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File 139047465729.png - (76.81KB , 820x798 , b7aa59b33d34d338ff25ace64f99b7be.png )
6768 No. 6768 ID: fb048a
Been wondering if Tomoko ends up with either Haruka or Giuseppina. I remember reading the 1.5 manga and it seemed like Haruka was single and doing her best Ahonen impression, so just assumed that Giuseppina won da Tomoko.
>> No. 6774 ID: dc714d
I have no idea, unfortunately the author of the Misfits series died so there's probably no conclusion to that part of the story
>> No. 6775 ID: abf259
IIRC the third novel ended with Tomoko having developed an interest in Liz.

My guess would be that in the end, Tomoko didn't end up with anyone. She kept saying at various points in the novels that she wasn't ready for love yet, which considering her behavior was true.
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