW and otherwise, but it's rare to find any of a high quality that fully captures the tone of the original.

I think my favorite SW fanfic is "Where From, The Warlock?": http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6393548/1/Where-from-the-Warlock. No, it doesn't have male witch OCs or anything ridiculous like that. It's set in 1940, with a slightly younger Barkhorn, Perrine, and other characters. It's a prequel to Maloney's ambitions, and actually feels like the light novels do.

So, what are your favorites? (fluffy shipfics are fine too.
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>> No. 6235 ID: a5c58e
Witches Rangers and the 141
>> No. 6247 ID: 192ba7
File 137469610014.jpg - (38.86KB , 340x540 , 1339357745607.jpg )
Total War. It's a shame it isn't completed. I had a lot of fun reading it.

As for drama, Distorted. Also uncomplete, but still worth the read.
>> No. 6253 ID: 0cf561


I read a short 8-pager from the same author, and dug it. That's definitely on my "to read list."

So are these "in progress incomplete," or "dropped incomplete?" (I kind of feel ashamed since there's a fanfic I was writing, which hasn't had a new chapter in a year...orz)
>> No. 6293 ID: 5d6077
Haven't really read any SW fanfics.

Have written one. I say that but it's incomplete. A huge chunk got lost and the depression meds I'm on since I lost a huge chunk of it killed my creativity.

I guess I'll upload what I got, maybe it'll give you an entertaining few minutes.

Far from where I want it to be and could probably be worked on (aside from finishing it) but eh. Maybe next time I forget to take my meds for an extended period of time again.

Holy shit I wish I found Total War earlier! Can tell it's going to be hilarious
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