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File 138418628580.jpg - (61.05KB , 612x215 , World Witches.jpg )
6609 No. 6609 ID: 7083f1
So people on /a/ decided to make a compilation of all the World Witches Articles scans they have. Scans of the articles are scattered about so it's rather difficult to get ahold of them all.

Here is what has been compiled so far:
*Also included is an old fanmade World Witch booklet pdf

Unless otherwise stated, all of them are the complete set (Infograph Page + Illustration) with at least decent scan quality. Here are the World Witch Articles found in this compilation
31st JFS Storm Witches
Raisa Pottgen
Hanna Justina Marseille

502nd JFW Brave Witches
Aleksanda Pokryshkin (Illustration only)
Edytha Rossman
Georgette Lemare
Gundula Rall (Illustration only) + (Article w/low res scans)
Kanno Naoe
Nikka Edvardine Katajainen
Shimohara Sadako (Bad Scans)
Waltrud Krupinski

504th JFW Ardor Witches
Angela Salas Larrazabal (+ Wendelin Schroer)
Dominica Gentila
Federica Doglio
Fernandia Malvezzi
Jane Godfrey
Luciana Mazzei (Tiny Illustration only)
Martina Crespi (Tiny Illustration only)
Nakajima Nishiki (Illustration only)
Patria Schade
Suwa Amaki
Takei Junko

505th JFW Mirage Witches
Constantia Cantacuzino
Grete Gollob
Inufusa Yuno
Kuroe Ayaka (Illustration only + Cecilia Harris)

506th JFW Noble Witches
Kuroda Kunika
Heinrike Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

507th JFW Silent Witches
Anabuki Tomoko
Elizabeth Beurling
Giuseppina Cenni
Katherine O'hare
Sakomizu Haruka
Ursula Hartmann

Isle of Wight Detachment
Amelie Planchard
Francie Gerard
Kadomaru Misa
Laura Toth
Wilma Bishop

Witches that aren't attached to a specific unique squadron are arranged by country

Hattori Shizuka (Illustration only) + (full article but bad scan)
Kashida Isami
Katou Takeko
Kitagou Fumika
Nishizawa Yoshiko
Wakamoto Tetsuko

Hanna Philine
Hanna Rudel
Helma Lennartz (Illustration only)

Eugenia Horbaczewska

Hanna Wind
If anyone has better versions of the Scans here or something that isn't in the compilation, then by all means please do post them here.
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>> No. 6610 ID: 67c50c
File 13841941982.jpg - (610.24KB , 745x1024 , Change of World Witches.jpg )
This doesn't have a pretty witch on it, but it's somewhat important page on understanding what the WW is all about (if anyone would bother to translate the whole thing, that is).
I think it came out sometime this year, so it perhaps talks about some subtle changes they made into the format then.
Also, at the lower left, is the famous part where Humikane mentioned he would wish to see more media on 502nd or Suomus withces. As we know some of that has already come true.
>> No. 6611 ID: 67c50c
File 138419452940.jpg - (678.67KB , 768x1005 , What lies in World Witches Future.jpg )
This is something similar. I think this came before that other one, february or march or something.
Again, I don't know if you want to add these to your collection, but if these were ever to be translated, I bet they would turn out to be somewhat insightful.
>> No. 6612 ID: 08e659
File 13841988555.jpg - (59.12KB , 500x282 , org3993648.jpg )
>Also, at the lower left, is the famous part where Humikane mentioned he would wish to see more media on 502nd or Suomus withces.
Aha, so that's where this is from!

I think those are a very welcome addition. Especially if someone starts a translating these WW scans. Some of the lower quality scans will be hard though, the text is barely readable...

Either way, I'm guessing/hoping we'll see a complete (fan) translation of all of these, once The World Witches artbook is released:
>> No. 6668 ID: 2b5661
File 138596366576.jpg - (178.07KB , 675x1024 , 1385892250757.jpg )
WW article page for Rosalie de Hemricourt de Grunne of the 506th

Can't find the page for the Illustration though.
>> No. 6673 ID: 6d8120
File 138632837232.jpg - (101.18KB , 690x1024 , Rosalie_scan_2[1].jpg )
>> No. 6674 ID: 0cf561
Sexual harassment? Oh my.
>> No. 6675 ID: 08f2ac

Who's the one in the cock?
>> No. 6711 ID: 2fcf62
File 138808562493.jpg - (50.46KB , 300x480 , 506JFW ルクシック0006.jpg )
May be
>> No. 6719 ID: 501d58
File 138841332818.jpg - (392.57KB , 1024x768 , 1388373333069.jpg )
Coincidentally, guess who is the star of the next WW article?
>> No. 6724 ID: 36c200
for decent scans
>> No. 6725 ID: b9f8a5
File 138858694931.jpg - (463.29KB , 1172x1600 , Wight Wilma Bishop Article.jpg )
Better scans of the Wilma article compared to the one in the mediafire download
>> No. 6726 ID: b9f8a5
File 138858700673.jpg - (336.23KB , 1172x1600 , Wight Wilma Bishop Illustration.jpg )
>> No. 6727 ID: b9f8a5
File 138858704413.jpg - (430.18KB , 1285x1599 , 507th Elma Leivonen Article.jpg )
Scans of the Elma article
>> No. 6728 ID: b9f8a5
File 138858706975.jpg - (379.22KB , 1267x1600 , 507th Elma Leivonen Illustration.jpg )
>> No. 6757 ID: 7d38b4
File 139005905265.jpg - (145.85KB , 676x1024 , Karlsland Johanna Wiese Article.jpg )
Johanna Article
>> No. 6758 ID: 7d38b4
File 139005911490.jpg - (184.94KB , 693x1024 , Karlsland Johanna Wiese Illustration.jpg )
>> No. 6772 ID: cb3428
File 139089557864.jpg - (835.53KB , 1091x1600 , Karlsland Adolfine Galland Article.jpg )
Article for the Boss of the Witches
>> No. 6773 ID: cb3428
File 139089569573.jpg - (619.08KB , 1085x1600 , Karlsland Adolfine Galland Illustration.jpg )
>> No. 6827 ID: 64ed6e
File 139342681666.jpg - (48.70KB , 400x300 , 1393309571955.jpg )
preview for the Aurora World Witch Article. (Yay Land Witches!)

Also, some moeships.
>> No. 6837 ID: 14955b
File 139431288635.jpg - (193.09KB , 702x960 , Suomus Aurora E_ Juutilainen Article.jpg )
Just article for now
>> No. 6851 ID: 7b2299
File 139434595025.jpg - (2.04MB , 1170x1600 , 1394023634332.jpg )
Higher res
>> No. 6852 ID: 7b2299
File 139434603523.jpg - (1.76MB , 1170x1600 , 1394023566147.jpg )
>> No. 6892 ID: 2f5d79
Marian Article and Illustration
>> No. 6930 ID: c1cc9c
File 139891565528.jpg - (1.71MB , 1111x1600 , Heidemarie_Scan.jpg )
Heidemarie Illustration
>> No. 6931 ID: f4e6b6
File 13990861131.jpg - (784.25KB , 1000x1365 , Karlsland Helmina Lent Article.jpg )
>> No. 6932 ID: f4e6b6
File 139908619684.jpg - (482.74KB , 1000x1365 , Karlsland Helmina Lent Illustration.jpg )
>> No. 6950 ID: f768c5
File 140024062763.jpg - (753.55KB , 714x1024 , 506th Adriana Visconti Article.jpg )
finishing up the rest of the 506th it seems
>> No. 6951 ID: f768c5
File 14002407831.jpg - (631.80KB , 718x1024 , 506th Adriana Visconti Illustration.jpg )
>> No. 6979 ID: 30184e
File 140131060531.jpg - (695.56KB , 877x1280 , 1401284287406.jpg )
>> No. 6980 ID: 30184e
File 140131067159.jpg - (499.81KB , 877x1280 , 1401284322667.jpg )
>> No. 7068 ID: 81ecf6
File 140508228124.jpg - (1.01MB , 1224x1632 , 1404978495529.jpg )
>> No. 7069 ID: 81ecf6
File 140508246156.jpg - (900.85KB , 1224x1632 , 1404978654129.jpg )
>> No. 7073 ID: c930cb
File 140523195516.jpg - (1.92MB , 1109x1600 , 1405169820687.jpg )
>> No. 7074 ID: c930cb
File 140523257327.jpg - (1.58MB , 1109x1600 , 1405170096338.jpg )
>> No. 7076 ID: e22bb4
>Liberion(?) night witch
>> No. 7077 ID: bad683
She is of Noble Hispanian (Spaniard) Lineage. She's affiliated with the freedomland military though.

Go read the wiki or something.
>> No. 7096 ID: d4af42
File 140691286161.jpg - (528.34KB , 775x1120 , 1406896406143.jpg )
>> No. 7097 ID: d4af42
File 140691296343.jpg - (393.77KB , 775x1120 , 1406897388652.jpg )
>> No. 7098 ID: d4af42
So assuming this pattern of the 506th being completed, Isaac would be next right?

Once the 506th is completed, majority of Witches will have completed articles as well!

501st = I don't think they need WW articles
502nd = completed
504th = completed
506th = completed
507th = completed
Wight = completed
Participants of the Fuso Sea Incident = completed
All prominent Karlsland Witches = completed
All prominent Suomus Witches = completed (Antia / Anita seems too obscure for now)

You know what this means. In the month after the next, Humikane will either introduce the rest of the still undesigned 505th, 508th or finally work on giving a proper reveal to the rest of the 503rd (half of them have proper illustrations, but the rest of them have been shadowed for God knows how long)
>> No. 7100 ID: 3b0966
Or he could go for more obscure world witches? Not very likely, but it's a possibility.

I'm guessing/hoping 503rd will be next.
>> No. 7102 ID: 2455a4

Humikane will prefrer create new witches that make profile of the rest of 503, 505 and 508

Mark my words
>> No. 7103 ID: 2455a4

>506 Completed

I DON´T think so


She is a member of 506 and STILL DON´T HAS A DESIGN
>> No. 7107 ID: 2debd5
>Stated in her bio to be an Irregular Member.
>In all group sketches with the 506th, she isn't even in there.

Unlike Ayaka who was officially in the 505th for a period of time before transferring out, Carla never was officially under the 506th as she declined her invitation. Thus, she definitely doesn't qualify as a 506th Witch.
>> No. 7115 ID: 5afa26
Actually, there still Isabelle without a WW illustration, too.
>> No. 7138 ID: 63881e
File 14086049851.jpg - (1.99MB , 1172x1600 , Laura 1.jpg )
Better Scans for Laura
>> No. 7139 ID: 63881e
File 140860507299.jpg - (1.72MB , 1172x1600 , Laura 2.jpg )
>> No. 7159 ID: 8beca1
File 140979116986.jpg - (658.27KB , 938x1280 , 1409655319585.jpg )
>> No. 7160 ID: 8beca1
File 140979131997.jpg - (500.37KB , 938x1280 , 1409655360708.jpg )
>Manga only witch introduced just barely a year ago gets a WW article before any of the JFW witches we've known about for years.
>> No. 7163 ID: 12906b
Oh man, the typo is still in her name. Poor Eini.
>> No. 7165 ID: 1ba170

Has anybody mailed/tweeted Humikane and told that it's spelled Anita?
>> No. 7166 ID: 89d2bd
I still don't quite get why you guys think Antia is a typo.
It's a proper Latin name.
Sure, it's a lot more obscure than Anita, but name's a name.
And Antia definitely sounds more like Antero than Anita.

I don't really understand why this is bothering you guys so much.
>> No. 7169 ID: e90dea
File 141044241315.jpg - (612.05KB , 898x1280 , Isabelle1.jpg )
Like the anons before said, next in line would be Isaac.
>> No. 7170 ID: e90dea
File 141044260656.jpg - (459.64KB , 898x1280 , Isabelle2.jpg )
And with this, all currently well-known JFW Witches are completed.

Next month, either Humikane decides to introduce to us the rest of the 503rd or 505th or he will finally introduce some witches of the elusive 508th.

Well, he could also throw us a curveball by putting spotlight on the 31st Africa Squadron. I wouldn't mind.
>> No. 7187 ID: 4151fb
It's pretty obvious it's a typo.

Antia is not a finnish name.
Anita on the other hand is and it was most popular around 1940s.

Source: first name search on http://verkkopalvelu.vrk.fi/Nimipalvelu/default.asp?L=3
>> No. 7189 ID: 1ba170

Anita is an actual Finnish name, Antia is not. It's that simple.
>> No. 7194 ID: 89d2bd
Alright, that's fair.

But I still don't think it was a typo.
I'm pretty sure neither Humikane nor Suzuki would let it slip past them.
And if you know anything about Japanese phonetic system, there's no way to misspell Anita and Antia.

503rh is pretty likely.
He's already drawn then n all.
I hope he'd do some 508th though.
>> No. 7195 ID: 18379f
File 141131750814.jpg - (42.78KB , 460x800 , 40436192_p8.jpg )
>I'm pretty sure neither Humikane nor Suzuki would let it slip past them.
I'm pretty sure they could. When I talked to SWYattuke about this, he linked a japanese site listing finnish names and it had Antia in it, lol. Human error is a very real thing - and also a very likely explanation when it comes to Japanese working with latin alphabet.

>And if you know anything about Japanese phonetic system, there's no way to misspell Anita and Antia.
I know what you mean. You can't really accidentally write アンチア instead of アニタ. It's not really a typo per se.
But consider this possibility: They looked up finnish female names similar to Antero, written in latin alphabet. They found Anita, they accidentally copied it as Antia and at that point the damage was already done. Or alternatively, they used a faulty name list as explained earlier.
>> No. 7199 ID: 3d7993

He has said today on twitter that the next three articles will be on the 3 Karlsland witch from 501st to commemorate the OVA.
>> No. 7200 ID: 7a170c
So 501st will have their own WW articles now..??
>> No. 7201 ID: e4b247
The point of WW is to expand the setting of Strike Witches beyond what we know in the anime and to give information and spotlight about the other witches that aren't the 501st.

Why would they spend a WW article on the 50tst who we already know so much about and has been shoved down our mouths so many Times?
>> No. 7202 ID: b382f4

That's what he said, and honestly we never had a profile picture of the 501st witches apart from the sketches for the original OVA. That said, he also wrote that the original intent of the WW articles was to show the least known witches before the 501st and that they would eventually receive their own articles, so now it's the time.

I suppose that for the second OVA we could also get an article about Neumann.
>> No. 7203 ID: 94e64f
File 141149788739.jpg - (903.98KB , 2439x3444 , charsheet.jpg )
>we never had a profile picture of the 501st witches
The first Strike Witches Fan Book has inclusive character guide pages for all of them.
>> No. 7204 ID: b382f4
Obviously, I intended drawn by humikane himself.
>> No. 7210 ID: 54e195
Oh sorry, my bad. I'm more interested in the articles and facts than the illustrations so I didn't even consider that.
>> No. 7212 ID: a54c04
File 141181500913.jpg - (656.30KB , 878x1280 , 1411806998038.jpg )
>Humikane in charge of stalling because he still is too lazy to design the other Witches
>> No. 7213 ID: a54c04
File 141181519220.jpg - (448.60KB , 878x1280 , 1411807065070.jpg )
The next two months are confirmed to be the other two in the 501st's Karlsland Trio.

>inb4 two-thirds of 2015's World Witches series will be spent on covering the rest of the 501st.

Hahaha. Goddamit Humikane you crazy fuck.
>> No. 7214 ID: 1ba170
>When I talked to SWYattuke about this, he linked a japanese site listing finnish names and it had Antia in it

Somebody with moonspeak skills should email that site and inform them, if that's the sort of things nips use as an actual source.

The site linked in >>7187 is a great source because 1) it's based on official census records and 2) it lists how many times a given name has been used and in which decade, meaning it's great for finding period-appropriate names, as well as finding particularly common or rare names if you want one.

(Another misstep that would have been easily avoided by using that site would have been Nipa's official name "Nikka", which is exceedingly rare - less than ten uses total - and only used after 1980. Even "Ninja" would have been a more common name. Imagine that - Ninja Edwardine Katajainen.)

If they wanted a female name similar to Antero, they could have used Angervo, which has the same vowels.
>> No. 7216 ID: 3b5168

so, there is no time for the others JFWs, but now the 501 will have too "World Witches profiles"

DAMN 501
>> No. 7217 ID: 1b24c4
Maybe they need to keep one of the other JFWs secret for the third season.
>> No. 7218 ID: 75bced
Just the karlslanders, calm your pants.

Though Shirley & Lucchini are probably next because of OVA 2.
>> No. 7219 ID: 26e811
Does Neumann have her WW article..??
>> No. 7220 ID: ab4e44
No. She'll probably get one with OVA2.
>> No. 7239 ID: ab4e44
File 141276525997.png - (55.31KB , 134x198 , nipa_hurt.png )
>Nipa's official name "Nikka", which is exceedingly rare - less than ten uses total - and only used after 1980.
In practice, that means it is not a finnish-language name. The PRC name service also lists foreign names given to children of immigrant couples born and registered in Finland.

Alas, it is way too late to save Nipa from this illiteracy.
>> No. 7291 ID: a92f2e
File 14170387781.jpg - (1.26MB , 2048x2626 , Minna_Scan_1[1].jpg )
>> No. 7292 ID: a92f2e
File 141703882997.jpg - (829.19KB , 2048x2634 , Minna_Scan_2[1].jpg )
>> No. 7293 ID: a92f2e
File 141703886144.jpg - (133.05KB , 852x1136 , Gertrud_Scan[1].jpg )
Low-quality Trude. Repost if you find a better one.
>> No. 7295 ID: 90fb0d
File 141704232137.png - (174.98KB , 640x729 , 19855447_201411262046500b9.png )
Projekt World Witches.
Light novel of Noble Witches?
>> No. 7298 ID: a66ba8
File 141709903458.jpg - (94.60KB , 669x960 , 10410354_10152898460933464_3680594083629746465_n.jpg )
>> No. 7300 ID: 88fd14
Fuck yeah.
I really hope the B Unit makes an appearance.
I will have a time to chat with Takaaki Suzuki while he is in Guam, so I'll probably ask him about it.

It's a bit disappointing that he's not the author but Nanbou is.
Nanbou's work on the anime novellization was mediocre at best....
>> No. 7317 ID: a09c16
File 141754012525.jpg - (1.02MB , 1632x2282 , Luciana_Scan.jpg )
>Luciana Mazzei (Tiny Illustration only)
>Martina Crespi (Tiny Illustration only)
>Nakajima Nishiki (Illustration only)
>Shimohara Sadako (Bad Scans)

These are not the best of quality, but they'll do.
>> No. 7318 ID: a09c16
File 141754020635.jpg - (1.20MB , 1630x2338 , Martina_Scan.jpg )
>> No. 7319 ID: a09c16
File 141754027569.jpg - (1.24MB , 1636x2320 , Nakajima_Scan.jpg )
>> No. 7320 ID: a09c16
File 141754032362.jpg - (964.32KB , 1632x2288 , Sadako_Scan.jpg )
>> No. 7377 ID: 0306a6
File 142025618533.jpg - (2.85MB , 1989x2942 , 501st Charlotte E_ Yeager Article.jpg )
>> No. 7378 ID: 0306a6
File 142025640632.jpg - (2.56MB , 2005x2921 , 501st Charlotte E_ Yeager Illustration.jpg )
>> No. 7614 ID: c4a3a0
File 142340767411.jpg - (4.18 MB , 2501x3395 , 501st JFW Francesca Lucchini Article.jpg )
>> No. 7615 ID: c4a3a0
File 142340838335.jpg - (2.90 MB , 2501x3323 , 501st JFW Francesca Lucchini Illustration.jpg )
>> No. 7616 ID: 3001e5
Didn't know Lucchini fights for Karlsland now.

>> No. 7618 ID: 1093bc
Voice actress alusion..??
(Chiwa Saito was voicing Aika from ARIA series)
>> No. 7943 ID: cc3841

Any other new scans since Lucchini?
>> No. 7947 ID: e35535
File 143317199332.jpg - (4.58 MB , 2398x3385 , 501st Mio Sakamoto Article.jpg )
Haven't seen this ones posted yet.
>> No. 7948 ID: e35535
File 143317227838.jpg - (3.76 MB , 2455x3363 , 501st Mio Sakamoto Illustration.jpg )
>> No. 7950 ID: c1f817
File 143336722583.jpg - (291.08 KB , 2048x1453 , uytfrfghvjjk.jpg )
This was posted about an hour ago on a Facebook fan page. Starting a new thread for it felt like a bad call. Hopefully posting it here doesn't offend anyone...

The FB is titled "Art from the 506th light novel!"
>> No. 7952 ID: 3c7582
There is a thread for the 506th novel a few pages back you know.
>> No. 7953 ID: 8d19b7

Welp, I can't delete it now so it's up to a mod or whoever to kindly move it. :)
>> No. 8022 ID: aa9df4
File 143583634218.jpg - (779.28 KB , 2072x1660 , 503rd Infographic.jpg )
Did World Witch articles go on hiatus?

Also, when will Humikane get to finishing the rest of the 503rd?
>> No. 8023 ID: e9db6a
Does Normandie-Niemen exist in SWverse.?
>> No. 8376 ID: 216a2a
File 144541128468.jpg - (517.49 KB , 1500x1075 , 1445394986793.jpg )
Jose's latest WW article.
>> No. 8377 ID: 216a2a
The rest of the WW articles.

>> No. 8394 ID: 5fa394
So why do we have a 2nd Round of WW articles for 502nd again?

Not that I'm complaining cause I love the 502nd to bits, but why not any of the other wings?
>> No. 8396 ID: c532fb
We only can wait..

I want to see 503rd since they're also being stationed in Eastern Front.
>> No. 8537 ID: d5ff6e
File 144737223686.jpg - (3.74 MB , 6391x4092 , Waltrud Krupinski article.jpg )
Delicious overcoat Krupi and Edytha goodness off of yande.re.
>> No. 8589 ID: 308c48
File 144820965218.jpg - (3.57 MB , 5758x4085 , 502nd Naoe Kanno 2.jpg )
Witch for this Month is Nao
>> No. 9032 ID: 37647b
File 14521639977.jpg - (3.08 MB , 4903x3539 , yande_re%20342938%20animal_ears%20pantyhose%20poss.jpg )
>> No. 9034 ID: 37647b
Humikane, why you give her MiG-3 instead of P-39..?!
>> No. 9208 ID: f5a932
File 145425600518.jpg - (128.92 KB , 1024x768 , CaCiGeWUsAEaOoF_jpg orig.jpg )
This is floating out there somewhere now, anyone got a scan?
>> No. 9209 ID: e7171d
File 145426011323.jpg - (4.02 MB , 6488x4098 , yande_re 345677 animal_ears strike_witches tail un.jpg )
Check >>8377 but take off the date tag.
>> No. 9210 ID: f5a932

Thanks anon, i'll remember that going forward. Uploader seems on point.
>> No. 9753 ID: eeb371
File 145795829350.jpg - (3.59 MB , 5780x4098 , a04f44be3ecd6ad46cf71d98eb5adfd2.jpg )
Imaginary Note WW page

Imagine if Wilma kept the bendy striker
>> No. 9883 ID: dd6d6e
File 145900743451.jpg - (338.78 KB , 1600x1280 , 1458947661672.jpg )
>> No. 9885 ID: d5ff6e
It's fun to see Fumi do his early designs again even if they're classified imaginary note's. A tad bit shame because I like the familiar cockpit fitted strikers.
Also nice, Trude got to be featured in Helma's article in her dirndl outfit.~
>> No. 9930 ID: 7c7feb
The file is down on MF.
>> No. 11564 ID: 3511ee
File 147534329810.jpg - (767.46 KB , 1505x1080 , 1474888043108.jpg )
>> No. 11565 ID: 989c29
>21 years old Polish Minna.
>> No. 11606 ID: 3001e5
Poland appears to be a part of Ostmark then.

Though I love her scarf and strikers referring to the fighter pilots in exile.
>> No. 11676 ID: 32271d
File 147624515715.png - (2.35 MB , 1080x1530 , 1476199049089.png )
>> No. 11677 ID: 32271d
File 147624520492.jpg - (780.84 KB , 1080x1528 , 1476199020979.jpg )
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