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File 137940536221.gif - (488.40KB , 407x480 , timeforwitches.gif )
6398 No. 6398 ID: 6d8120
Hey helma, I made a Strike Witches Character Sorter:

Some of you may already be familiar with tohosort and its english translated version
So I used their source to make a sorter for witches.

Data is ripped from strike witches wiki. There's 151 witches for now, so sorting absolutely everyone takes about 600 rounds. No images yet, but I'm gonna need a 120x180 image (probably portraits by Humikane) for each witch who has been drawn.

Let me know if you have comments, feedback, find any bugs, etc.
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>> No. 6399 ID: 67c50c
Here's the original Japanese witch sorter
But I guess you didn't waste your time, since your sorter has some things the Japanese doesn't, like the ability to exclude units, and more witches.
>> No. 6400 ID: 6d8120
Yeah, my idea was to make an updated english-language version of that.

I used the touhousorter as a base simply because it has better code. I'll probably translate the remaining japanese source code comments at some point, so anyone with cursory web development knowledge can easily continue this when I'm gone.
>> No. 6402 ID: 4187b5
Ok, new project, Strike Witches pokemon sprites and subsequent game. If they can make touhoumon, we can do witches...mon
>> No. 6403 ID: 0cf561
File 137944183219.jpg - (17.80KB , 419x239 , strike witches sorter one two punch.jpg )
>> No. 6404 ID: 0cf561
This is really cool. Recommendation: Maybe an option (possibly default) for picture + text? Since the pictures only have katakana or kanji for the character names.
>> No. 6405 ID: 185c55
this was fun to blast through. Exactly 501 battles and my top 3 didn't change from the iza-yoi sorter.

Images definitely need populating but this is great so far.
>> No. 6406 ID: dc714d
File 137947149436.jpg - (452.85KB , 700x990 , Perrine Balcony.jpg )
1 Perrine H. Clostermann
2 Helma Lennartz
3 Amelie Planchard
4 Raisa Pöttgen
5 Nikka Edvardine Katajainen
6 Heinrike Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein
7 Waltrud Krupinski
8 Cecilia Glinda Miles
9 Erica Hartmann
10 Jane T. Godfrey
11 Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen

not sure how Jane got in the top ten but the rest of the list checks out
>> No. 6407 ID: 6d8120
File 137948956890.jpg - (6.89KB , 120x180 , Toth.jpg )
>Recommendation: Maybe an option (possibly default) for picture + text? Since the pictures only have katakana or kanji for the character names.
Title text has the romaji name. (Hover mouse over the images)

Also, the current pictures are placeholders. I just took them from the old witch sorter, which in turn took them from elsewhere.

>Images definitely need populating
I would appreciate help with this!

Ideally I'd like to have simple cropped 120x180 Humikane-drawn portraits for all witches, like pic related.

If you want to make such a picture for any witch or know of Humikane art for a witch still lacking a picture, post it here.
>> No. 6408 ID: c94d2b
File 137950915989.png - (38.23KB , 120x180 , ottilie kittel small.png )
>I'd like to have simple cropped 120x180 Humikane-drawn portraits
You keep saying this like you're trying to delay it as long as possible to provoke someone into doing it for you.

Exactly that happened. Here are the karlslandic witches that have fumikane portraits.

>> No. 6409 ID: 6d8120
Thanks, I really appreciate it!

>You keep saying this like you're trying to delay it as long as possible to provoke someone into doing it for you.
You're exactly right about that! I knew the community could help, would enjoy doing so AND do a better job than I would. Your images are now in use.

Sorry for being a lazy bastard. orz
>> No. 6410 ID: c94d2b
I'll keep going by nationality in time, if nobody else picks up and butts in. You see, I'm as lazy as you are.
>> No. 6411 ID: 6d8120
Your courage inspired me to fix the existing files excluding 501st JFW, I'm still pondering if I should use the anime character sheet images.

77 images!
>> No. 6413 ID: 6d8120
also worth mentioning: out of those, inagaki mami, charlotte lueder, kitano furuko, friederike porsche and etou toshiko are not drawn by humikane. their images are taken from their respective mangas instead.
>> No. 6416 ID: c94d2b
>This info would probably be more useful if I told you which witches already have images:
The existing ones have a lot of compression artifacting that nags at my autism. Would it be too big of a tragedy if I didn't worry about duplicates when gathering portraits?
>> No. 6417 ID: 6d8120
I'm glad someone actually cares about image quality!
PNGs are certainly better, so please go ahead. I'll just losslessly optimize them to squeeze their size to about two thirds.

(I went for minimal filesize because the host is slow and the sorter works better without caching. But I guess it doesn't matter whether the file is 4k or 40k once the server finally gets around to sending it to the client.)
>> No. 6418 ID: c94d2b
File 137957565082.png - (38.49KB , 120x180 , kuroda kunika small.png )
Fuso: http://www.mediafire.com/?ewshdpxdyjegiph

>But I guess it doesn't matter whether the file is 4k or 40k once the server finally gets around to sending it to the client
I suppose it would if you have a data cap on the server, but I'm not even sure if it will get enough traffic/month to exceed any reasonable cap.
>> No. 6419 ID: c94d2b
Looking through the list, this only has 2 new portraits: Inufusa Yuno and Kashida Isami
>> No. 6420 ID: 6d8120
Bandwidth limit is 10GB/24h, so that certainly won't become a problem.
It's just that the image serving feels sluggish to me, but that's probably due to no-caching and can't be helped.
>> No. 6421 ID: 18addb
In both the original touhou sorter and the original witch sorter, the middle buttons are functionally identical, so they're kind of redundant.

http://tohosort.comoj.com/ (newer version of the english touhou sorter) has a handy undo function to replace the other button and it also uses external image hosting (you had trouble with image hosting?), check it out.
>> No. 6422 ID: 6d8120
I think someone on /a/ thread (you?) also wanted an undo function in case of misclicks. Or something along those lines. Guess I'll add that.

I'll keep the images hosted locally for now, I doubt imgur (or any other service) would be noticeably faster.
>> No. 6439 ID: 6d8120
File 137969463141.png - (10.89KB , 256x128 , nooooooo.png )
Nooo! I was adding images for the remaining witches, aiming for at least 100, but ran out witches with pictures at 98!

So, only 53 witches without pictures remain. I don't think that number is going to considerably shrink anytime soon, but I know for sure that Humikane has draw at least the remaining Typhoon Witches (Kawaguchi Fumiyo, Rosalie de La Poype, Galina Kostilev and Bronislava Safonov). I just couldn't find good pictures of them.
>> No. 6442 ID: c94d2b
How married are you to the idea that all the portraits should be Fumikane art? No doubt, you could find portrait-worthy art for many of the remaining witches.
>> No. 6443 ID: 6d8120
File 137993297581.jpg - (64.49KB , 417x800 , tabigarasu_aurora.jpg )
It's just for consistency in artstyle. If there's no Fumikane art, you gotta use something else. Many Africa witches and some other manga characters already have their portraits taken from their respective manga.

However, I doubt the remaining witches have any official art, most are mentioned-only in sources like world witches and god knows where. My information sources are mostly the character pages on http://www37.atwiki.jp/strike_witches/ and http://strikewitches.wikia.com/

I've seen original fanart for some of the remaining witches, but that doesn't always turn out to look anything like the official. Example pictured: tabigarasu's old Aurora Juutilainen.
>> No. 6444 ID: 6d8120
and here's the current no-img list

Adolpha Malan
Alya Alelyuhin
Alyona Shlopov
Antonina D. Yakimenko
Berta Welch
Bronislava Safonov
Carla G. E. von Rosen
Carla Ruspoli
Clarissa Anderson
Delia Jeram
Dolores Bader
Donna Strait
Dorothy Baker
Enrica Tarantola
Erika Lyly
Friederike Losigkeit
Gabi Gauthier
Galina Kostilev
Giovanna Bonet
Heinrike Bär
Jamie Swett
Jane Thach
Jeanne Accart
Jina Bayevskaya
Karibuchi Takami
Karla-Heinrike Langer
Kawaguchi Fumiyo
Komura Sadae
Leila Galchenko
Leila L. Shestakov
Luisa Torchio
Marisha Raskova
Matsuda Shouko
Maxi Immelmann
Minnie Bishop
Nakajima Kodaka
Oswalda Boelcke
Oubayashi Teruko
Pierrette Le Gloan
Rike Sachsenberg
Robina Gibbes
Rosalie de La Poype
Rudolfine Müller
Sasauchi Satoko
Shindou Mie
Stoyana Stoyanov
Teresa Martinoli
Valeriya S. Grizodubova
Vasilissa Vassiliades
Wera Mölders
Wulfhilda Tonne
>> No. 7288 ID: dead14
File 141672010047.png - (3.89KB , 485x376 , I pity the dead.png )
Love is alive and well!

I finally decided to address these issues by 1) adding very obvious name tooltip on image mouseover and 2) making a simple image preloader.
>> No. 7294 ID: a92f2e
>Love is alive and well!
>ID: dead14
I lol'd.
>> No. 10009 ID: 99cc75
File 145980193651.png - (344.90 KB , 989x744 , detail_img05[1].png )
Added Yoshika Mk.II and updated Karibuchi Takami.

170 witches, 102 images. So many faceless witches ;__; http://swsort.sne.jp/gallery
>> No. 10013 ID: d5ff6e
But she's not a Briiiiit..
Thanks for your continued well being of the roster. Fumi really oughta get down on visualizing more of the lacking witches..
>> No. 10017 ID: e4e699
File 145983803567.jpg - (149.75 KB , 490x653 , 1457700695034.jpg )
Looks like more portraits may be coming soon. Pic from:

Just need a better scan.
>> No. 10020 ID: d5ff6e
That's Carla G. E. von Rosen on right, so not a new witch at all.
Don't know about the left one, she doesn't seem to be any existing one from her name, might not even be a witch in the first place.
>> No. 10054 ID: 6b9b05
Witch on the right is definitely Von Rosen, flicking through my copy it looks like the the girl on the left isn't a Witch, just a photo-journalist trying to get a scoop on the 506th.
>> No. 14270 ID: fbc203
File 154380951066.jpg - (58.18 KB , 294x293 , ded thred.jpg )
The sne.jp domain I was freeloading on has died. A shame, the sorter was still getting some witchy traffic mostly through social networks. The sorter itself is still hosted but the domain is gone.

Hey helmadmin, does your hosting package include free subdomains and would you care to take this relic under something like sorter.helma.us?
>> No. 14271 ID: 537779
Yeah I'm pretty sure I can do subdomains. Worst case I could just host it on normal helma.

Email me at helmauswastaken @outlook.com and I'll get back to you when I'm sober.
>> No. 14591 ID: ae5a7d
hello, i am greatly disappointed that the witch sorter has broken. what can i do to help get it back online? i have ample funds and web application support skills to support it indefinitely.
>> No. 14592 ID: 46e2db

I offered to host it here but the guy never emailed me.
>> No. 14593 ID: 55c84f
i've written a new one, incase you would be interested in that https://atlcou.github.io/sw_sort/
>> No. 14594 ID: d95877
Wow, awesome! Much appreciated, mate!
>> No. 14597 ID: 1855d2
File 156255497949.jpg - (2.14 MB , 2021x1391 , FED7AE3D-DCBA-4E6D-9CB3-A92F3E6D6630.jpg )
Everybody get in here and post your lists
Who has the best taste
>> No. 14598 ID: 7ec557
>Who has the best taste
everyone does!
>> No. 14599 ID: bc11f9
File 15625704982.jpg - (62.74 KB , 368x719 , 145046121922.jpg )
Great work, but I think you forgot someone.
>> No. 14600 ID: 9115d8
File 156257090973.jpg - (173.90 KB , 795x823 , sorter2.jpg )
Karlsland über alles.
>> No. 14601 ID: 46e2db
File 156257107166.png - (1.18 MB , 1353x922 , wsort.png )
Rushed through this while half asleep so it's a bit of a mess.
>> No. 14605 ID: ee9d49
Mio being #1... damn straight!
>> No. 14609 ID: ae5a7d

this is great. thank you!
>> No. 14657 ID: 0db44f
Semi-related, but recently I came across the website "Tiermaker" and it seems to have a few pages for sorting Witches! The biggest was this one, which has Strike Witches/Brave Witches.

>> No. 14658 ID: 3148b3
File 156442935144.png - (523.74 KB , 1216x556 , my-image.png )
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