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File 137802597593.jpg - (91.03KB , 600x450 , new manga of Eila.jpg )
6340 No. 6340 ID: 67c50c
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>> No. 6952 ID: 2dccb8
File 140032735576.jpg - (0.96MB , 1200x1684 , img010 副本.jpg )
Five chapters now available in Chinese:
>> No. 6964 ID: a301b9

Yuri Project should focus on this instead of 1937 Fuso Sea Incident, since that actually has an official English release solicited. It's probably more yuri, too.
>> No. 6984 ID: 9007f6
File 140155532354.jpg - (44.38KB , 418x255 , oorola140530-1.jpg )
Chapter 8 previews:

>> No. 6990 ID: 7b2299
File 140208973363.jpg - (243.55KB , 1137x856 , story time.jpg )
Chapters 6 and 7 scans!

Story time with Aurora!
>> No. 7013 ID: 968a19
Some anon is currently dumping the Japanese aurora on /a/ and looking for a translator.
>> No. 7020 ID: 9007f6
Here are the raw scans that were uploaded to /a/ by some generous anons:





The scanners mentioned they only optimized for clarity of the japanese text, not to be perfect quality scans. Instead, typesetters should use the Chinese scans.
>> No. 7045 ID: 392a1b
Here's Chapter 7 and 8. Translator's get on it! chop chop!
>> No. 7046 ID: 392a1b
And Chapter 1 & 5
>> No. 7051 ID: 6cd3b5
File 140415190244.png - (2.48MB , 2269x2356 , 2_LLv24-A8-E.png )
I don't know where should I put this...I saw some Aurora's pic in this thread. So I'll put here.

Not completely translated.I have no idea how to write "ビヤスター" in English.
I need help about this problem.
>> No. 7054 ID: 4151fb
I think "ビヤスター" is "Beerster" (Real Brewster pilots also thought they looked like beer bottles, so the name fits)

Some other things:
"Finland Air Force" should be "Finnish Air Force"
"Rihikallio" should be "Riihikallio"
"Antia" should be "Anita" - I know アンティア is antia, but I think it was supposed to be アニタ. (Anita is a finnish name, Antia is not.)
"ware" should be "were"

PS. I'm a fan of your SW charts, thanks for your fine work. Feel free to ask here if you need any help.
>> No. 7061 ID: 9007f6
File 140427443451.jpg - (39.90KB , 432x294 , oorora140701-1.jpg )
Chapter 9 previews:

>> No. 7067 ID: 820788
The 1st chapter's been translated and typeset now.
>> No. 7095 ID: 6cd3b5
Sorry, i was busy for some weeks...

I like that idea.
That's interesting, and most Likely :)

>Anita is a finnish name, Antia is not.
I was googled and found "Finnish female name list",
there have "Antia"(アンティア) on it...
So i think Antia is not wrong...maybe.

>"Finland Air Force" should be "Finnish Air Force"
>"Rihikallio" should be "Riihikallio"
>"ware" should be "were"
Thank you for your help, Modified these things now!
>> No. 7099 ID: 3b0966
File 14069196489.jpg - (38.64KB , 512x512 , 39998203_p25.jpg )
>Anita is a finnish name, Antia is not.
For definite proof on that, here is a link to the Finnish Population Register Centre's name service:
You can try the First Name Search to search for "Anita" and "Antia".
>> No. 7104 ID: eab5e1
Where is this pic from? I've seen it quite some times but still wasn't able to found the source even after going through all the manga in the wiki.
>> No. 7106 ID: 4151fb
Chapter 2 translation:
Chapter 3 translation:

Please use the chinese raws if you're typesetting these (better image quality)

Raws (and typeset translations):
>> No. 7108 ID: 4151fb
Chapter 2 typesetting is done:
>> No. 7110 ID: b82085
Great to see some headway being made on this. And thank you, mysterious poster, for keeping us updated!
>> No. 7112 ID: 5fd279
Strike Witches: Official Comics A La Carte. It's here http://decaydance.geoshitties.installgentoo.com/sw/#manga
>> No. 7116 ID: 515632
Chapter 3 Typeset is done now too!
>> No. 7120 ID: ff769b
Thank you !!!
>> No. 7158 ID: 9007f6
File 140964019792.jpg - (70.24KB , 403x410 , oorora140831-1.jpg )
Chapter 10 previews:

>> No. 7186 ID: 8cf6b8
was chp 1 typeset?
>> No. 7190 ID: 1ba170
Chapters 0-3 are translated and typeset I believe. 4 is the earliest missing one.
>> No. 7225 ID: 9007f6
File 141228519718.jpg - (53.05KB , 411x296 , oorora140930.jpg )
Chapter 11 previews:


I hear the manga is ending soon.
>> No. 7259 ID: 5e66e1
Can someone upload these on to Batoto or somewhere please? Since chapters 0, 2 & 3 are available on here I'm sure it won't do any harm, I would do it myself but I don't know how...

>> No. 7260 ID: 005a9c
I've never done it before, but I'll give it a shot.
>> No. 7261 ID: 5e66e1
Thanks. I have them on a manga app I have on my tablet, but I thought it'd be nice to share with people. Especially those who don't know they are available on here. :)
>> No. 7262 ID: 5e66e1

Did you upload them?
>> No. 7263 ID: 005a9c
Yea, but it's currently under review, so it doesn't show up. I uploaded the other stuff from the paste that was missing, too. http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/strike-witches-aurora-no-majo-r13626
>> No. 7264 ID: 5e66e1
Sorry I have the patience of a child lol. What do you mean other stuff? You mean this stuff?http://pastebin.com/qdGHCzU6
>> No. 7265 ID: 005a9c
Yea, but I used this link, which has Aurora updated. Neither paste has Red Pants ch 1 or 1937 ch 4 updated. Official Comics A La Carte and 2 more chapters of Tenkou no Otometachi were uploaded. I didn't upload Kimi to Tsunagaru Sora at the request of the translator.
>> No. 7266 ID: 5e66e1
Red Pants ch.1 and 1937 ch.4 have both been updated on Yuri Project. Awesome though if you uploaded all of that lol
>> No. 7268 ID: 005a9c
Tenkou no Otometachi ch 7-8 are in the queue now, too. I never noticed it at the very bottom of the paste until now.
>> No. 7269 ID: 5e66e1
If you are doing that whole list I will hug you lol. But I wouldn't bother uploading The Witches Of The Sphinx. When I downloaded it off that old list, it was translated but wasn't edited properly. Unless the files themselves have been updated since I downloaded it.
>> No. 7270 ID: 005a9c
Kimi to no Kizuna no Katachi and Sengoku Witches Honnoji no Maho are the only things that are missing and have decent typesetting. The first is at the request of the translator, and the second I think I have at home. Besides, if someone was that desperate for witches, the paste has everything.
>> No. 7271 ID: 005a9c
Took a bit, but they're finished.
>> No. 7272 ID: 5e66e1
Awesome :)
>> No. 7275 ID: 9007f6
Chapter 12 (?) previews:


The ending we all have been waiting for.
>> No. 7276 ID: 26e811
Is that it..??
>> No. 7301 ID: a92f2e
Yesterday, anon on /a/ was scanning his copy of aurora no majo vol 1 tank, but the thread died before he delivered.

Did anything come out of that?
>> No. 7350 ID: 2062cc
Update on that:
>Alright my friends, first of all I'd like to apologize for all the time it took to complete everything. I never thought debinding and scanning something correctly would be so hard/tiresome. Then next there's the cropping/rotating/redrawing/leveling phase which took most of the time (I didn't add any topaz/denoise because honestly I don't know how to use it well). I exported most of the files to PNG, but no idea if everything's ok. Finally, I had to finish a document/presentation for my master's degree, causing me to drop everything for a while. But anyway, it's here, the first volume of Aurora (chapters 0-6), uncensored and (almost) good enough to be used for the translations. I'll dump later the ones for chapters 4 and 5 with those raws. I can finally go back to work on translating chapters 6-9, so they should come out soon.
>To the typesetting anon, feel free to use them now (I hope they are good for you).
>Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ewrjc55orxqscrd/
>> No. 7542 ID: 1ba170
By now we've got scans of every chapter, and in foolfuuka there are translations of almost every chapter. Only thing needed anymore is typesetting, right?
>> No. 7683 ID: 1ba170
Chapter 4: http://www.mediafire.com/download/myy4rzv43crv4t8/AuroraENG04.rar
Chapter 5: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8mcyi79xk1fqx2w/AuroraENG05.rar
Chapter 6: http://www.mediafire.com/download/m3ru2793bvnnem5/AuroraENG06.rar
>> No. 7692 ID: 5e66e1
Will those be uploaded to Batoto?
>> No. 7710 ID: 1ba170

I have no idea. I don't even know where they have been released (if they have been released at all), other than random 4chan threads.
>> No. 7714 ID: 5e66e1
Chapters 0-3 got uploaded to botato a good while ago. I have an account with them, i can upload them if that's alright with you?
>> No. 7727 ID: 1ba170

Sure. Go right ahead.
>> No. 7729 ID: 5e66e1
Awesome. They are being reviewed at the moment, so they should be up in a few hours or so. Thank you for your permission. :)
>> No. 7822 ID: e8f916
Hey paste operator, the mega link for aurora no majo chapter 0 just got axed
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