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File 13927869726.jpg - (231.81KB , 700x780 , 5919515.jpg )
6820 No. 6820 ID: 105372
AW YEAH!!!!!
A new Africa novel????
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>> No. 6832 ID: 170bae
File 139413617267.jpg - (304.93KB , 1000x1417 , Africa no Majo Kei's Report 2.jpg )
Looks like a third part of Kei's reports.
>> No. 6833 ID: 170bae
File 139413626532.jpg - (148.19KB , 395x400 , 1s-IMG_1710.jpg )
The previous books have stuff like this, so they're similar to the world witches book.
Not a novel.
>> No. 6835 ID: 89d2bd
what are you taking about?
It is a proper novel just like the first two volumes of Kei's Report.
>> No. 6855 ID: f289c3
I got my copy of the art book today. It looks pretty nice, shame I can't understand Japanese though, it would be nice to be able to read the bio of each witch. Also forgot the actual cover of the book (under the slipcover), turns out it's an atlus, pretty nifty, if I do say so.
>> No. 7297 ID: b16be0
are all of the three Kei's Report books just novels? Or did they also include all of the doujinshi stuff in there? (Witch in Africa, Witch of Stuka, Tiger in the Desert, Witches of the Sphinx)?
>> No. 7299 ID: ab0269
The first volume reuses some of the novel part from the doujin series.
The second volume and on is a completely new and original content.

Most of the manga part from the doujin series can be found on the officially released Witches of Africa tankoubon (except for the Witches of Sphinx)
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