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File 138164501752.png - (132.00KB , 1852x924 , battle positions.png )
6506 No. 6506 ID: 7b2299
Awhile ago some anons helped me figure out what the axis titles on the witches profiles meant. I worked through the released witch profile images that had battle postion charts, and compiled them in a list. The numbers are relative pixel positions, so I'm not sure what "100 Offense" actually means or how it is/was measured. That's why the numbers are relative to each other witch's position.

It's possible each JFW/group has a different scale for their charts, meaning the different groups cannot be compared like this, but unlikely.

(Tried to post this on /a/, but my IP block is banned or some shit.)
>> No. 6507 ID: 7b2299
Here's a CSV if you want to copy it without typing it out:

504,Angela Salas Larrazabal,72,-74
504,Dominica S. Gentile,91,35
504,Federica N. Doglio,13,83
504,Fernandia Malvezzi,37,10
504,Jane T. Godfrey,0,-67
504,Luciana Mazzei,-27,-50
504,Martina Crespi,91,70
504,Patricia Schade,-90,55
505,Constantia Cantacuzino,49,53
505,Grete M. Gollob,32,-66
505,Inufusa Yuno,-42,69
507,Anabuki Tomoko,66,56
507,Elizabeth F. Beurling,64,-43
507,Elma Leivonen,-20,-31
507,Giuseppina Cenni,39,40
507,Katherine O’Hare,18,73
507,Sakomizu Haruka,-17,-7
507,Ursula Hartmann,0,-83
Other,Eugenia Horbaczewski,55,9
Wight,Amelie Planchard,-76,-32
Wight,Francie Gerard,55,36
Wight,Laura Toth,36,-24
Wight,Kadomaru Misa,34,20
Wight,Wilma Bishop,12,-12
>> No. 6508 ID: 59d97b
Man Martina is gung-ho as fuck.
>> No. 6525 ID: 052f82
Interesting, thanks for posting this.

The scale of numbers is curious - who's the zero point for intuitive/analytical?
>> No. 6544 ID: 7b2299
No idea.
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