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File 138454905318.png - (310.25KB , 547x310 , unnamed.png )
6621 No. 6621 ID: 60011f
There seems to be a new strike witches game for andriod. Sadly I think it only works on Japanese ones. :( I hope we get it, it looks really fun...

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>> No. 6622 ID: cb3428
> :(
Stop that

> Sadly I think it only works on Japanese ones
Not it does not. If it's not available on your country's Google Play, then learn to manually download .apks and install it on your android. You don't even need to root your phone.

>it looks really fun
Not really, no. It's one of those niche wait-based social games. Sure, the graphics are nice and they even got that original cast to voice them, but it's not really a good "game"
>> No. 6632 ID: 9c94bf
>This app is incompatible with your device.
>> No. 6633 ID: e580ce
>3,000 yen per character unlock
I'd have to spend $300 to unlock all the 501st?
>> No. 6634 ID: 41d5aa
Like I said, it's not necessarily true.

I have a year old android and it showed the same warnings. But I manually put in the .apk in the phone and installed it. It works just fine without any problems.
>> No. 6636 ID: 41d5aa
Game isn't worth it though.

If you're manually installing it, then it can't be updated normally. You'd have to manually download the latest .apk all the time if you want to play. Which brings us to another possible problem, the save seems to be install based rather than phone based so if you're doing the manual install every update, your data and save won't be carried over. Of course, this can be remedied by making a hangame account, which is fine and dandy up until you realize that registering an account requires a japanese captcha. And I'm not gonna bother figuring out Japanese IME just to get past that.

Maybe just maybe, it they add more half-decent gameplay to the game It'd be worth playing. The scoring on google play reflects how worthwhile the game is.

But hey, it they'd add Non-501st witch costumes or skins then fuck that, I'll play this shitty game.
>> No. 6637 ID: 5cc8d5
File 138495029638.png - (814.68KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot_2013-11-20-07-17-50.png )
So close.
>> No. 6643 ID: 23aeb8
Where'd you get he apk though.
>> No. 6644 ID: 41f8d6
the link is in OP's post einstein
>> No. 6645 ID: 67c50c

The game will come to regular internet browsers 28th of November
>> No. 6653 ID: d24d23
I will try to get it to work on the 30ths :P since I will be busy 28/29th
>> No. 6663 ID: 67c50c
File 138566347028.png - (258.10KB , 540x960 , d2b0847a.png )
It's launched
This is the site for the browser game, IP blocked to Japan naturally
>> No. 6664 ID: 3e78ef
Des anyone know how to bypass the country block?
>> No. 6665 ID: 8e0d82
There is no way to bypass it, just use a japanese proxy.
>> No. 6666 ID: d24d23
All man I really want to play :(
>> No. 6834 ID: 89d2bd
....and it has been decided the game will be shut down in a month.
No wonder.

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